Randy Colley

Title History

  • NWA Gulf Coast Tag Team titles w/ Jim Dalton defeating Eddie Sullivan and Rip Tyler (May 17, 1977);
  • WWF Tag Team titles w/ Moondog King defeating Rick Martel and Tony Garea (March 17, 1981);
  • WWC (Puerto Rico) North American Tag Team titles w/ Moondog Spot defeating Super Gladiator and Invader I (Febuary 13, 1981);
  • WWC (Puerto Rico) North American Tag Team titles w/ Moondog Spot defeating Eddie and Tommy Gilbert (May 15, 1981);
  • WWC (Puerto Rico) Caribbean Tag Team titles w/ Moondog Spot defeating Super Gladiator and Invader (May 1982);
  • WWC (Puerto Rico) World Tag Team titles w/ Moondog Spot defeating Pierre Martel and Invader I (July 24, 1982);
  • AWA Southern Tag Team titles w/ Moondog Spot defeating Stan Lane and Steve Keirn (April 4, 1983);
  • Mid South North American Heavyweight title defeating Terry Taylor (May 22, 1985);
  • Mid South Tag Team titles w/ Eddie Gilbert defeating Al Perez and Wendell Cooley (November 11, 1985);
  • (Southeastern) Continental Tag Team titles w/ Bob Carter defeating Danny Davis and Ken Wayne (May 29, 1988);
  • USWA World Tag Team titles w/ Moondog Spot defeating Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson (January 31, 1994);
  • USWA World Tag Team titles w/ Moondog Spot defeating The Phantoms (October 24, 1994);
  • USWA World Tag Team titles w/ Moondog Spot defeating Jimmy and Ron Harris for vacant titles (November 21, 1994);

Career Highlights

World Wide Wrestling Federation – The Moondogs:

  • Randy Colley initially debuted in the World Wide Wrestling Federation as “Moondog Hawkins” .
  • ~~~He changed his name to “Moondog Rex” when he was joined by Moondog King in the Moondogs managed by Lou Albano.
  • March 17, 1981: The Moondogs (Rex and King) defeated Tony Garea and Rick Martel to win the WWWF Tag Team titles.
  • May 1981: Moondog King had some work visa problems, so he dropped out and was replaced by Moondog Spot.

Detroit Demolition:

  • Randy Colley helped create the Demolition gimmick, but left the WWF and was replaced by Barry Darsow.
  • 1988: Randy Colley went to the Continental Wrestling Federationterritory where he wrestled as “Detroit Demolition”.

World Championship Wrestling:

  • Randy Colley wrestled as “Dead Eye Dick” in a team known as The Desperados with Black Bart managed by Dutch Mantell.
  • OWW would like to thank Rhonda Colley for emailing us with some minor corrections on her husband’s profile.

Bottomless Jack wrote: Randy Colley worked with Larry Latham as the Moondogs in Carlos Colon’s WWC in late 1982 and captured the Tag Titles while there. After leaving the WWF as Moondog Rex in 1985, Randy Colley made his debut for Mid-South Wrestling in April of the same year under a hood and was known as the NIGHTMARE. At this point the Nightmare was managed by “General” Eddie Gilbert. Nightmare eventually won the North American Heavyweight title in late May from Terry Taylor and was renamed “The Masked Champion” or sometimes just “The Champion” and the Nightmare name was abandoned for the moment. By mid-summer The “Masked Champion” had turned on Eddie Gilbert and joined up wit his new manager Sir Oliver Humperdink. Colley lost the North American title to Dicky Murdoch at the 8/10/85 Superdome Show and went back to the “Nightmare” Moniker. The Nightmare was unmasked in early September of 85 by Jake Roberts (this was Roberts’ face turn) but continued to use the name Nightmare without the mask. Colley teamed with Humongous some during the fall of ’85. Eddie Gilbert did not remain a face for long and soon enough Colley and Gilbert were paired as a team managed by Humperdink. Colley and Gilbert defeated Wendell Cooley and Al Perez for the Mid-South Tag Titles in November of 85. Nightmare and Gilbert had a mini feud with the Bruise Brothers (Porkchop Cash and Mad Dog Boyd) during the fall. Colley left the Mid South area, while still Tag Team Champion, so Eddie Gilbert and Dick Murdoch (subbing for the Nightmare) lost the straps in December of 85 to Dibiase and Williams, and Colley shortly popped back up on WWF TV once again as Moondog Rex by early 1986. Before working as Deadeye Dick, Colley used his Moondog Res gimmick in WCW circa 1990. Sometimes he was referred to as simply “The Moondog” other times as Moondog Rex. He even ha d about with the JYD at Halloween Havoc 1990. I was surprised none of this was mentioned by Rhonda nor anyone else. As this was Colley’s biggest run in the business IMO. Both Mr. Eadie and Mr. Darsow have went on record stating Colley was eliminated from the Demolition group because the fans recognized him too easily as Rex. Colley did a quick stint in Carlos Colon’s WWC as Detroit Demolition as well. Also Dutch Mantell did not manage the Desperados, he was a third member kinda like the Freebirds, I have the videos to prove it.