An Anticipated Assassin
October 30, 2007 by Pete Cruise

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If you really want to analyse things, It all started back in May of 2001. A freak injury during a tag match with Steve Austin, put HHH on the shelf for over eight months. His fans reached a fever pitch when hearing about his eminent return at the Royal Rumble of the following year. At Royal Rumble 2002, HHH eliminated 3 men: Mr. Perfect, Kurt Angle and The Hurricane. Many speculated that his quad would never be the same. However, HHH showed on that night that not only was it the same but his road to recovery made it stronger.

However, since then HHH has had some set backs. In 2003, speculation ran roughshod on the internet. Many people began to question why HHH had begun to wear knee length tights to the ring. It was made apparent on dirtsheets that HHH was either having groin issues, or his quad was starting to bother him; the same quad that had been surgically operated on close to 18 months earlier. However, by the time that Survivor Series rolled around , HHH was as good as gold. Back to his old "The Game" tights, HHH was good as new......again.

Which brings us to 2006. In late 2006, HHH & Shawn Michaels reformed Degeneration X. Their foremost feud was with the McMahon's. However , once that ended a couple of former champions wanted their share of the degenerates. That duo consisted of Randy Orton & Edge. From October 2006 to January of 2007, WWE had DX feud with Randy Orton & Edge which culminated at a match at New Years Revolution. At The New Years Revolution PPV of this year the unthinkable happened. HHH ripped his right quadriceps muscle. The ironic part was that HHH had returned 5 years that day, from his previous quadriceps injury. The match ended in a no-contest and HHH was taken immediately to hospital. The next day , famed doctor and surgeon Dr. James Andrews diagnosed the injury and stated that it would require surgery.

With HHH on the shelf , many things happened in the WWE. One of which wasn't creative storylines. Before HHH went down , the rumours making the internet waves were that HHH would meet WWE Champion John Cena at Wrestlemania. With HHH on the shelf, plans certainly changed. John Cena would go on to defend his WWE Championship against HHH's cohort in crime, Shawn Michaels. Albeit a losing effort, Shawn Michaels put up a fight and helped John Cena put on a match of the year candidate.

After Wrestlemania is when the company really began to feel the loss of HHH. As one by one, the company started to lose superstars to injuries. In April of this year, WWE lost King Booker and Hardcore Holly. May was a hard month for the WWE as they lost three more superstars: The Undertaker, Gregory Helms & Shawn Michaels. In June, The WWE got a break from the Injury plague. However, it would return in July and take out two of their fiercest stars: Bobby Lashley & Edge.

With a total of 10 superstars on the DL, the WWE was in desperate need of some main event talent. Which is why when it was announced that HHH would be returning at Summerslam, not only were the fans elated but so was the WWE office.

While many can agree that because he is married to the boss' daughter, his motives are somewhat obvious. Nobody can doubt that he IS a ring general, and can help take the toll off of any company that has a heavy burden. Since HHH's return we have also seen the return of numerous superstars. However, since Triple H's return we have also seen another wrestler go down. That man is none other than, John Cena.

When John Cena tore his pectoral muscle on Raw, he had to vacate the title. This left HHH fans salivating at his 11th reign as champ, or at least the possibility of being in a match for the vacated title. On October 8th of this year, fans got their wish as the assassin got his first WWE Championship shot since being back. The result: A convincing win over Randy Orton. Later that evening he would lose the title back to Randy Orton. Since Then he has been put into a long running feud with Mr. Orton. One thing that rang loud and clear that night, that 11th title reign at No Mercy was something that fans Anticipated from their beloved Assassin.

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