ClickWrestle special match: Alissa Flash vs. Chik Tormenta

Alissa Flash defends the Angels Championship in this match against Chik Tormenta. Chik would love to put an end to Alissa’s reign but it won’t be easy as she is one of the best in the world. But anything can happen in a wrestling ring and the title just might be changing hands.

Download Alissa Flash vs. Chik Tormenta for only $2.49 presents: The Women of Professional Wrestling

Natalya presents: The Women of Professional Wrestling!

Women have made their mark in the world of professional wrestling, from inside the squared circle to the boardroom and charitable endeavors.  Check out this great photo shoot that honors the women who have made their mark in this sport, such as Victoria, Natalya, Susan Green, Fabulous Moolah, Madusa, and more!

OWW Radio – GLOW star Little Egypt and Diva-Dirt head writer Cryssi

OWW RadioWelcome to OWW Radio!  Each week hosts David (@dlb19338) and Alex (@AlexGoff84) will provide perspective to the WWE, TNA, and everything else making news in the world of professional wrestling.   A new episode will be posted each week.  This week David is joined by two of his favorite guests.  First he is joined by one of the original GLOW girls, Little Egypt!  She has been on OWW radio before, and it’s always enjoyable to hear her perspective on the wrestling business and to catch up on what’s going on with the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling today. Little Egypt shares insight into the recent GLOW documentary, the importance of using social media to create your own brand, and the camaraderie that still exists within GLOW today!

Then David is joined by Cryssi, one of the head writers at, to look at everything going on in women’s wrestling today.  Cryssi and David talk about AJ Lee, Total Divas, NXT, WWE Hall of Famer Lita, and much more!

Little Egypt’s contact information:

  • Twitter: @LittleEgypt
  • Facebook: /The Official Page of Little Egypt
  • Website:
  • GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (2012) – buy it here!

Cryssi’s contact information:

Listen to past episodes of OWW Radio here: presents: “Women Wrestlers Who Can Kick Your Ass”

mens healthEditor’s note: This column originally appeared on and was written by Rachael Schultz.

Women Wrestlers Who Can Kick Your Ass

Smokin’ bodies, tiny outfits, and the ability to knock a full-grown man on his back with one kick—what’s not to love about female wrestlers?
The women of WWE and TNA prove brawn is more powerful than beauty, but thankfully don’t make you choose between the two. And, this month—when WWE launches 24/7 streaming—you’ll no longer have to pay per mouth-dropping view.

We’ve come up with a list of the eight hottest names in women’s professional wrestling right now: fierce ladies who could kick your ass with their brute force. And, thanks to their smiling faces, you probably wouldn’t even mind.

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Kimber Lee is announced as the first entrant of the 2014 International Joshi Grand Prix

Kimber LeeVALKYRIE News & Notes: First Entrant in IJGP, Event Details, and Media Appearances

We are proud to announce Kimber Lee as the first entrant of the 2014 International Joshi Grand Prix.

At twenty three years of age, Kimber Lee can already add the title of “international superstar” to her resume after recently completing a successful tour of Japan. With only three years experience, the tenacious Kimber is proving herself to be very adept to the world of professional wrestling, fans and industry insiders alike see her as fighting her way to become the next big thing in independent womens wrestling.

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The Wrestling Halftime Show brought to you by ClickWrestle


Right before kickoff of Super Bowl 48 between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, ClickWrestle will offer fans a free stream of the matches from 3PM EST/12PM PST to 9PM EST/6PM PST to keep wrestling fans entertained.

Three big championship matches will be available:

KAFU Vs. Oliver John from All Pro Wrestling, March 24, 2007: An APW classic featuring two of APW’s best stars at the time going head to head in this one on one encounter for the APW Heavyweight Championship.

Saraya Knight vs. Cheerleader Melissa for the SHIMMER Championship inside a steel cage at SHIMMER Volume 53, April 6, 2013: The third in their trilogy of epic battles in SHIMMER, their 6th overall, these two old foes battle it out once again for the top prize in women’s wrestling; this time in a steel cage.

JJ Perez vs. Sara Del Rey from APW Halloween Hell 2005, October 29, 2005: Before she was a WWE trainer; before she was the queen of wrestling; Sara Del Rey was a budding star on the rise and you fans can watch an early match featuring the best women’s wrestler in the new millennium against former APW head trainer JJ Perez in a championship match at APW’s Halloween Hell 2005.

The Wrestling Halftime Show brought to you by ClickWrestle will give fans an alternative to the halftime show at MetLife Stadium. Watch the best action from the best stars in professional wrestling!

Watch the matches during the game at

ClickWrestle “Match of the Week”: Evie vs. Kimber Lee April 13, 2013

ClickWrestle 2Welcome to this week’s OWW Match of the Week, in which one outstanding women’s wrestling match will be offered by at a deep discount.  This week’s Match of the Week is Evie vs. Kimber Lee from April 13, 2013.

Match description:

This is the singles match debut for both Evie and Kimber Lee after their appearance at the previous SHIMMER event. Both women want to show that they mean business and they are serious competition for everyone else in the back, but that can only come true for one of them.

All week this match’s price will be cut in half: from $2.49 to just $1.25. presents: Independent Women – Episode 10: “Joey Ryan”

iw10In the tenth episode of Independent Women – titled “Joey Ryan”Cheerleader Melissa speaks with indy superstar Joey Ryan about wrestling alongside and against women.

Melissa and Ryan will be going one-on-one at this Saturday’s Quintessential Pro Wrestling event in Monrovia, CA.

Watch the episode below: