The Legend of "Boxer vs. Wrestler" Matches
March 26, 2007 by Chris E.

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There are many types of matches in professional wrestling. You've got your standard wrestling match, hardcore match, steel cage match, inferno match, and many others. Of all these matches though, my favorite type of match, is something that hasn't been done in years, but I still enjoy and this type of match is a "Boxer vs. Wrestler" match. Now, I bet as soon as you that, the first thing that comes to your mind is Hulk Hogan's infamous scene in Rocky III, but for those of you that don't know, these type of matches actually happened, and they're quite legendary in their own way.

The first ever "Boxer vs. Wrestler" encounter took place in 1976. Muhammad Ali was in audience watching some matches. At one point during the event, Gorilla Monsoon was having a match, which he won by count out. After the match, Ali came into the ring pointing his finger at Monsoon. He then circles Monsoon with his incredible speed, throwing a bunch of lazy jabs at Monsoon. Suddenly, Monsoon picks up Ali, and gives him an airplane spin. Although, this wasn't an official match, it's still a legendary encounter between a boxer and a wrestler.

Now, the first ever "Boxer vs. Wrestler" Match took place in early 1976. It was Muhammad Ali against Buddy Wolfe. This match was to "prepare" Ali for a match against Antonio Inoki. Ali won the match by getting the decision. After the match Ali stated that he was the lord of the ring, with boxing and wrestling. He claimed he could any wrestler from Antonio Inoki to Bruno Sammartino.

Another "Boxer vs. Wrestler" Match took place on June 2, 1976. The match was Chuck Wepner (the man who knockdown and went the distance with Ali, but lost. He was also the inspiration for the Rocky movies) vs. Andre the Giant. This match at 1:15 in the 3rd Round by count out after Andre lifted Wepner up and threw him out of the ring. This match is legendary because, it had a great moment and is one of the very few "Boxer vs. Wrestler" Matches. Later that night on the same card, there was another "Boxer vs. Wrestler" Match, this time it was Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki. The match between Andre the Giant and Chuck Wepner was legendary, but this one is even more legendary. Out of all the "Boxer vs. Wrestler" matches, this one stands out the most. This match went through all 15 Rounds and was declared a draw. Even though through the match, it was just Inoki going down to the canvas and just kicking Ali's legs, the match is still a classic, because you've got the best boxer in the world at the time going against one of the best wrestlers in the world. They went at it for a whole 15 rounds, that's legendary if you ask me.

After those matches, these types of matches never happened again, and it's very unfortunate, because these types of matches can be very enjoyable. However there was another "Boxer vs. Wrestler" encounter. At WrestleMania 14, after Steve Austin won the WWE/F Championship from Shawn Michaels, HBK got in the face of special enforcer Mike Tyson, who joined DX, but turned on them. Once HBK got in his face, Tyson hit him with a hard right hand that sent him to the canvas. Even though this wasn't a match, people still remember this moment to this day. Also, in 2003, there were rumors going around that then heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis was going to have a "Boxer vs. Wrestler" match against then WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. There was a date set up for the match, but unfortunately the deal fell through and it never happened. What a match that would've been though.

In conclusion, there many types of matches in professional wrestling, and "Boxer vs. Wrestler" matches are very legendary in their own way. They had great moments and they were very interesting to watch. Hopefully, one day they'll happen again.

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