The Anti-Smark: Potential Tag-Teams and Stables
November 26, 2003 by Josh Ronge

First off, I would like to thank everyone who responded to my first two columns, whether the feedback was good or bad. You don't know how much I appreciate that.

Now, this is something that I've been thinking a lot about as of late. The WWE has so much talent, that it seems only natural that they would want to put some of that talent to use in some entertaining stables and tag-teams. As we all know, stables have been extremely successful in the past. I.E. The nWo, DeGeneration X, The Four Horsemen, and to a lesser extent, The Nation of Domination, The Corporation, and Right to Censor. Anywho, in this installment of The Anti-Smark, I will name and examine some potential tag-teams and stables of the WWE.

Stable: Steven Richards, Victoria, and Sean O'Haire - OK, now how perfect would this be? Steven Richards and Victoria are already a stable of sorts, so why not make some use of Sean O'Haire and make him the leader of this stable? O'Haire has that "Master manipulator" quality about him, and in my opinion, would fit right in with this cooky crowd.

Tag-Team: Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair - Is there anyone else who would love to see this pair team up? I know I would. This is a team that could either mentor the young up-and-comers or take on the arrogant rookies, depending on where the WWE wanted to go with this. They might even make a run for the Tag Titles. How awesome would that be?

Stable: John Cena, Mark Jindrak, Randy Orton, and Maven - These guys could team up to form the arrogant rookie stable mentioned above. Of course, the members are by no means imited to the ones mentioned. Substitute Rob Conway or Garrison Cade for any of the names listed. This would be a great way to elevate much of the WWE's rookie talent al at the same time.

Tag-Team: Matt Hardy-V.1 and Shannon Moore - Yeah, I know, they've already been a stable but just hear me out. What if their gimmick's were tweaked just slightly so that they could be the Super-Villains of the WWE? I mean, what good is the Hurricane, WWE's resident Super-Hero, with no crime to fight and no villains to vanquish? I think Matt Hardy's personality could be easily tweaked to allow him to play the part without completely changing the whole Mattitude gimmick.

Well, that's all for today, kids. I hope you enjoyed this installment of The Anti-Smark. As always, feel free to respond to this column. Be safe and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Josh Ronge-The Anti-Smark

Joe Joe writes::
I agree and think some more stables should be formed or current ones made more stronger.

The stable with O'Haire, Richards, and Victoria could be very good with O'Haire possibly advising Richards and Victoria. Richards and O'Haire could make a good tag team and feud with Christian and Jericho leaving Victoria with Lita and/or Trish. I think Alexis Laree might also be good if thrown into the mix as a heel. I also think this stable could do well on Smackdown but I'd like to see some good females on Smackdown like Daffney and Laree for Victoria to feud with. HBK and Nature Boy tag team might be cool but it would effect Evolution. I think ideas for this to work could be them being forced to team and end up winning the tag titles with them eventually losing them and then feuding or HBK turning heel and joining Evolution.

The Rookie Stable sounded alright but I think the likes of Orton and Cena are doing well right were they are and even Conway, and the likes of Cade,Maven, and Jindrak are no where near deserving of even the pushes they currently have, I do have a couple ideas for some Rookie type stables below

I think the idea with Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore could be good but it might be better on Smackdown as to utilize Moore and Helms for the CW division

I think some stables in the WWE could use some changes and strengthening. Those being FBI, Playahs Inc.,Yakuza, and maybe Spanky/London.

FBI could maybe get Tony Mamaluke which would lead to a good crusier feud with Spanky and London. Also maybe have Stamboli and Palumbo feud with each other or get some nice singles feuds to display how good they are.

Playahs Inc. should do something with their members. With Nowinski,Mack, and Jazz all injured this has only left Henry and Long to the stable. While most think Long is good on the mic, they just don't think that Mack or Henry is that talented and that Nowinski really fits in. So they should get rid of Mack,Henry, and Nowinski and attain the likes of Booker T,Elix Skipper,D'lo Brown,Ron Killings,Slyk Wagner Brown, etc

Yakuza could maybe do even better adding someone like Kaz Hayashi or Ultimo Dragon or feud with a returning Kaentai

Spanky and London could maybe do well with the likes of American Dragon and Michael Shane as they are graduates of HBK's school and they could maybe be a rookies type stable and feud with HBK

The likes of Nowinski, Conway, and Dupree could go really well together as a heel type stable and maybe even play the rookie thing

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