Sandor Kovacs

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Title History


  • NWA Hawaii Tag Team titles w/Johnny Barend defeating ???????? (September ??, 1955);
  • NWA (San Francisco) Pacific Coast Tag Team titles w/Enrique Torres defeating ????? (????, 1956);
  • Stampede International Tag Team titles w/Czaya Nandor defeating Aldo Bogni & Alexis Bruga (May 11, 1962);
  • NWA (Vancouver) Canadian Tag Team titles w/Dan Miller beat Clyde Stevens & Gene Kiniski [Tournament] (November 12, 1962);


Career Highlights


  • Sandor Kovacs worked as a booker for Stu Hart in Calgary (Stampede Wrestling) and Eddie Quinn in Montreal..
  • Sandor Kovacs & Gene Kiniski ran the All-Star Wrestling territory in British Columbia beginning in the late 1960s..
  • June 30, 2004: Sandor Kovacs died in Vancouver at the age of 84 after a long battle with alzheimer’s disease..


Born in Hungary
Raised in St. Catharines, Ontario
Retired to British Columbia