Bret Hart to make an autograph appearance at The Wrestling Universe in Flushing, NY on February 22, 2014

Bret Hart flyerWrestling legend Bret Hart will be making an autograph appearance at The Wrestling Universe in Flushing (Queens) NY on Saturday afternoon February 22nd from 12-2pm.  Also appearing will be Angelina Love, Santana Garrett, and Chasity Taylor.

Pro Wrestling Syndicate presents “Homecoming Havoc” on Saturday night February 22nd as PWS returns home to The Rahway Rec Center on 275 East Milton Ave in Rahway NJ for the first time in over a year since Hurricane Sandy damaged the venue.

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GUEST COLUMN: “WWE WrestleMania 30 Match Card and Rumors” by Eric Gargiulo

WM30Editor’s note: This column originally appeared on and was written by Eric Gargiulo.

We are only a few months out but it appears that the dust is starting to settle around WWE WrestleMania 30. A new report indicates that the company have their top matches in place, some you expected, and one that is a bit of a shocker.

Dave Meltzer breaks down the card as it stands today in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter. Meltzer is quick to point out that these matches could change between now and the event, yet this is what the company is working with today. The biggest question up to this point has been around John Cena and his match. Big Dave says that the company has a working plan in place.

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The AJ Styles Phenomenal One Tour – dates and times announced

AJ Styles 5The AJ Styles Phenomenal One Tour – dates and times announced:

January 4 – Ring Of Honor Nashville Fairgrounds   [AJ vs Roderick Strong]

January 18 – Magnum Pro Wrestling Cedar Falls, IA   [AJ vs Jaysin Strife]

January 19 – Premiere Wrestling Xperience at Ziggy’s in Winston, Salem, NC   [AJ vs Cedric Alexander]

January 26 – Smash Wrestling in Toronto, ON   [AJ vs Chris Hero]

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Hitting the Ropes: Bring Back Hulkamania!

HTR_3Hitting the Ropes: Bring Back Hulkamania!

WWE announced this past Monday that The Animal, Dave Batista, is returning to the company in January.  Honestly I was pleasantly surprised.  I’m not a huge Batista fan but this should shake things up a little bit.  I feel WWE has been a little stale lately, which is usually how I feel before Wrestlemania season.

So I’m looking forward to Batista’s arrival on January.  But I don’t think Vince should stop there.

The time has come to bring Hulk Hogan back to World Wrestling Entertainment.

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WWE presents: The biggest jerks of 2013

Courtesy of

Every month, WWE Magazine celebrates WWE’s most malicious malcontents and all their evil machinations they’ve wrought on the WWE Universe by honoring them with our prestigious boot trophy. It’s the finest honor a villainous Superstar or Diva can hope to receive — unless they have a case of “Jerk” denial. Say hello to 2013’s most dastardly, despicable Superstars and Divas and read what they had to say when we gave them “the boot.”

See the list here! presents: “Ranking Every WWE Heavyweight Champion of All Time”

WWE 2013 TITLE DZ EDIT presents: “Ranking Every WWE Heavyweight Champion of All Time”

Since 1963 the WWE has been the defining name in professional wrestling, and no honor is higher than being WWE Champion. We went through the years and ranked every champion in the illustrious history of the company. Here is a ranking of all 43 champs.

43. Vince McMahon
Was there a more terrible idea than giving McMahon the title? Thankfully it only lasted six days. Not a good idea.

42. Andre the Giant
After Andre defeated Hulk Hogan, he immediately sold the belt to the Million Dollar Man. Jack Tunney entered and informed them that the title can’t be sold, The title was immediately vacated and Andre was no longer champion.

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James J. Dillon featured at the recent ECWA Toys for Tots event

JJ DillonCAC honoree and WWE Hall of Famer James J. Dillon was featured at the ECWA Toys for Tots December 7, 2013 event!

ECWA tore through the Greater Newark Boys & Girls on Saturday December 7, 2013. In front of a loud capacity crowd the stars of the ECWA provided laughs and some breath taking ‘Oh My God!’ moments! WWE Hall of Famer JJ Dillon was on hand and a very popular man as the fans flocked to meet the wrestling legend. All this was in support of the US Marines and their Toys for Tots toy drive which was a rousing success! So what did you miss? Read the recap and results below to find out:

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OWW’s This Week In Wrestling – December 11, 2013

TWIWOWW’s This Week In Wrestling – December 11, 2013

Empire State Wrestling, “WrestleBash”
November 30, 2013

Rochester Wrecking Crew won the tag team turmoil battle royal

Rhett Titus beat Matt Milan.

ESW Interstate Title: Kevin Bennett beat Colin Delaney to retain.

ESW Tag Team Title: The Flatliners beat The Colony to retain.

Ilio DiPaolo Memorial Cup: Trent Barreta beat Johnny Gargano, Brandon Thurston, RJ City, “Inferno” Johnny Adams and Gabreal Saint.

ESW Heavyweight Title: Chris Cooper beat Pepper Parks to retain.

Jamin Olivencia beat Bill Collier.

Gene Snitsky, Will Calrissian & Yuri Koloff beat Dalton Castle, Frankie Feathers & Blackjack Phoenix. After the match, Kevin Nash came out and laid out The Caesar.

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WWE TLC Throughout the Years – 2010

wwe-tlc-tables-ladders-and-chairs-2010WWE TLC Throughout the Years – 2010

With this years PPV only a matter of days away i’m going down the list and reviewing the past PPV. Each articles will be a different year, also to see what was good and what was bad.

TLC 2010
This PPV once again focused on the young and upcoming superstar in Wade Barrett. This of course was the year of the Nexus who stole the summer in their take over / feud with WWE management. He took on the the face of the WWE in John Cena. Also on the card was a forgettable WWE title match with the Miz taking on Randy Orton. The under card was also forgettable. Hell this hole PPV was forgettable but the fact is its review time!

We kick things off with a triple threat Intercontinental Title match with Dolph Ziggler © Defeating Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger in a Ladder match.
This is no doubt about that this was a spot match but to a PPV built around this kind of gimmick it needed it. You had Ziggler who was the man for the title at the time and they needed someone to plug in against him. One of the better ladder matches that you will see in WWE.

The Divas Tag Team Table match and the Tag Team Title matches were just filler. At the time the Tag Team division was a joke and had no meaning. The Divas match was a different from the norm and while the women gave good effort never stood out. Especially following a match before it.

#1 Contender Ladder Match For WWE Title: John Morrison Def. King Sheamus
Before we get into this Lets remember that The Miz was champion at this time so the title was not was it usually is. The King Sheamus gimmick never got over and to have an Irish guy as a king was just laughable. Morrison has always been a guy that WWE management thought could be something but never matched up to the “Top Guy” role they wanted him to be.

WWE Title Match: The Miz © Defeats Randy Orton
Prior to this The Miz cashed in his MITB briefcase and won the title. This was an okay match but honestly you couldn’t take The Miz seriously at this time. Orton was trying to refined his character. At the time the WWE title  was not the main focus point of the WWE. This was honestly a forgettable match and feud.

Four Way TLC Match For The World Heavyweight Championship: Edge © Def. Kane, Rey Mysterio & Alberto Del Rio
This was a fun match to watch and really it was time for Kane to lose the belt. He had his reign which was OK with a stupid storyline with the Undertaker. Del Rio was really coming into his own at this time and hadn’t proven himself as a title contender in my opinion. His feud with Mysterio i think go him into this match.

John Cena Def. Wade Barrett in a Chairs Match.
This really was the blow off with both guys, of course this was the year of the Nexus storyline and then they made Cena their B*tch. Cena got his revenge in this one and went on his marry way. Wade never rebounded since the Nexus and honestly looks lost. They have repacked him several times but nothing got him as over then when he was the top heel in the summer of this year.

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