DarkFox’s NXT Review – March 6, 2014

WWE NXT LogoNXT’s new theme song and intro carries forward from the ArRIVAL special last week. Speaking of, ArRIVAL was incredible. The Cesaro/Zayn match will go down as one of my favorite matches of all time and the Paige/Emma match is by far the best women’s match I’ve ever seen.

Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips & William Regal on commentary. Hopefully this week Regal can maintain the face persona.

Neville d Camacho – 2/5

I guess with Hunico taking over the role of Sin Cara, they’re going to have to figure out what to do with injury prone Camacho. It’s a shame because the guy has the right build and look for the main roster but just can’t seem to stay healthy enough for a legit push. This match didn’t really help him as he jobbed to Neville in less than five minutes.

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OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – March 7, 2014

TWIWOWW’s This Week in Wrestling – March 7, 2014

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling

February 21, 2014  

Juicy Jimmy Fletcher def. Gator McAllister

T. Falk def. Jordan Kage

Ox Harley def. Mikey Watkins

Miss Rachael def. Jessicka Havok

Lance Erikson def. Andrew Hunter

Team IOU (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) def. Shock N’ Awe (TNT Mottley and Ali Shabbaz)

Kevin Weatherby won the main event battle royal

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AS I SEE IT: The Rocky Debut of the WWE Network

AISIAS I SEE IT: The Rocky Debut of the WWE Network
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

This past week saw the somewhat rocky debut of the WWE Network, and the set-up show for the Road to Wrestlemania.

The major problems with the WWE Network break down as follows:

Major League Baseball Advanced Media’s (the company WWE is working with to handle the Network) had an inability in the first few days to handle the load of signups. Many people attempted to sign up and were unable to do so because of bandwidth and other issues.

MLBAM stated that the Network demand for sign-ups “exceeded anything we have seen in 14 years of doing e-commerce.” If that had been the only problem, and it had only been a problem at the beginning, that would have been a GOOD problem in some ways; because it would have shown a major demand for the service (which it did).

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Hitting the Ropes – The Best in the World?

HTR_3Hitting the Ropes – The Best in the World?

So the top of the Wrestlemania card is shaping up, and if we’re being honest, it is pretty underwhelming.  The “face” of the WWE, Randy Orton is scheduled to headline the event versus Batista, a match exactly zero people are excited to see.  Maybe WWE management will add Daniel Bryan to the match to please the fans, but as of now Bryan is scheduled to wrestle Triple H.  And besides I’m not a big fan of changing matches the night of a show.  I like the build.  I like the storylines.  That’s what sells it for me.  Not last-minute changes.  It took 2 years for the Mega-Powers to explode, and when they finally met in Atlantic City it was a memorable moment.

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FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: WWE Light Heavyweight Division?

Falls Count Anywhere
FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: WWE Light Heavyweight Division?

Remember the Light Heavyweight division in WWE? This is one part of WWE/WCW programming I truly missed. It wasn’t always the show stealer; however it provided a great mix to tag team, and heavyweight type matches. With minor shows such as Main Event, and Superstars, there isn’t really a lot of viewership, basically because nothing usually happens worth talking about. If a Light Heavyweight division was created as a staple to these shows, this could give people a reason to actually tune in. Who in the WWE could compete in such a division?

mysterioRey Mysterio (5 ft 6 inches, 175 lbs)

The legendary Mysterio has been exciting crowds for what seems forever. This lucha libra is getting older, and is more prone to injury, but still draws a crowd. He could bring a lot of attention to a Cruiserweight Division. Arguably the greatest light weight of them all.

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AS I SEE IT – It’s Time for the Wrestlemania Build

AISIAS I SEE IT – It’s Time for the Wrestlemania Build
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Tonight, WWE begins the Road to Wrestlemania for real, as WWE returns to Green Bay, WI tonight for the RAW that will set the scene for Wrestlemania 30, a show that will likely be one of the most anticipated shows of the year.

WWE will start to set the road to WrestleMania 30. Featured will be the return of Hulk Hogan for the first time since 2007; the fall-out from screwjob 2,546 on Daniel Bryan after Kane interfered to help Randy Orton retain the WWE World Title in the Elimination Chamber.

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GUEST COLUMN: “Who is Will o’ The Wisp? A Willow of hope for TNA?” by Austin Skinner

WillowEditor’s note: This column originally appeared on http://wrestlingrecaps.com and was written by Austin Skinner.

I do not follow Total Nonstop Action Wrestling or its weekly episodic Impact Wrestling show on Thursday nights. I haven’t even watched a full episode of TNA Wrestling since they attempted to go head-to-head with the WWE’s Monday Night Raw. However, during the last aired episode of Impact, a debut promo was played and my interest was instantly grabbed as I found out about it later on. What is old can again be new and this debut may be a new and fantastic opportunity for TNA to grab a lot of eyes on Thursday nights…

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DarkFox’s NXT review – February 19, 2014

WWE_NXTJust a quick note here before I get started. This Sunday is Elimination Chamber and we’ll be doing a special one-hour post-PPV show starting at 11pm EST at www.morelikeradio.com/live. You’re all welcome to stop by our live chatroom and interact with the hosts.

Well, here we are, the last NXT before the WWE Network goes live. Next week’s NXT is being billed as the first ever NXT PPV and called “Arrival” with some goofy capitalization gimmick that allows WWE to copyright it. I won’t state the obvious here, I promise. However, the kickoff show will have Kevin Nash, Bret Hart & Paul Heyman on as their expert panel. That should be interesting considering the outright contempt Nash has had for Hart in every shoot interview he’s ever done.

Our announce team continues to be Tensai (face), Tom Phillips (straight) and Byron Saxton (heel). This week the announcers did a much better job sticking to their gimmick. Byron is definitely better at announcing than Tensai as he seems more able to verbally joust. The production team needs to do a better job of checking audio levels though as Byron’s mic was very low.

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FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Christian, Batista, Cesaro, and More!

Falls Count AnywhereHello dear wrestling fans, here we go with another addition of Falls Count Anywhere.  This week, I thought I cover a little bit on various topics that are on the minds of not only myself, but many wrestling fans.  There is a lot of things I’ve liked a lot, and a few that have been perplexing to say the least.  Let’s get going!

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ROH Ringside – Issue #17

ROH RingsideROH Ringside – Issue #17

This issue is going to talk about a feud that happened a while back however lasted for a few shows. That feud was one of the first true ROH feuds I can remember, if you don’t count the Prophecy vs. ROH in general. It was very intense and you actually believe Homicide and Steve Corino hated each, when in their promos they let their emotions hang out, and with the in-ring psychology between the two. This is one of the reasons I like ROH I don’t know who writes the promos, and how matches are played out, but the wrestlers are very believable and they know their psychology, maybe better than the W.W.E.

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