Young Stallions

Young Stallions

Title History


Career Highlights

  • July 1987: Paul Roma and Jimmy Powers were teamed up as jobbers, and were later given the name “The Young Stallions”.
  • The Young Stallions finally got their first win as a team against Kamala and Sika via count out.
  • ~~~But after the match, Kamala ended up doing a top rope splash to both Paul Roma and Jim Powers.
  • The Young Stallions used the song “Crank It Up” by Jimmy Hart for their entrance music.
  • October 3, 1987 – SNME: The Young Stallions defeated WWF Tag Team champions, the Hart Foundation, in a non-title match!
  • November 26, 1987 – Survivor Series: The Young Stallions were survivors along with the Killer Bees in their match.
  • ~~~Team #1: The British Bulldogs, The Rougeau Brothers, The Young Stallions, The Killer Bees and Strike Force.
  • ~~~Team #2: Demolition, The Hart Foundation, The Bolshiviks, The Islanders, The Dream Team II.
  • ~~~Jimmy Hart claimed they stole it from him, since he had plans to let the Hart Foundation use it as THEIR entrance.
  • January 24, 1988 – Royal Rumble: The Islanders (Haku and Tama) defeated The Young Stallions in 2 straight falls.
  • March 27, 1988 – Wrestlemania 4: Paul Roma and Jim Powers both participated in the 20-Man Invitational Battle Royal.
  • November 24, 1988 – Survivor Series: The Powers of Pain Team defeated The Demolition Team in a Survivor Series match.
  • ~~~Team #1: The Powers of Pain, The Young Stallions, The Rockers, The British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation.
  • ~~~Team #2: Demolition, The Brain Busters, The Bolshiviks, The Rougeau Brothers, The Conquitadors.
  • November 26, 1988 – SNME: The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques and Raymond) defeated The Young Stallions.
  • Late 1988: The Young Stallions started having problems after being defeated by Demolition.
  • The Young Stallions eventually split up, briefly feuded, Jim Powers went back to jobbing, and Paul Roma turned heel.

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