ECW: Like it or Not
March 8, 2007 by Kenny M.

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When everybody heard news of ECW being brought back, there were mixed reactions. Some people were excited, some didn't care, some just assumed it would fail and die. Well now, nearly a year later, the new ECW is still here and regardless of the whimperings and complaints of several smarks on this site as well as countless others, the company's end is nowhere in sight.

Most people seem to want to compare the new ECW to the ECW of old. Comparing champions like Shane Douglas to the current champion, Bobby Lashley, makes no sense. Lashley is no Franchise, he is no Taz, he isn't the Sandman or Raven; he is the new breed unleashed. He's working hard to entertain the fans and make the new ECW brand better.

I personally am getting a little tired of going to various wrestling news sites and seeing multiple complaints about how the new ECW wrestlers are getting pushed and don't deserve it. I'm tired of reading constant complaints about how the ECW originals are being misused and mistreated. I'm more than tired of people saying "the WWECW sucks and its gonna die soon". None of those things are true. The new ECW wrestlers are getting pushes because they work hard and they have talent. The originals are being used just as they should be. They are getting older and are passing the torch to the future stars of wrestling. Vince McMahon has already said there are no plans to discontinue ECW.

ECW will never be what it used to be. Wishing for ECW to be like it used to is like hoping for a genuine nWo reunion or a genuine DX reunion. It's NOT going to happen so stop complaining and either watch it or don't. The new ECW is showing some of the best wrestling that has been presented on WWE television in quite some time and the talent on the show add an edgy feel to it. Paul Heyman did his best to bring back ECW as his vision, but Vince signs the checks so his vision is the one that matters. People say Vince McMahon is only still around because he got lucky. Well its better to be lucky than good and Vince has made himself a very wealthy man based on being lucky.

My point in this is simple, if you don't like the new ECW, don't watch. Nobody is forcing you. Just please, stop flooding the internet with the same complaints about ECW that we all are well aware of. It's not the original and it never will be so please, stop comparing the two and just enjoy seeing your old favorites from ECW fighting hard each week to keep you entertained.

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