Wrestling: In Your Face
Some Random Thoughts from Double E
August 7, 2004 by Eric E. Jenkins

There were some things that I was thinking about and I started writing them down, trying to figure out what they meant. As I continued writing, I still couldn't figure out what they meant, so I just kept writing, hoping that these things would make you think as much as they have for me.

Randy Orton, who just lost the Intercontinental title to Edge, is rumored to win the Raw World Title from Chris Benoit at Summer Slam. Someone tell me why Rob Van Dam signed for another 3 years when he can't seem to sniff a world title?

Edge, as everyone knows, is in the middle of a heel turn. How exactly is Edge going to destroy Evolution if he is in the same locker room as them?

Theodore Long is supposed to be packaged as a face GM on Smackdown. Other than Angle, who else's life is he supposed to make miserable when the fans cheer everyone on the roster?

Orton's title reign is rumored to end at Wrestlemania when he loses the title to Triple H. This would be no problem if not for the next rumor.

Edge's heel turn is supposed to make him so powerful that he replaces Triple H in Evolution. With both Orton & Hunter out of Evolution with future face turns, doesn't that make Edge the leader of nothing?

The Nation of Domination is rumored to be returning featuring Ron Simmons, Rodney Mack and the Cat. In WWE math, 0+0+0=Domination.

Lita is pregnant and Matt Hardy meets Kane in a "Till Death Do Us Part" match, which means that the winner marries Lita. What if the winner is not the baby's father? Even worse, what if the WWE decides to carry the Matt versus Kane feud for nine months?

Vince McMahon is supposedly interested in A.J. Styles & Monte Brown from TNA. These two big fish from the small TNA pond should call another former big fish and ask him about his WWF career.... ROB VAN DAM!

When TNA announced their TV deal with the Fox Sports Networks, there was a rumor that Vince McMahon attempted to end his association with Viacom & Spike TV so that he could strike a deal with Fox. And people thought that I was crazy when I said that the WWF-ECW-TNN situation was not a coincidence.

Theodore Long was made Smackdown GM because Vince likes his personality and microphone skills. I guess Teddy doesn't look good enough in a short skirt to be an effective manager. At least not as effective as Stacy Keibler has been for Rosey.

If the next two Raw World Champions are Randy Orton and then Triple H eight months later, where does this leave Chris Benoit? Since there are plans to trade talent between the shows so that Orton can feud with different people, Maybe Benoit can fight the new Smackdown World Champion, The Undertaker.

Lastly, the members of the wrestling fraternity are said to be upset with individuals who use the Internet to distribute wrestling information. If this is so, then why does each wrestling federation have their own web site?

by Eric E. Jenkins (Wrestling: In Your Face)..

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