The 'Mania of Wrestlemania
March 8, 2007 by Andrew R.

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We're nearly there again! Wrestlemania is just around the corner and for many fans their favourite time of year is coming up. If you were lucky enough to get a ticket six months earlier than that day when the starting bell rings can't come soon enough. But what is the 'mania in Wrestlemania's name? Here I'll examine that question and search for the answer to "What really is the 'mania in Wrestlemania's name?

The first thing that stands out at Wrestlemania for me is pride. Pride at Wrestlemania is represented by the opening song "America the beautiful" as even non-Americans see it as a wrestling anthem. Wrestlemania is also the time when wrestling fans can take as much criticism as possible, from critics and the media, yet still remain proud to be a wrestling fan. To the wrestlers, who perform at Wrestlemania, they are being recognised by both the board and fans as outstanding talent, outstanding enough to represent sports-entertainment on its grandest stage. Wrestlemania is also about new and old traditions- an example of each are the singing of 'America the Beautiful' and the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

A big part of Wrestlemania for wrestlers is going to the granddaddy of them all as a champion, or with an undefeated steak. To a champion, it is an honour to be a champion at a time like Wrestlemania. While those defending undefeated streaks feel like anything other than their best performance will do.

But for many fans Wrestlemania is about memories old and new. Some memories are simply being there, while some memories are the likes of witnessing a classic-in-the-making. Some memories though are unforgettable for different reasons, among these memories is the moment Mike Tyson betrayed D-X by knocking out Shawn Michaels after his defeat in a World title match to Steve Austin. Among the classic matches, though, are the loveable bizarre matches from Wrestlemania's history. These have featured among other types of matches- catfight, a sumo match between Akebono and Big Show and even a blindfold match won by Jake Roberts. With these bizarre matches come the more comforting thought of unforgettable entrances, from Shawn Michaels' over-the-top entrance at Wrestlemania 12 in his World title win to John Cena's gangster entrance at Wrestlemania 22 in his WWE title defense, everybody has a favourite novelty superstar entrance from the history of Wrestlemania. Although in recent years, the place to settle this battle-of -the-brands issue has been Wrestlemania. These have been pre-Heat battle royals and sometimes even classic matches like Kurt Angle's victory over Shawn Michaels.

At Wrestlemania it is a known fact that, as hard as some dreams are, some come true. Who will ever forget the tears of Chris Benoit as his World Title dream came true, or the 1-2-3 count that saw Rey Mysterio achieve the impossible? But who really wins is another question, since HBK lost a classic ladder match against Razor Ramon the question of who really wins at Wrestlemania has sometimes found an answer of the loser, another example of this rare occurrence is of Mick Foley's defeat to Edge in a Hardcore match at Wrestlemania 22.

The most precious memory for many is Wrestlemania's ability of having mid-card matches steal the show, Wrestlemania 3, 21 and 18 are all examples of this. Among these matches were a classic Intercontinental title match between Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat, a classic encounter between Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels while The Rock's victory over Hulk Hogan stole Wrestlemania X8. However the real winners of Wrestlemania are the fans, who enjoy three hours of pure entertainment. Even celebrities have shown up at Wrestlemania and enjoyed the show, these have varied from Donald Trump to Adam Sandler. Others, like Mr. T and Lawrence Taylor, have even wrestled and won at Wrestlemania.

What is the 'mania in Wrestlemania? Is it the pride?, is it the unforgettable entrances, the fact that the real winners are the fans or is it just that something was rightfully on his side when Mean Gene suggested the name? Whatever it is, it surely has worked out and as we look forward to another Wrestlemania, I'll say in advance -- enjoy the show!

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