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What if Paul Levesque Had Never Come to the WWF?
by Eric Jenkins

A few months ago, someone asked me to imagine what would have happened in the world of professional wrestling if Paul Levesque, the man we know as Triple H, had never come to the World Wrestling Federation. With 3H's recent conversion to a fan favorite, I recalled the question, and I wrote down some thoughts about what the world of wrestling might be like if there had never been a Triple H in the WWF.

If Paul Levesque had never come to the World Wrestling Federation, there may have never been a Sable, because she was introduced as Hunter's arm-piece, and used to allow Hunter to put Marc Mero over. No Hunter means no Sable and possibly no Marc Mero. No Marc Mero means that Ron Simmons might possibly have won the Intercontinental Title in the tournament that saw Mero become champion. That title win might have propelled Simmons to a successful singles career, which might have meant no need for a Nation of Domination or an Acolytes to establish Farooq, the Ron Simmons character. Without the formation of the Nation, there might have been no outlet for The Rock to become what he has become. The Rock would probably have become a star anyway, but without the DX/Nation battles; it might have taken a little longer.

If Hunter had stayed in WCW, then his "squeeze" Joanie Lee Laurer, the woman we have come to know as Chyna, might have had to begin her career in WCW with him, provided he had become something in that federation. She would have been his valet or manager, and would probably have battled Madusa and Mona, which might have allowed WCW to have a potent woman's division, lead by those three women. Jacqueline might also have been inclined to stay in WCW to compete in this division. This would have meant that is wouldn't have been necessary for WCW to disband the Nitro Girls in order to establish a strong woman presence within the federation. With Chyna, Medusa, Mona & Jackie competing against one another regularly, other women stars would have clamored to join WCW.

If Hunter had stayed in WCW, there might have been an opportunity for the artist formerly known as Aldo Montoya to become Justin Credible within the ranks of the WWF, instead of having to venture to ECW. Hunter might have seen an opportunity within the ranks of ECW after seeing his career get stuck on the WCW treadmill, which would have lead to Paul Levesque/Shane Douglas matches in ECW for the title. He might have become the biggest star in ECW, which means that he would have ended up in the WWF anyway.

3H's presence in the WWF is also responsible for making a star out of Stephanie McMahon. Without him in the federation, then the marriage of Stephanie and Test would have come to pass, and Andrew Martin would probably have been a huge star within the WWF. This means that Prince Albert would have fallen farther down the WWF ladder than he has because he would have been at a loss for a credible gimmick after the injury to Darren Drozdov.

A lot has happened since Paul Levesque (his real name) became Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and he is at the center of it all.

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