A Hoganless 'Mania
March 8, 2007 by Pete Cruise

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Since the annual spectacular started back in 1985, Hulk Hogan has appeared at 11 Wrestlemania's. Wrestling 10 times, Hogan has only lost twice. Sure that is nothing compared to The Undertakers 15-0 record, but for a man almost 55 years old it is unprecedented. However , is that record in jeopardy of ending forever?

Professional Wrestling has a cardinal sin of not upsetting the fans. It is practically the one sin that is inexcusable. We saw Steve Austin walk out on the fans twice back in 2002 and his professional career hasn't been the same since. Hulk Hogan may have never walked out on any of his fans, but he did put Vince McMahon in a sticky situation. Which ultimately, could be worse.

On January 10th of this past year, Hogan was on the Bubba The Love Sponge show. During the show he received an unexpected call from Vince McMahon's secretary. He proceeded to answer the phone while also on the air with the radio broadcaster. The secretary proceeded to read off names of potential 2007 WWE Hall Of Fame nominees. While this was happening, she never realized that she was on the air. After receiving word that this happened, Vince was irate. He insisted that he would never work with Hogan ever again. However, he calmed down after he received information that Hogan was drunk while on the air.

Wrestlemania is synonymous with Hulk Hogan. They go together like bread and butter, like tea and crumpets, like a car with gasoline. So how can you have a Wrestlemania without the Hulkster? Or moreover, is their a crime big enough to get you kicked off the biggest stage of them all forever?

I truly believe that after being in the business for over 3 decades, Hogan would be smarter. I would have thought that he would have realized that biting the hand that feeds you, gets you nowhere. In fact, biting THE hand that HAS fed you is probably the most unwise business decision that you could make. After that radio program Hogan could have phoned a multitude of people and they would have said the same thing... "Don't cross the boss!"

But, is it really that big of a deal? It's not like it's the outcome of the main event of Wrestlemania. It's not like it's the finish to Cena vs. HBK. So how important IS the Hall Of fame? I believe that it is so incredibly important that if you reveal the names on a sub-par radio show, you will get what you ask for. Namely, getting kicked off the biggest show of the year and potentially for the rest of your career.

These athletes work their whole career to be recognized. Up until recently, it was just to get to Wrestlemania. Now, they have a higher goal to achieve towards. To be a Hall Of Famer. To be enshrined after they finish their careers. Yet , they have one of their own tarnish their legacy because he wants to act like a kid and reveal a secret to the world. How would Hogan have felt 2 years ago if his induction was spoiled by "one of the boys". Knowing Hogan, he would have been livid.

Hulk Hogan is like a child that always gets caught doing something wrong. More often then not it happens backstage. When it does happen, him and Vince part ways for a while, and then apologize and then act like nothing ever happened. Just like life, business goes on. There is only so many times that you can be stabbed in the back, before there is nowhere else to drive the knife into. Many would think that in the case of pro wrestling it would be Vincent Kennedy McMahon that would be doing the backstabbing. However, when you put Hogan in the same sentence, the majority of the time Hogan is the victor.

I hope, I pray that Vince McMahon realizes that nothing good can come of Hulk Hogan being a part of his company, or his products. That Hulk Hogan doesn't have to be part of Wrestlemania for it to be nostalgic. Then maybe just maybe we can see a WWE product that embraces the fans more. A WWE product that is more fan friendly.

Then again...... Maybe not.

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