Rhaka Khan

Title History


Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

  • Trenesha played college basketball, and also played Division-1 Volleyball at Florida State University..
  • Trenesha competed in the 2005 Diva Search, but was eliminated after the Top 25..
  • Trenesha later met with WWE’s Kevin Dunn, who expressed an interest in hiring her..
  • 2005: Trenesha trained with Marty Jannetty for two months before reporting to Deep South Wrestlingin Georgia..

Deep South Wrestling:

  • Late 2005: Trenesha debuted as the valet for The Regulators (The Shane Twins) – who later debuted for WWE as “Gymini”..
  • January 19, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Trenesha & Angel Williams attacked Kristal Marshall during the intermission..
  • ~~~Tracy Taylor & Michelle McCool came out to make the save and brawled with Trenesha & Angel Williams….
  • February 9, 2006–DSW: Michelle McCool vs Angel Williams vs Tracy Taylor vs Kristal Marshall vs Trenesha in a Bikini Contest..
  • ~~~The Bikini Contest ended without a winner when Palmer Canon came out and said that he did not want this on his network..
  • ~~~Palmer Canon (w/Angel Williams & Trenesha) defeated Tommy Dreamer (w/Michelle McCool & Tracy Taylor & Kristal Marshall)..
  • May 4, 2006: Trenesha Biggers was released from her WWE developmental contract..

Independent Wrestling:

  • September 23, 2006–NWA Great Championship Wrestling: Trenesha participated in a Women’s Battle Royal..
  • December 13, 2006–Great Championship Wrestling: Legion Freakin’ Cage w/Gina Marie beat Heath Miller w/Trenesha..
  • May 5, 2007–Women’s Extreme Wrestling: Trenesha Biggers defeated April Hunter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…
  • July 12, 2007–WEW: Amy Lee defeated Simply Luscious and Black Barbie in a 3-WAY Falls Countout Anywhere match..
  • July 12, 2007–Women Extreme Wrestling: Simply Luscious defeated Black Barbie in a Texas Death Match
  • November 9, 2007–Full Impact Pro : The YRR’s Rain defeated Trenesha in Crystal River, Florida..
  • December 21, 2007–SAW: Naomi Banks (a/k/a “Trenesha” from Deep South) defeated Christie Ricci..

Total Nonstop Action – Rhaka Khan & Scott Steiner:

  • February 10, 2008 – TNA Against All Odds: Scott Steiner defeated Petey Williams with the help of a mystery large black woman!
  • ~~~Scott Steiner now wins both the TNA X-Division title shot (briefcase) AND the TNA World Heavyweight title shot (briefcase)..
  • February 14, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: Scott Steiner vs. Abyss did not happen because Abyss took off his mask and walked out..
  • ~~~Scott Steiner introduced his “favorite freak” Rhaka Khan and said he wanted to fight so he issued an open challenge..
  • ~~~Scott Steiner w/Rhaka Khan defeated Petey Williams in a hard-fought match – Scott showed respect to Petey afterwards!
  • February 16, 2008–Full Impact Pro: The YRR (Lacey & Rain) defeated Allison Danger & Trenesha Biggers in a tag team match..
  • February 21, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: Scott Steiner (with Rhaka Khan) helped Petey Williams win a #1 Contenders match..
  • February 28, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: Petey Williams & Scott Steiner w/Rhaka Khan defeated Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt
  • March 9, 2008 – TNA Destination-X: “The Black Machismo” Jay Lethal beat Petey Williams to retain the TNA X-Division title..
  • ~~~Scott Steiner interfered and Petey Williams nailed the Canadian Destroyer on Lethal but So-Cal Val pulled the referee out..
  • ~~~Rhaka Khan went after So-Cal Val but “The GURU” Sonjay Dutt got between them while Jay Lethal scored the pinfall..
  • March 13, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: Curry Man defeated Petey Williams w/Rhaka Khan to qualify for the X-Scape match at Lockdown..
  • ~~~~~~~After the match: Scott Steiner & Rhaka Khan came down and put handcuffs on Petey Williams as well as a blindfold..
  • March 20, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: Scott Steiner & Petey Williams w/Rhaka Khan defeated Eric Young & Kaz in a tag team match..
  • ~~~After the match; Scott Steiner handcuffed Petey Williams again and placed a black bag over his head as part of his initiation….
  • March 27, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez & Salinas) defeated Scott Steiner & Petey Williams & Rhaka Khan..
  • ~~~~~After the match: Scott Steiner & Rhaka Khan blindfolded Petey Williams to give him some more of their special “initiation”..
  • April 10, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: Scott Steiner & Petey Williams w/Rhaka Khan defeated The Motor City Machine Guns..
  • ~~~After the match; Scott Steiner & Rhaka Khan put Petey Williams through his final initiation – SHAVING HIM BALD!

Total Nonstop Action – Rhaka Khan & Petey Williams:

  • April 13, 2008 – TNA Lockdown: Roxxi Leveaux defeated Angelina Love in the FINAL MATCH of a Queen of the Cage match..
  • ~~~Participants: Tracy Brooks, Roxxi Leveaux, Jackie Moore, Rhaka Khan, Christy Hemme, Velvet Skye, Angelina Love & Salinas..
  • May 11, 2008 – TNA Sacrifice: Gail Kim won a TNA Knockouts Make-over Battle Royal to earn a shot at the Knockout’s title..
  • ~~~~~~Battle Royal Participants: Gail Kim & ODB & Roxxi Laveaux (who then had her head shaved bald!) & Tracy Brooks..
  • ~~~~~~Battle Royal Participants: Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & Christy Hemme & Jackie Moore & Rhaka Khan & Salinas..
  • June 8, 2008 – TNA Slammiversary: Petey Williams (w/Scott Steiner & Rhaka Khan) defeated Kaz to retain the TNA X-Division title..
  • July 17, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: Rhaka Khan participated in a #1 Contenders Knockout Gauntlet match (won by Velvet Sky)..
  • August 21, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: Consequences Creed defeated TNA X-Division Champion Petey Williams w/Rhaka Khan by DQ..

Total Nonstop Action – Rhaka Khan (babyface):

  • October 2, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: ODB & mystery partner (Rhaka Khan) beat The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky)..
  • October 9, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: Cute Kip James w/The Beautiful People defeated Rhino (ODB & Rhaka Khan made the save!)
  • October 12, 2008 – TNA Bound For Glory: Rhino & ODB & Rhaka Khan defeated Cute Kip James & Angelina Love & Velvet Sky..
  • November 1, 2008–WPW: Rhaka Khan defeated Jena in Brooklyn, New York..
  • November 6, 2008 – TNA iMPACT: Awesome Kong & Raisha Saaed attacked Roxxi – thus taking her out of a scheduled match..
  • ~~~Awesome Kong & Raisha Saaed defeated Taylor Wilde & Rhaka Khan (volunteer sub for Roxxi) after Khan turned on Wilde!

Total Nonstop Action – Rhaka Khan (heel):


Champaign, Illinois