Roman Reigns talks about headlining Wrestlemania, and much more

Roman Reigns 2Recap courtesy of

Roman Reigns recently spoke with The Boston Herald. Here are some highlights:

Clicking with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose:
“We didn’t know we would complement each other so well. Everything from what we wear, entering through the crowd, even the triple powerbomb in itself, it’s clicked and been so organic. That’s been the most exciting part. We spend so much time together, we’ve jumped the friend stage in the past year and a half and become brothers.”

Does he dream of headlining WrestleMania?
“Every single day. Somebody just asked me if I would like to take on the Undertaker and beat his (WrestleMania) streak. I would rather retain the WWE world heavyweight championship while taking out the streak. My motivation is to be the best. I have a deep responsibility to leave things better than the way I found them. I don’t want to live off potential, so the first thing I have to do is capture the gold.”


Gail Kim talks about Lei’D Tapa leaving TNA, the Knockouts division, and much more

Gail KimGail Kim talks about Lei’D Tapa leaving TNA, the Knockouts division, and much more during her recent appearance on Smartasses Radio.

Below are highlights, courtesy of TNA Asylum:

Her thoughts on the TNA product:
“Impact Wrestling has really shaken things up. You see a lot of new young talent that they’re trying like Ethan Carter and The Wolves who are really great additions. Ethan, I’ve worked with in WWE when he was in NXT and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this guy has a lot of charisma.’ I was shocked to see him be released, but that was a blessing in disguise for us because we got a hell of a talent. I think people are going to see us invest in younger talent and new faces and really just try things and see what works.”

Continue reading presents: “Healthy choices for Meet-n-Eat with TNA wrestler Austin Aries at Miami’s Choices Vegan Cafe” by Jim Varsallone

Aries presents: “Healthy choices for Meet-n-Eat with TNA wrestler Austin Aries at Miami’s Choices Vegan Cafe” by Jim Varsallone

Going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner can be healthy and tasty.

Austin Aries, a TNA pro wrestler, proved it during his Meet-n-Eat at Choices Vegan Cafe off NW 79th Street, just east of Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.

Using his celebrity status for the betterment of healthy living, Aries created this event to help people understand the importance of good eating with the right foods. Usually, a pro wrestler’s diet consists of dairy and meat for protein to build up the body, but Aries takes a different approach — plant powered — combining healthy choices with a regimented workout.

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Bobby Roode talks about how long he wants to wrestle, and much more

Bobby RoodeCourtesy of

Bobby Roode recently did “10 Questions” with Here are a few highlights:

You’re one of TNA’s longest serving stars. What’s your secret to staying fresh and relevant in the fans’ eyes?

Just keep improving, keep getting better and giving the fans new something to watch. I guess, in my situation, I’m continually learning and wanting to learn. I’m trying to do new things to keep my character fresh all the time. That’s been something that I’ve been working on my entire career.

How confident are you that you’ll get another reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion?

Oh, I’m very confident that I can get that opportunity again. I think I’ve proven myself significantly from the first time I had the World title, becoming the longest reigning champion in the company’s history. You know, there will come a time when I get another opportunity to become champion and I’m going to make the best of that opportunity and hopefully, if I have it my way, it’ll be a bigger, better, longer reign than the first one.

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Kofi Kingston talks about not competing at last year’s WrestleMania, and much more

KofiBleacher Report and Ring Rust Radio recently had WWE Superstar KOFI KINGSTON on the show this week, and it was a great episode with plenty of exclusive content and insight into the star’s WrestleMania experiences and favorite moments, a possible heel turn in the future, his involvement in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal and so much more!

Full Ring Rust Radio Episode Link:

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Diamond Dallas Page talks about working with David Arquette in WCW, and much more

ddp“Diamond” Dallas Page was recently the guest for a special double interview on WGD Weekly with Steve and the Scum. During the two interviews, which each ran about an hour, DDP talked candidly with Steve and the Scum about all points throughout his time in the wrestling industry, right up through his current work with DDP Yoga and the numerous performers and athletes who have been taking part in his program.

Both interviews in their entirety can be heard here:

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Marcus “Buff” Bagwell opens up about being a gigolo

buff-bagwellMarcus “Buff” Bagwell opens up about being a gigolo!

Recap is courtesy of Zane from The Undisputed Wrestling Show.

The Undisputed Wrestling Show ( had the opportunity to speak with Marcus “Buff” Bagwell recently to promote Heroes and Legends 3 ( in Ft. Wayne, IN on Saturday, March 22.

Bagwell on the Showtime program “Gigolos”:  “If you go on it gives my price.  I am now a gigolo on the “Gigolos” show.  Basically what it is:  Women, not men, not anybody else, just women can go on there for companionship.  There is no sex.  Showtime can’t have sex (on air).  This is my job and I came up with this because wrestling seems to be over for me in the big world and I’m having to switch gears at the age of 44.  So still being in shape to go to WWE tomorrow, ready to go to TNA tomorrow, it is just political (that I’m not there).  So time to switch gears.  This came up, I’m doing it, and I’m going on my debut and it was nuts.  I was the second highest rated on the show (Gigolos).  It is just blowing everyone’s minds how quick this thing took off.  I’m just riding the ride and seeing what happens.”

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Bret Hart talks about CM Punk leaving WWE, and more

bret-hart_94791-1600x1200Recap courtesy of

Bret Hart was recently interviewed by The Boston Herald. Here are some highlights:

WrestleMania X against his brother Owen: “WrestleMania X will always be my most special one because of the memory of being with my brother Owen. There was a lot of pressure on Owen to fill those shoes as a top heel. The storyline was the bitter hatred between two brothers, but Owen was really grateful to work with me. I went to bat a lot for Owen for that chance, and he really shined that night. I thought that was one of his finest hours. There were two reverse sharpshooters in that match, which had never been done before. Those are the tiny little things that no one really remembers or notices, but made that match a real treat. And what I really love about the match is how it launched my brother’s career.”

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Bruno Sammartino talks about Triple H, the WWE Hall of Fame, the “Attitude Era”, and much more

bruno-sammartino-at-san-gennaro-feastWWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino sat down recently for a candid interview with’s Jason Freda.

Below are some of the highlights and the full interview:

On being highly critical of the WWE during the ‘Attitude Era’ and turning down the WWE Hall of Fame invitation.

“I had been very outspoken about some of the things that were bothering me…I didn’t like the direction, as far as the nudity, vulgarity, and profanity like there was no tomorrow…I felt in my heart that they were very wrong, and I felt that going into the Hall of Fame would be hypocritical of me at the time and I just wouldn’t do it”

Continue reading recently interviewed Heather Patera, former WLW ladies champion and daughter of WWE star Ken Patera

Heather recently interviewed Heather Patera, former WLW ladies champion and daughter of WWE star Ken Patera!

Here are some highlights.

Heather comments on whether it’s vital for female pro wrestlers to have a certain look, to be more important than having raw wrestling talent.

“I think WWE has forced people to think women should look a certain way. Like a “Diva.” Some of the best talent I’ve seen isn’t “Diva” quality. Tattoos, piercings, a few extra pounds, Mohawks you name it. These women are themselves when they walk out that curtain, gives the fans something different than a 115lb cookie cutter half wrestler, shoot I’m sitting at 160lbs 5’4 definitely not your typical TV female wrestler. These are women who mix their lifestyle with amazing talent. I LOVE SHIMMER for that. Its not cookie cutter. Its based on talent not looks.”

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