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Rest in Peace Jack Tunney - by Brad Dykens

This past weekend, the wrestling community lost one of its unsung heros. Jack Tunney was the nephew of Frank Tunney, who was the promoter for the Toronto NWA territory, known as Maple Leaf Wrestling; Frank Tunny ran the office from the 40s all the way to his death in 1984. At which point, his nephew Jack Tunney took over the office duties and he essentially joined forces with Vince McMahon and the WWF, which was in the process of expanding all over the country. Jack Tunney would take over as the head of promotions when the WWF would go on tour in Canada. He was given an on-air roll on the WWF-tv as the figurehead "President" who made all the rules and maintained law & order.

Jack Tunney was 68 years old at the time of his death. RIP

The Undertaker Will Return Soon - by Steven Strother

It is official. The Undertaker is returning to the WWE as The Phenom instead of The American Bad Ass. I don't know when he's returning, but when he does, he's gonna give everybody including Kane a very, very big surprise, and Kane is going to get what he deserves.


Update on Edge aka Adam Copeland - Bethecution

It is official now! Edge is returning to Smackdown AFTER Wrestlemania 20. I really don't think it is fair that WWE brought back Bob (Hardcore) Holly and put him in a main event match with Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble, but won't put Edge in a main event match at Wrestlemania 20. The two of them had the same surgery and have been out of the WWE approximately one year.Wouldn't it be awesome to see Edge's big payoff return at a main eventer at Wrestlemania 20? Yes it would and all of his Edgeheads feel the same way!

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My Weekly Dose of Goldberg-bashing - Brad Dykens

I remember the old days when wrestling was about one thing -- RESPECT! Well, really it was about two things, respect and MONEY! But in order to make money you had to respect the business, and you had to respect your opponents. If you didn't respect the business or your opponents, then you weren't going anywhere in the "sport". Goldberg does not respect the business, Goldberg does NOT respect his opponents, add to that, Goldberg does not respect the fans! Goldberg respects the almighty dollar, and the fans do not like paying hard earned money to watch a guy who doesn't show respect towards what he does. That is why people bitch & complain; because it gets under their skin that a disrespectful little punk like Goldberg gets all these opportunities when talanted wrestlers like Chris Benoit, Ultimo Dragon & Spanky get screwed over time and time again. Does anybody in WWE management really think Goldberg is going to still be in the company after Wrestlemania XX?? Why would they put so much into a wrestler who won't stay with the company for a full year! Everybody knows I hate Goldberg (as a human being) as much as the next guy, but I am man enough to admit that since he's entered the WWE, the quality of the matches he performs in have improved tremendously. And he has learned a few new movies. But his personal attitude will always hold him back from behing a legendary person in the industry.

What's the Deal with Dawn Marie? - Jason Wheatley

After watching Smackdown! last night (January 22nd), I began to wonder, "What's the deal with Dawn Marie?"

For the last few weeks, Dawn has come out before certain matches only to announce stipulations to matches and/or to name an opponent for someone for Smackdown! GM, Paul Heyman. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy looking at Dawn Marie just as much as the next guy, but where is her character going?

It seems to me that its going nowhere. The WWE is seeming to be making Dawn Marie out to be the Stacy Keibler of Smackdown! There is a difference between the two divas, however, Stacy is considered a valet. She accompanies wrestlers to the ring, whereas Dawn Marie stays on the stage near the curtain.

I am starting to get the feeling that the Smackdown! writers are struggling to get Dawn Marie a decent angle to be involved in. Seeing her trying to make passes at Paul Heyman and him not getting a clue, just baffles me. I am sure that if we were talking reality here, every red-blooded male would notice and have some fun with it.

Let's just hope that the writers start to get their creative juices flowing again. Who knows, maybe all this is just going to progress to something down the line, but frankly, I think its taking to much time and is starting to bore me personally. Oh well, I guess that only time will tell.

Just a Short Note - Brad Dykens

I just wanted to make a short statement about something that recently occured in the WWE that just exposes Vince McMahon's ignorance towards his own product's problems. There have been a series of employee meetings backstage before major television tapings, to sort of "pump up" the roster before they go out on TV. It's also meant to be an instructional session to discuss and improve upon themselves. Which I think is great, however, one of the comments made by the Mr. McMahon was to say that wrestlers should study the Shawn Michaels/Triple H match from RAW on December 29, and try to work that style of match. Which is also good, I agree, cause that match was fantastic. HOWEVER, what I do have a problem with is that wrestlers cannot work a 40 minute psychological thriller in the 5 minutes they are usually given on television! And how can you generate some heat without the weeks of buildup that the HHH/HBK match had. I think it's brutally hipocritical to punish your roster when it's your creative team and your own management team that is the problem. I say, pull your suits aside and give THEM a motivational speech, and revamp your system to allow your wrestlers to do what you ask. And then there's another small problem, you've drilled it into your roster for so long that entertaining the crowd is more important than putting on a psychological contest in the ring. I'd go as far as to say that half the roster has no clue how to do such a thing!

They Should Get Rid Of The Brand Extension
- Steven Strother

I think they should get rid of the Brand Extension because all of the good wrestlers are on Monday Night RAW. The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg, Triple H, Ric Flair, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Dudley Boyz, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner, Kane, Kevin Nash. SmackDown! just have a few good wrestlers. Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Hardcore Holly, Brock Lesnar, Rhyno, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Eddie Guerrero. The WWE should bring back Scott Hall & X-Pac so The Kliq can be reformed.

Update on Edge aka Adam Copeland - Bethecution

There have been many rumors floating around the Internet lately that Edge will be starring in the NEW BATMAN MOVIE. Although it is just a rumor, Edge comments he wishes he was playing the role of EGGHEAD, as it is one of his dreams to become an actor. Well Edgheads, even if he didn't get his "fantasy role", Dr. Newblood has cleared him to come back to WWE to grace the squared circle once again! It is said that he will return to Raw as a heel and will be fueding with his storyline brother Christian. Word has it ,Edgeheads, that he will also be seen at Wrestlemania 20 in March 2004! Edge, now, is in extensive training in the OVW(Ohio Valley Wrestling) and has gained 5 pounds, now weighing in at 245 lbs. For the last 8 months, Edge has been working on his new book, which will be out late 2004 in bookstores and sold at . He has also been attending concerts and hockey games. Edge resides with his wife in Tampa Florida. There also has been rumors that Edge will or has cut his hair short. For all the ladies out there, Edge's hair stylist is none other than his wife Alanah, who has only trimmed 2 inches of his blonde locks. So don't worry Edgeheads, it doesn't take long to grow back! LOL

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I'm a Goldberg Fan - Chris Halls

You guys have a great site....I love it...but I've notice alot of people around there don't like Goldberg....I know he isn't the best and he "ended" Bret Hart's career so he says. Goldberg can't be the only people to throw fits backstage....I've read alot of other people do it as well when they don't like what's happening....Austin, Taker, Triple H and so on. The weird thing is those 3 gets World Titles while Goldberg gets slapped on the wrist and gets made to look weak. Goldberg isn't the best and he never will be but his gimmick is for him not to sale what he does.....getting jumped beat with weapons and so on that's his gimmick not to sale that shit. Undertaker & Kane use to do that shit.....get beat with chairs...etc and set right back up like 10 seconds later.

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