presents: “The 5 Most BEAUTIFUL Moments of The Beautiful People”

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Glamour and violence. These two words accurately describe the vicious reign of Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. The duo reconciled Thursday night on IMPACT and, if history repeats itself, Knockouts division gold and pure mayhem are in-store for TNA’s meanest girls. Here, we take a look at the 5 most BEAUTIFUL moments of The Beautiful People.

See the rest of the list here! reports that NASCAR broadcaster Hermie Sadler joins Global Force Wrestling

SadlerCourtesy of reporter Josh Stewart:

Hermie Sadler’s return to a race car is tied into another passion he’s getting back into — professional wrestling.

The former NASCAR driver and current Fox Sports 1 NASCAR personality said Friday he has accepted a position on the board of directors of Global Force Wrestling, the new promotion launched by TNA founder and former WWE star Jeff Jarrett.

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Maria talks to about CM Punk, ROH, NXT, and much more

Maria KMaria talks to about CM Punk, ROH, NXT, and much more!

Former WWE Diva and first Lady of Ring of Honor, Maria Kanellis recently took some time to participate in an exclusive in-depth interview with Maria spoke on a variety of subjects from her favorite wrestler growing up, the CM Punk and WWE situation, WWE & NXT’s Divas, her future and more. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Favorite Wrestler Growing Up: My favorite female wrestler was Lita. I think it’s incredible to know she’s getting inducted this year. She gave me a strong female role model. My mom was a great woman, but my dad was always the king of the castle, so to speak. Lita was a strong female and did what she pleased and I admired that.

WWE & NXT Divas: I think they have great female talents nowadays. AJ and Natalya are great wrestlers. Paige in NXT can hang with any of the guys there. So I don’t think WWE is lacking when it comes to women talents. I hope the girls get more and more time to get into the spotlight because of how good they are becoming. Continue reading’s “greatest wrestler from each state” map

Steve AustinCourtesy of Rob Fee/Mandatory:’s “greatest wrestler from each state” map!

When putting together a map of the greatest wrestlers from each state, some of them are easy choices. Hulk Hogan easily wins Georgia and Macho Man Randy Savage is the obvious choice for Ohio, but some states haven’t produced that many big names at all. If you’re wondering how on earth Eric Bischoff could be the greatest wrestler from Wyoming, it’s because he’s the ONLY professional wrestler from Wyoming. He was actually born in Michigan, but was the only one to even reside in the state. If this teaches us anything, it’s that Wyoming needs to up its game when it comes to producing wrestlers.

The three toughest states to choose had to be Minnesota, Indiana and Texas. Indiana was home to Mick Foley and the late, great Ultimate Warrior, which was a really tough call, but Foley edged the UDub out. Minnesota is home to both Mr. Perfect and Rick Rude, which could go either way. Texas is the birthplace of both The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin, so there’s definitely room for argument that The Undertaker deserves the spot over Austin.

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CAC Radio features the 2014 Iron Mike honoree Terry Taylor

CAC Radio logoCAC Radio features the 2014 Iron Mike honoree Terry Taylor!

On this edition of CAC Radio, David and Morgan welcome the 2014 Iron Mike Honoree Terry Taylor to the show. Terry talks about his career from the beginning to what he is doing today to keep the sport of professional wrestling going stronger than ever.  Find out how honored Terry is to be coming to the CAC reunion.

We hope you enjoy this interview as much as David and Morgan did.

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Recent Davey Richards interview with Ring Rust Radio and Bleacher Report

davey3Donald Wood from Bleacher Report and Ring Rust Radio, as well as fellow Bleacher Report columnists Mike Chiari and Brandon Galvin, had TNA Superstar DAVEY RICHARDS on the show this week, and it was a great episode with plenty of exclusive content and insight into the star’s TNA career, Indy Career, his decision to sign with TNA over WWE and so much more!

Full Ring Rust Radio Episode Link:–april-8-w-wwe-wrestlemania-review-and-davey-richards

Continue reading recently interviewed new TNA champion Eric Young recently interviewed new TNA champion Eric Young!

TNA Superstar Eric Young has been with Impact Wrestling for over a decade, but his greatest day as a professional wrestler came on Thursday, April 10 when he defeated Magnus to capture the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Young became the seventh Triple Crown winner in company history—he previously won the tag team championship and the X Division championship—and he proved through his world title victory that his underdog character has a true connection with the fans.

Featured columnists Donald Wood, Mike Chiari and Brandon Galvin sat down for an exclusive interview with the new TNA world champion and talked about his time in the business, his road to the top, the comparisons to WWE’s Daniel Bryan and so much more.

Austin Aries recently joined the Smells Like Human Spirit podcast to talk wrestling, politics, and more

austin2Austin Aries recently joined the Smells Like Human Spirit podcast to talk wrestling, politics, and more!

“Monsanto basically is trying to own food – let’s just call it like it is.”

These are the sentiments of the multi-talented Austin Aries (@AustinAries), professional wrestler by trade and highly knowledgeable in regards to the issue of genetically modified food, and a variety of other pertinent social issues. Austin joined Guy Evans on the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast to discuss the food-industrial complex, the business practices of Monsanto, his perspective on the U.S. political system, and more!

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Smells Like Human Spirit is a DAILY podcast that covers society, culture, and everything in between! Previous guests include Professor Noam Chomsky, Dan Carlin, Michael Ruppert and many others.