Sweet Saraya



Title History

  • RDW heavyweight title defeating Mick Romeo (May 24, 2006);
  • World Queens of Chaos Championship defeating Rebecca Knox (September 23, 2006);
  • PWF Ladies Tag Team Championship with Britani Knight defeating Amazon and Ananya (May 24, 2010);
  • HEW women’s championship defeating Britani Knight (July 17, 2010);
  • RQW Women’s Championship;
  • SCW women’s title winning a 4-way match (June 25, 2011);
  • SHIMMER Championship defeating Cheerleader Melissa (March 18, 2012);
  • HEW Women’s Championship defeated Skarlett (May 25, 2013);
  • ECTA women’s title defeating Lady Lory (August 30, 2014);
  • GWF ladies title defeating Wesna (October 7, 2016);
  • SWE Queen Of Southside title defeating Mia Yim (July 1, 2017);

Career Highlights

  • In 1990 Julia Hamer left her home in Halifax to take up employment as a chef at the Pontins holiday camp in for the summer season. One day while working in the restaurant she met Ricky Knight, a professional wrestler, part of the cabaret circuit. The two became inseparable, and Julia soon left Pontins to travel with Rick full-time.
  • Julia Hamer became involved in making wrestling costumes and putting the rings up and down. A few months later, Ricky Knight said he wanted her to be part of the show, as a manager in his corner.
  • At Camber Sands, Julia Hamer made her debut as Saraya. When the summer season finished Julia joined the Sensational Superflys (Ricky and Jimmy Ocean) as their manager.
  • In 1993 Ricky Knight put it to Saraya that she may want to wrestle. She readily agreed, and was a quick learner, debuting in later that year against Nikki Best.

Independent Circuit: