Wrestling, Death and Love
July 2, 2007 by Ryan Blanchette

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If you may or may not know I am a big wrestling fan, much like anyone reading this. Today when I was about to watch my favorite show RAW, I found out that wrestler Chris Benoit died, along with his wife and child. The show for three hours was dedicated to his memory, and to be honest I shed tears for the first time in along time. It was the moment when Edge spoke of losing his friend, it made tears run down my face. An hour after the show, it was reported that Benoit killed his wife and son and then proceeded to commit suicide after.

Alright now I have to comment on this, one time and get it out of the way because it absolutely kills me inside to look at the world the way I do and not be able to always say that exact right words. As evil and wrong as the subject may now be, I if anything cried for loss, not necessary just for Chris but the thought of losing some one I love in my own life. I couldn't help but call those I love and tell them that they mean the world to me, even with the recent revelation I am glad I said it. Love is the one of the few things in this world we should take in at anytime of crisis, it's one of the few things in which makes this evil world bearable.

People are never perfect, in life some do lose their mind. I do not agree to bash Benoit because it is not the time or the place to do so. I had this same debate when Eddie died, we all knew him on a wrestling level and should respect that we do not know the humans outside of the characters. Life is a very cold dark place for people sometimes. Look at Jake Roberts, look at living on the road your whole life and watching your life lead in another direction... life is cold, bitter and ever changing. Better men have fallen and that is life. In reality there is no need to forgive him or hate him if he killed his wife or his son. It is horrible but the world is a horrible place, do not put it past anyone. I have seen people close in my life talk and attempt things I could not ever wrap my mind around, for however strong one mind is... it is as complex and strange to the same extent.

For those tears that any of you felt, do not feel bad or take them back because of another situation. If anything this should teach you to love every moment and let those who you do love know it. For god sake, do not harp on the bad in life...or cause it will drag you down to it's level. Do not hate Benoit, move on... continue to watch the show that brought you so close to the situation, and realize that they are as messed up and hurt as anyone else.. Realize they are no super heroes, or idols. They are men and women in a profession and by no means does your job make you who you are. People die by the minute, but you can't sit here and mourn life, but live it. Don't waste your time hating or evening crying for ages over Chris, Eddie or Owen. They were performers who died like we all do. They are not your life.

But your family and friends are. Those people you cheer are not part of your life, those people who you think of when you are cry over wrestlers are. Who did not think of losing someone when they saw Eddie or Chris go? I did, I thought of my Kayla, Mom, Dad and so on. I did not think of life without Benoit or Eddie, I thought of the feeling of losing the ones I love. I thought of the ones who make this cold world a little warmer. Even with everything remember that, you have the ones you hold dear as long as you breathe. Remember they have problems that could drive them crazy or even suicidal, worry about them... they are your world. Benoit is not. That family may never come back, but yours is right next to you and that is the story you shouldn't ignore.

I felt a connection through friendship and love. I know what it feels like to lose it. It is not in the "how" but in the "why". After the show ended my friend Kayla texted me and we talked about what it means, and I think we agreed that it's more than just someone dying, it's about who we are and who we choose to be in life. Life is short, and it is dark sometimes... you should do your best to live it honest and right, in the right type of life. Take pride in every moment, take happiness in every smile that you can remember, that is the meaning of life and death. It is what we are, and what we choose to take out of it. A man and his family died, but you are still alive... we still breathe. Enjoy the moments, and don't harp on the bad. I felt the deepness sadness for those who I love, and I shall do my best to never lose there side. Instead of thinking of what wrong and what will always be cold in this world... love. Take something out this world, and I wish you all the best, be it a wrestler, a fan or a friend. We are all human, and the best we can do is live. Love those who love you. They are your superstars.

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