Rebecca Knox


Title History

  •  NWA-Pacific Northwest/ECCW Supergirls title defeating Miss Chevius in a Tournament (June 24, 2005);
  • IW*GP (International Women’s * Grand Prix) Battle Royal Winner (November 9, 2005 in Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall);
  • FSF (Fighting Spirit Federation) Queen of Chaos title defeating Saraya (June 4, 2006);

Career Highlights

  •  May 27, 2005–NWA ECCW: Rebecca Knox (direct from Ireland) defeated Miss Chevious..
  • June 17, 2005–NWA ECCW: Miss Chevius defeated Rebecca Knox in British Columbia..
  • June 18, 2005–NWA ECCW: Rebecca Knox and Calum MacBeth defeated Miss Chevius and Tony Tisoy..
  • June 24, 2005–NWA ECCW: Rebecca Knox won a Tournament to win the first ECCW Supergirls title..
  • September 23, 2005–SuperGirls: Rebecca Knox defeated LuFisto to win ECCW Supergirls Championship..
  • October 14, 2005–NECW: Violet Flame defeated Della Morte and Rebecca Knox and Amber in a 4-WAY..
  • October 28, 2005–All Pro Wrestling: Rebecca Knox defeated Morgan in the first round of the ChickFight Tournament..
  • ~~~Mariko Yoshida (eventual winner) defeated Rebecca Knox in the Second Round of the ChickFight Tournament..
  • October 29, 2005–All Pro Wrestling: Rain & Morgan & Hailey Hatred beat Cheerleader Melissa & Tiffany & Rebecca Knox..
  • Rebecca Knox tagged with Aja Kong & Gran Hamada in the main event for a two week tour in Japan and winning every match!
  • February 12, 2006–SHIMMER Volume 3: Rebecca Knox defeating Allison Danger after faking a knee injury!
  • February 12, 2006–SHIMMER Volume 4: Daizee Haze defeating Rebecca Knox..
  • February 25, 2006–AWA Pinnacle: Caden Matthews defeated Christopher Ryseck & Rebecca Knox in a handicap match..
  • March 25, 2006–NWA ECCW: Rebecca Knox defeated Nikki Matthews..
  • March 31, 2006–NWA ECCW: Rebecca Knox & Sid Sylum & Gurv Sihra beat Nikki Matthews & Phantasmo & Kyle O’Reilly..
  • April 8, 2006–NWA ECCW: Rebecca Knox defeated Veronika with a Top Rope Legdrop..
  • April 21, 2006–NWA ECCW: Ivory defeated Rebecca Knox to win SuperGirls title..
  • May 21, 2006–SHIMMER Volume 5: Rebecca Knox defeated Daizee Haze in a 2/3 Falls match lasting 30:00..
  • May 21, 2006–SHIMMER Volume 6: Rebecca Knox defeated Allison Danger in a Pure Wrestling match..
  • June 4, 2006–Fighting Spirit Federation: Rebecca Knox (Ireland) beat Saraya (GB) to win the vacant Queens of Chaos title!
  • August 13, 2006–: Rebecca Knox defeated Yuri in Tokyo, Japan..
  • August 17, 2006–: Rebecca Knox and Bullfight Sora defeated Gami and Kimura in Shin-Kiba, Japan..
  • August 19, 2006–: Rebecca Knox and Yuki defeated Amapora and Kimura.
  • August 20, 2006–: Kimura defeated Rebecca Knox..
  • September 26, 2006–German Stampede Wrestling: Finish Female Kisu defeated Rebecca Knox (bloodied) after a DDT..
  • October 2006: Rebecca Knox suffered an unfortunate head injury during a match in Germany and cancelled all bookings until 2007..(From am so sorry I have not been in touch in a while. I have been in and out of hospital and have not been able to get access to the internet in over a week. I am very upset I have to write this email because I have to cancel all future dates until December. I am not sure if you had heard about the knock to the head I got in Germany a few weeks ago or not, but I got a bad cut above the eye and it was stitched up and all seemed fine. But after a few days I was getting extremely painful headaches, loud buzzing in my left ear and my vision in my left eye is completely blurred. The doctor has told me it may be damage to the 8th cranial nerve and I am waiting for a ct brain scan and have been advised to stop wrestling for the next few months. It could be permanent or it could go away by itself. but untill all signs have been alleviated I will not be able to engage in any heavy physical activity.This breaks my heart as the main reason I am in Florida is to wrestle and I am so upset that I have to cancel my upcoming dates, This is the first serious injury I have had and I am disappointed that I have to let you down! I apologize sincerely and hope you have great shows, I am so sorry I wont be there!Yours sincerely,
    RebeccaKyle Riggs wrote: Hey I see you do not have the info of what happened to herafter 2007. In 2008 she was scheduled to return, yet she did not show due toshe had started college in New York.Her official return did not come until mid-2011; However, she did not come backas a wrestler but as a manager.

Rebecca Knox returns:

  • February 9, 2008 – FFPW: Rebecca Knox and Sean Brennan defeated Jenny Sjodin and Heavy D.
  • October 14, 2012 – FFPW: Rebecca Knox, B Cool and Katey Harvey defeated Dawn O’D, Deadbones Dawkins and Lasso Lucy.
  • January 25, 2013 – FFPW: Rebecca Knox and Robbie Morrissey defeated Katey Harvey and Sean South.

Rebecca Knox – World Wrestling Entertainment:

  • On 8 April 2013, it was reported that Quin had signed a two-year developmental deal with WWE and had moved to Florida to report to their developmental territory WWE NXT. On 29 August Quin’s new WWE ring name was revealed as Becky Lynch.
  • November 7, 2013 – NXT Live Event: Bayley and Divas champion Paige defeated Becky Lynch (Rebecca Knox) and Veronica Lane.
  • December 12, 2013 – NXT Live Event: Bayley and Emma defeated Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.
  • January 18, 2014 – NXT Live Event: Bayley and Emma defeated Becky Lynch and Veronica Lane.
  • May 16, 2014 – NXT Live Event: Becky Lynch and Bayley defeated Sasha Banks and Charlotte.
  • May 17, 2014 – NXT Live Event: Becky Lynch and Bayley defeated Kendall Skye and Sasha Banks.
  • June 6, 2014 – NXT Live Event: Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss defeated Sasha Banks and Charlotte.
  • June 26, 2014 – NXT: Becky Lynch (Debut) defeated Summer Rae.
  • June 27-28, 2014 – NXT Live Event: Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss defeated Sasha Banks and Carmella.
  • July 3, 2014 – NXT: Charlotte and Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch and Bayley.
  • July 12, 2014 – NXT Live Event: Becky Lynch defeated Carmella.
  • July 31, 2014 – NXT: NXT divas champion Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch in a non-title match.
  • Special thank you to Rebecca Knox herself for helping to compile this profile by sending information and photos!