The Anti-Smark: The Case Against Triple H
December 2, 2003 by Josh Ronge

Triple H is unpopular on the internet. If that's a new concept to you, then you must have been living in a cave for the past two years. There's simply no question about that. However, what is questionable is whether all those smart-mark arguements are valid. Do they have a point? Well, in a word, no. Now before you jump down my throat and accuse me of being totally ignorant as to what goes on backstage, let me explain my position. After that, you can call me anything you like.

"He plays backstage politics"

Yes he does. I don't know anyone who would dispute that. But if you think he is the only person who has some influence backstage, you're wrong. Plain and simple. Angle, Austin, Undertaker,The Rock, and all the other veterans all have some pull behind the curtain as well. With the possible exception of Kurt Angle, they have all used their influence to keep their spots at one time or another.

"His matches aren't as good as they were before his injury"

Neither are Shawn Michaels but I haven't read a bad column about him since he returned. Before Triple H's injury, he had The Rock, Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, and The Undertaker to work matches with. In case you havent noticed, Austin, Foley, and Rock don't wrestle anymore and Undertaker and Angle aren't available since the brands split. So is that really a fair statement? So maybe his bad matches, or rather his lack of incredible matches should be attributed to a lack of main event talent to work with. Afterall, you can't get blood out of a turnip.

"He never jobs"

Yes, to a point that is true. However, whenever he had a title match, or any match for that matter, they were always a far cry from a squash match. He always seemed to just slide by with the victory. Losses were few and far between, but during his title reign, the challenger always came within a breath of winning the title.

"His character is stale"

Okay, I'll give you that one. His character is stale. He really needs to go back to being the Cerebral Assassin of old. Going over to Smackdown! as the Cerebral Assassin would be a wise move for him mainly because he hasn't worked with the majority of the talent there for almost two years.

"He buries people"

Once again, he rarely, if ever had spuash matches. He usually wins by some sort of outside interferance or with the sledgehammer. If he completely dominated his opponents night in and night out, then that arguement would have a great deal of validity. But since he doesn't, it does not.

"He's only where he's at because he screws the boss's daughter"

Oh yes, what Triple H bashng session would be complete without this time tested arguement? Triple H was WWE champion long before he shacked up with Steph. Do they really love each other? I think they do but the only two people in this entire world who know the answer to that question are Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon. Maybe being married to Steph does have some impact on his career and maybe it doesn't. I'm certainly not about to judge someone because of the person they're in love with.

Defending Triple H isn't going to win any popularity contests on the internet. However, I feel like this point of view needed to be expressed because there is a silent minority on the internet who do not believe he is the worst person this side of Saddam. Those peole are generally too afraid to post or defend him on any message board or forum because of the stigma it might place on them. I hope I've spoken for that group of people.

As always, I'm Josh Ronge-The Anti-Smark

Jason Seaberg says:
About damn time someone defends the greatest entertainer in sports entertainment today. Triple H is the most talented man on the RAW roster, and he lives, eats, and breathes the industry. In the first elimination chamber, his larynx was injured due to a leg drop from Rob Van Dam. He went on to finish the match, and then was rushed to an emergency room where he wasn't allowed to move an inch for 12 hours. But he finished that match, didn't he? That, friends, is dedication. In another fairly recent match, he tore his quadricep muscle in his leg. He finished that match too, and when the same thing had happened to Kevin Nash earlier in the same year, he dropped down in pain, not able to finish the match. Triple H needs to beat the living hell out of Goldberg at Armageddon and prove to the world the he is the best there is on RAW today. Speaking of Goldberg, and his fans who crusade against Triple H, let me tell you why Goldberg sucks in every possible way. Here we have a guy who showed up in WCW one day, and the powers that were decided "Here's an ex football player, big guy, could become popular...hmm...let's make him win a bunch of matches in a row, make him out to be a hard ass, and make some dead presidents! Who cares if he has any real talent!". Triple H had to work to get to where he is today. He had to take his losses, his crappy early gimmicks, and still has to take naive fans booing him and calling him an asshole every time he walks down that ramp. Goldberg had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Th world of wrestling is much more worse off because of Goldberg, because of his complete lack of talent and carelessness for his fellow superstars. He ended the career of the Legendary Bret Hart, and that is a crime against the fans. Triple H has never done anything (out of character) to bring on the fans' ire, and he needs to get the respect he truly deserves. Thank you, Josh Ronge, for coming out and sticking up for the most entertaining and talented superstar on RAW today.
Brad Dykens says:
Triple H may have pulled out a tremendous personal performance during the first ever elimination chamber match by finishing dispite having his larynx crushed by RVD, but what did that do for the other 5 wrestlers in that match?! Hell, Shawn Michaels WON the damn World title but still we're left with Triple H in the spot light. He has somehow forgotten that he is where he is today particially because Mick Foley put him over in two of the most brutal matches of his career. Ask yourself this, why didn't Triple H engage in a feud with Rob Van Dam after Armageddon 2002...... interesting!

Listen, everybody knows I hate Paul Levesque, but very few of you realize that I was the biggest Triple H fan (except for Jojo in PA) in the world back in 2000. He is an amazing performer, but his actions as a backstage politician are just sick.

One more thing, what has dedication got to do with it? I spend 10 hours a day working on this website (insert 'no life' jokes here) and the rest of the time I'm either thinking of it, or dreaming about it. Why am I not World champion?!?!? As soon as Vince McMahon has another daughter, I tells ya, I'll make my mark on the wrestling world --- ddeeerrrrr....
ntcummin says:
I think I honestly agree with Mr. Ronge. However, his article isn't really a case against Triple H. It disputes common arguments against him, which is good because a lot of these arguments are just plain stupid. That's the truth. However, to call Hunter Hearst Helmsley a great worker is flattery, if not a blatant lie. Yes, the man can work a match. Yes he can wrestle, but he really doesn't show it anymore. He's held the title on and off for years. That's too much. He trades the title to someone else for a week to a month and then takes it right back. I don't know why he gets so much slack. Maybe it's Stephanie, maybe it's Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash being in the back with him. All I know is the man wins with sledgehammers and outside help more than his so-called "finisher," the Pedigree. I can't remember the last time I saw him use it to win a match. I used to love the guy. Back in his DX days and when he returned from his leg injury as a face he was great. The problem isn't a lack of competition. Kane, RVD, Goldberg (I say it OH SO begrudgingly), and a number of other people could be fine champions if Triple H would just step down. He's had the spot light for too long. His character is stale. He doesn't evolve. And he's been responsible for some of the worst fueds in wrestling. The whole Kane/Triple H/Katie Vick thing, the Kane unmasking. Two terrible ideas. Katie Vick was dropped nearly immediately it was so awful. Unfortunately with Kane's unmasking, he can't just go back to his decent gimmick. Kane could have had his new/old monster gimmick with the mask and we wouldn't have had to endure the half-shaved head and the lack of disfigurement. Triple H needs to back away and maybe even let Batista (just as bad as Goldberg in my opinion) or Randy Orton, who should have won the Elimination Chamber match. I don't know why he's still around. I don't know why he's still champ. Goldberg is holding the title for him, I assure you. All I can pray is that somehow Kane or Orton or someone gets the title and is forced to hand it over to Foley or Austin at Wrestlemania. We need a new champion. One with a personality. One the fans can like. Maybe someone new would be nice. Someone who hasn't been in the main event since Hogan was in WCW.
Josh Ronge rebuttle:
You know, you're right. The name of the column was probably a little misleading, but I needed a title for it.

I don't really think you can hold Triple H, or anyone other than the writing team responsible for the Katie Vick angle. From what I've heard, Hunter was against doing it but did it because Vince asked him to.

I agree with you as far as the other champions go. The title really needs some new blood. As I so eloquently stated in my Titles and Title Shots column, Kane would make a very good champion.

As for dropping the belt to Foley or Austin at Wrestlemania goes...well, I'd rather have a champion that can wrestle more than once a year.

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