Tom Howard

Title History

  • Southern California Heavyweight defeating Tony Jones (June 26, 2001) -renamed UPW’s Shoot Champion-;
  • Ultimate Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title defeating Christopher Daniels (May 8, 2002);
  • NWA Intercontinental Tag Team titles w/Matt Ghaffari defeating Shinya Hashimoto & Naoya Ogawa (December 15, 2002);
  • Ultimate Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title defeating Adam Pearce (October 22, 2003);

Career Highlights

  • 1993: Tom Howard enrolled at the School of Hard Knocks wrestling training school..
  • 1995: Tom Howard appeared on NCW Television in Las Vegas using the name “Zuma”..
  • Tom Howard eventually ended up in Mexico City where he began competing for AAA as “KGB”..
  • 1996: Tom Howard took a break from wrestling to train with Gokor Chivichyan & Gene Lebell for No Holds Barred competition..
  • Tom Howard became the head trainer for Rick Bassman’s Ultimate Pro Wrestling school, and competed in the ring for UPW..
  • 1998: Tom Howard signed a developmental contract with the World Wrestling Federation..
  • ~~~Tom Howard’s developmental contract was not renewed in 2000, and Tom Howard returned to UPW full time..
  • June 26, 2001: Tom Howard pinned Tony Jones to capture the Southern California Heavyweight title..
  • August 22, 2001: Tom Howard became UPW’s Shoot Champion when the Southern California title is renamed..
  • Tom Howard competed for a Zero-One PPV in Japan and was signed to a contract with the company..
  • August 30, 2001 – Shingeki II: Tom Howard knocked out Lee Young Gun in Tokyo, Japan..
  • March 2, 2002 Zero-ONE: Tom Howard & Samoa Joe defeated Gary Steele & Steve Corino.
  • May 8, 2002: Tom Howard defeated Christopher Daniels to unify the UPW and Shoot titles in Santa Ana, California..
  • July 7, 2002: Tom Howard & Nathan Jones defeated Steve Corino & Rapid Fire Maldon at Sumo Hall in Japan..
  • December 15, 2002: Tom Howard & Matt Ghaffari beat Shinya Hashimoto & Naoya Ogawa to win the NWA Intercontinental Tag title!
  • March 2, 2003 – Zero-One True Century Creation II: Tom Howard & Samoa Joe defeated Gary Steele & Steve Corino..
  • October 22, 2003: Tom Howard defeated Adam Pearce to regain the UPW title in in Santa Ana, California..
  • January 4, 2004 – Z1 Hustle-1: Mil Mascaras & Dos Caras & Sicodelico Jr. defeated Tom Howard & Steve Corino & Dusty Rhodes..
  • February 20, 2004 – UPW 5th Anniversary Show: Tom Howard & Christopher Daniels defeated Scott Hall & Kevin Nash..
  • October 30, 2004–Ultimate Pro Wrestling: Tom Howard defeated Oliver John to retain UPW Heavyweight title..
  • February 23, 2005–Ultimate Pro Wresting: Tom Howard & Predator defeated Sean O’Haire & Chuck Palumbo..
  • July 20, 2005–Ultimate Pro Wresting: Tom Howard defeated Horshu..
  • 2005-06: Tom Howard began doing shoot matches with an MMA promotion called K-1 in Japan..
  • April 13, 2006: Tom Howard is scheduled to return to wrestling and challenge Shinjiro Ohtani for the AWA title..


Huntington Beach, California