Why Can't Triple H Fight His Own Battles
February 24, 2004 by Eric Jenkins

At Wrestlemania 20 on March 14 2004, Chris Benoit & Shawn Michaels challenge Triple H for his WWE Raw World Heavyweight Title. With Eddie Guerrero defeating Brock Lesnar for the Smackdown Title, and based on the fact that Hunter needs time off to finish his movie, it is a pretty good bet that someone, probably Chris Benoit will dethrone Hunter and relieve him of his World Title. This is not a problem for me. The problem is the fact that Hunter is once again competing for the title in a match where he is facing multiple opponents.

ECW established a history of contesting matches, particularly with title implications, in elimination style matches where the last man not to be defeated leaves the ring as the winner or the champion. On February 23, 2004, on an episode of Raw, Molly Holly competed in such a match, but was unfortunately eliminated as Victoria survived to win the WWE Women's Title. The WWE has, however, established a history of holding multiple combatant matches for titles, but the difference is that there is only one pin fall and the winner of the match does not actually have to pin the champion to win the title. Triple H is an 8-time champion, which means that he has won the title 8 times and lost it 7, which adds up to 15 match where the title actually changed hands. Of those 15 matches, and I am sure countless more where the title did not change hands, 1/3 of those matches were contested with multiple opponents. What this means is that either Triple H is not made to work very hard in a number of his matches, or he is not allowed to be defeated, especially in matches with seemingly inferior competition.

In contrast to Hunter, The Rock is a 9-time former champion, which means that he has been involved in 18 matches where the title changed hands. Of those 18 matches, only twice has Rocky been involved in matches where there were more than two combatants, and both of those two were victories, which means that all of Rock's 9 losses were in one-on-one situations. The Rock has been defeated on his own 9 times for the WWE title! What does this mean?

It is obvious that Triple H is a huge star in the sport of professional wrestling, but is not The Rock as big a star as Triple H? Then why is Rocky forced to win and lose the title on his own while Hunter seems to have someone else in the ring sharing the workload in many of his matches? Could it be that since he was dating and is now married to the boss's daughter that he gets special privileges? That is very possible. Could it also be that he needs someone to carry him in his matches because since he has bulked up as much as he has he does not have the fluid movement and the stamina that he used to? I doubt this because several of his title matches have been 60-minute matches against true "athlete" like The Rock & Shawn Michaels. So why does he compete in so many of these type of matches?

That question might only be answerable by Vince McMahon and by the creative staff of the WWE. Only they know why they keep booking Triple H in matches where titles are won and lost without the champion suffering the defeat while still trying to pass Triple H off as a dominant World Champion. One thing is for sure, these types of matches with controversial finishes create enough of a stir that it makes it real easy for the writers to create story lines following pay-per-views because if the title changed hands but the champion was not actually defeated, then there is an automatic feud for the next PPV between the new champ and the former champ who never actually lost his title. That is where the problem is for me.

This situation makes things very easy and very convenient for the writers, which keeps them from having to look deep inside to create compelling story lines, the types of story lines that fans of the sport expect and will shell out their hard-earned money to watch each week and each month. That could be an even bigger problem, but for the federation, not for me.

by Eric Jenkins (Wrestling: In Your Face)..

Botmaster4lyfe wrote:
I completely disagree with you about HHH wrestling in three way dances. I beleive that three way dances are a GREAT way to set up storylines. You may think that it's the easy way out for making feuds, but it's effective! Besides, would you like to see another storyline started with a HHH/Kane "Necrophelia" storyline again?

In a three way dance for the title, if the champion loses the title without being pinned, it sets up many potential feuds:

-The former champion vs the new champion, the former champ saying that he was never pinned so should still be the champ.

-the new champion vs the person who got pinned, with the person who got pinned saying that they can't beat them again.

-the former champ vs the person who got pinned, the former champion saying that it's the person who got pinned's falt.

So, I completely disagree with you on what you are saying. I think three way dances are great ways of setting up storylines for the champion.
wakefield warrior wrote:
First of this is such an old issue....but one reason is that HBK was involved with wrestlemaina 20 is that despite Benoits wrestling talent he sucks on the mic....for good wrestling you need good promos...and HBK has both
Manfo44 wrote:
I am sick of everyone hating on Triple H first off, but I will get to that later. I think the reason for the recent three-way title matchups have been because benoit is awful on the mic. Therefore HBK is thrown in to make it more entertaining. Everyone is making Benoit out to be this immortal wrestler also. To be a great wrestler I think you need wrestling skills, but more importantly you need to be great on the mic. Ric Flair, HBK, Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, etc.. all had both. Hogan and Austin could not wrestle well but they were magical on the mic and cut great promos.

On the other hand I do not like world titles to be on the line in a 3 way, 4 way, 89 way match. It takes away from the build-up as one on one, loser goes home match.

And lastly it may have been one of the greatest deciosns in the last 5 or 6 years to have Triple H hold onto the title for that long. The titles in the WWE mean nothing nowadays, I mean Edge and Chritian are like a 37 time tag champion and the Rock is an 8-time world champion. People will look back and say to themselves, " Oh, Edge Christion must have been better champions than the only 2 time WWE Champions LOD, or maybe people will say The Rock has won the title 8 times and that other guy, whats his name?, Randy Savage is a two time WWE champion.

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