Wes Draven

Wes Draven

Title History

  • BDW Empire State Championship
  • FTW Gen-X Championship (2x)
  • PWS Tag Team Championship

Career Highlights

  • Master Wes Draven (also known as the “Winged Wolf”) spent most of his life training in 10 martial art forms, but its his Mastery of Ninjitsu under the teachings of the KAGE-RYU that he holds dearest to his heart.  Because of the Japanese origin of his clan, Wes Draven proudly wears the rising sun to represent them.
  • Wes Draven always had a heart for the wrestling business. Even while training in the Ninja arts he truly desired to make the wrestling ring his dojo, and re-educate the fans and wresters that its not just a big man’s game. To teach them that its the will, and heart of a warrior that will guide the smallest wrestler to the top.
  • Wes Draven has wrestled for many Independent promotions including FWE, House of Glory, Fight the World, Pro Wrestling Syndicate, Impact Championship Wrestling, Alternative Pro Wrestling, NWA East, Jersey Shore, and Championship Wrestling.


New York City, NY