Title History


  • LPWA (Ladies Professional Wrestling Association) title;


Career Highlights


  • Tori first entered the WWF as a “Sable Fan”, before Sable dissed her on TV and started a feud..
  • Tori became Kane’s girlfriend, but later turned on him to join X-Pac and Degeneration-X..
  • Tori’s last competitive appearance in the WWF was at King of the Ring 2000 when she was put through a table by the Dudley Boyz..
  • ~~~Months after being put through a table, Tori returned for one night to SLAP X-Pac in the face for not visiting her at the hospital!
  • Tori made a brief “uncredited” return as the masked mystery woman helping Raven win Hardcore Matches..
  • ~~~Her identity was never revealed, but she was under the mask for the angle..
  • Tori was a trainer on the first season of WWF “Tough Enough” shown on MTV..
  • Late 2001 – Tori is released from the WWF..