Randy Hogan

Title History


  • Alabama Junior Heavyweight title ();
  • Alabama Tag Team titles w/Butch Warrior ();
  • Georgia Junior Heavyweight title ();
  • Georgia Tag Team titles w/Butch Warrior ();
  • Florida Junior Heavyweight title defeating Slick Willy ();
  • Florida Heavyweight title defeating Buddy Valentine ();
  • NWA Junior Heavyweight title defeating “Downtown” Denny Brown ();
  • This title history was provided by Randy Hogan himself – most of which cannot be confirmed or verified ANYWHERE..


Career Highlights


  • Randy Hogan was Dustin Rhodes first TV opponent (Rhodes was teaming with Kendall Windham as The Young Broncos)..
  • Randy Hogan owns a restaurant in Lakeland, Florida and remains in reasonably good health..
  • Special thanks to Randy Hogan himself for helping to fill in the content on this profile..

    Randy Hogan wrote: Although 3 heart attacks the past 10 years have “Retired” me, I still love and follow the sport. A mark forever I guess! Thanks again, Randy Hogan