Bob Magee

  • Heard About a Video?

    Sid Vicious said it best: "these kids are doing nothing different that we did. Only smartphones."

  • Did John Cena “Tie” Ric Flair?

    The fact is that Ric Flair has 19 world championship reigns that were recognized by WCW, NWA, and WWE at one point in time.

  • 2016 Year-End Awards

    As 2017 begins, it's time for the 20th annual AS I SEE IT Year-End Review. As usual, I should note that my selections are based...

  • Two Great Stories Coming From WWE

    Two great stories this week: Drew Gulak and Steve Corino. Both have signed with WWE; Gulak for the 205 WWE Network-only cruiserweight show, and Corino...

  • Helping for the Holidays

    Independent promotions hold a wide variety of events to benefit various food pantries, fundraisers for homeless or domestic violence shelters...and Toys for Tots drives.

  • Terry Funk Appears at the Old ECW Arena

    Along with a blow-away match between Sami Callihan and Ricochet, Terry Funk has been scheduled to second Tommy Dreamer in his main event match against...

  • A Bad Break for Balor

    First hopes were for little more than a shoulder dislocation. But Tuesday's surgery was far worse than hoped for.

  • Should Sports Purists Be Up In Arms?

    Purists need to tone down the self-righteous attitude, and take a look at ESPN's history. First, ESPN's original name was Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

  • Pat Patterson’s Book Covers All Bases

    It's not any secret that Pat Patterson was gay. Hell, Patterson being gay was a staple for veiled on-air jokes by Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby...

  • WWE vs. Conor McGregor

    Well...want someone to get attention for your event...and himself? Consider hiring Conor McGregor.

  • Will the WWE Brand Split Work?

    So Smackdown is going live, every Tuesday night...and WWE is again spitting brands. Will it work?

  • Promoting Your Product

    I’m just one more mark sitting in the seats who just wants to see independent wrestling succeed….at a time when wrestling fans need alternatives…badly.

  • A Scary Night

    Don't hate on wrestling because outcomes are predetermined.....The risk we take is real. The falls we take are real. The pain we wake up to...

  • Working the Marks

    Wrestling has always had a strange relationship with those who pay money to support its very existence.....better known as fans.

  • A Bloated, Self-indulgent Mess

    Last night was simply everything wrong about WWE. Wrestlemania 32 really came off to me like a bloated, self-indulgent mess.

  • We All Like “WTF Moments”

    AS I SEE IT: We All Like “WTF Moments” Bob Magee Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets Well, hell froze over in wrestling. Again. Last...

  • The “Other” Wrestlemania Weekend Events

    Along with the many activities WWE will present during Wrestlemania weekend, independent promotions will be putting on their share of wrestling shows, and more.

  • Thoughts on Promoting Indies

    Here's some opinions on what promotions need to do to publicize their product online. Some people may find these suggestions to be painfully obvious, but...

  • Watching Bryan Danielson Retire

    Monday night was one of those nights that make me old...yet again. Watching Bryan Danielson retire...far, far before his time...really, really made me feel really...

  • 2016 Royal Rumble Predictions

    Who do fans WANT to appear in the Rumble? Daniel Bryan. Bryan has been cleared by more doctors than an average big-city hospital...but not by...