Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 01/2005
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

TNA by Joseph Salinas

WWE is a company with a lot of money. All of you stupid WWE fans should be thankful that Vince McMahon has a lot of money. If TNA was on the mainstream media and touring half way around the world, then TNA would probably be the show everyone would be watching. It seems that WWE fans are even ashamed to go ahead and pay for their own companys PPVs because WWE is struggling to get buys. Although I have to admit due to uneducated fans being attracted by the big fancy elimination chamber, WWE got many buys for New Year's Revolution. New Year's Revolution was a one match show. People paid $35 for one match. TNA doesn't do that to their fans. TNA doesn't make fans pay $35 for one high profile match. TNA charges $30 for a million more times the action. On a WWE PPV, you have to sit through 2 hours of sickening "wrestling" until the main event, which sometimes isn't that good. TNA has great matches overall and TNA wrestlers have more balls than any WWE wrestlers would ever have. Unless you consider Mick Foley a WWE wrestler. WWE has no more entertainers anymore. HHH always holds the World Heavyweight Title and retains in crappy matches. I know what most of you are going to say: "Hasn't Jeff Jarrett held the NWA Title for 7 months?" The answer is "yes." Jeff Jarrett has held the NWA Title for 7 months. But you have to understand that Jarrett still has good matches and you put Double J in a match with Triple H and I guarentee you that Jarrett carries the match. The only good performers left in WWE are Benoit, Jericho, RVD, and Paul London. Who's idea was it to give JBL the f***ing WWE Title? That is the worst idea i've ever heard. The only thing that would be worse would be if JBL was in the main event at WrestleMania. All in all, it seems many people are interested in seeing a former steroid user's company and his former steroid using son in law as World Heavyweight Champion and defending that title in the worst matches in years than watch the X-Division and the competitiveness of the Tag Team and Heavyweight Division. But before I go, I just want all of you to remember what happened in 2001, ECW went bankrupt and Vince bought WCW and the wrestling world was never the same. I don't mean that in a good way. And all I have to say is that the wrestling world needs competition because other than that, we are all Vince's bitches. The wrestling world needs a WCW or ECW of the new generation.

The Greedy and the Hard Working
by Stephen Collins

It was really quite annoying to find that Triple H had won the elimination chamber match at New Years Revolution. It p***** me off even more to learn that once again the Cerebral assassin has cheated at his own game (pun intended). Unlike the Rock (who is not a sell-out!) who worked hard to win his seven WWE/WWF world titles, the “game” has to screw his opponents all the time, or wrestle in matches that allow outside interference or the use of weapons. Why should the Game be world champion when there are people like Kane, Edge, Benoit, Jericho, RVD and Batista who actually deserve to win this title. Let's use Kane as an example. He last won the world title in 1998, and then lost it the night after. Since then he's been regulated to winning the tag titles god knows how many times. Every time he's challenged for the world title he's been beaten. At Backlash 2001 he had a great opportunity, but good old Vinnie Mac comes along and spoils everything. He gets eliminated from the rumble each year. For a guy who's the Undertaker's brother it's actually upsetting to know that he only won one world title.

We've gone back to the days when Hulk Hogan would win the title and hold it for years on end while people like the Ultimate Warrior and Bret Hart were put in the backseat. Andre the Giant won one world title in his whole career. He deserved more than one considering his character, and when he did win the title, he forfeited his belt the same night. Batista has been regulated to being Evolutions lap dog and Edge gets screwed by Shawn Michael's in the match where he could have won the world title. Goldberg should have had at least 2 title reigns, as he is somebody who doesn't have to cheat to win. At this rate the WWE writing team is gonna kill off their own product. Triple H is the greediest piece of crap since Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.

TNA VS WWE - A Familiar war? -- by Tyler Shefer

Us wrestling fans can never forget the Monday Night War when the old WCW was going nose to nose with WWE(F) over ratings on Monday nights. When the WWE(F) was the winner we all thought WWE was the top the number 1 or did we. People knew that a new promotion was bound to come in and go nose to nose with Vince McMahon again. We had all our indy promotions and we had a old major promotion who was top until ratings were important. The NWA was still kicking with it's 50+ promotions all over the USA. Until Jerry and Jeff Jarrett came up with a brain child to some how hopefully take out Vinnie Mac. That child was TNA. Total Nonstop Action was a PPV fueled force running on fresh new indy stars. WWE was kicking back and relaxing watching TNA produce new stars and thought TNA wasn't a threat. But on June, 9th, 2002 TNA held it's first PPV and had Ken Shamrock a WWE alumni come in and win the NWA title from The Wall (Malice). They put on a great show that had a clash of styles ( no pun intended). From then to now the 2 companies battle still on weekly shows hoping that one will call it quits and just "give up" on the enemy. We haven't seen that yet but believe me the TNA VS WWE saga will get better by the superstar.

El Paso Texas December 29th -- by Tuesday

RAW puts on a great show. They have good energy towards everyone. Their techniques are bad ass. They all have pretty good acting skills. Stacy Keibler and Christy Hemme are good to their fans and always look good. Lita and Trish are great women's wrestlers of today.They are constant and Lita is always pulling risky moves but makes them look easy as well as she does it, Lita rocks.Randy Orton is very charismatic and is exciting to see whether wrestling or just talking, He's got very seductive looks, and what girl isn't driven crazy by that sort of trait? Chris Benoit and Batista both are very agressive, Chris Benoit is rabid with what he does, and is a great wrestler,and perfects the crossface and sharpshooter, Batista does well on being dominant, and making every move powerful. Chris Jericho is very tech with his skills and athleticism. He's always a good show. Edge is questionable as best.Shelton Benjamin is athletic and proves himself well, though his match was more about Kane and Snitsky, he's still a good champ. Kane is self explanatory. Snitsky doesn't really have anything good for show. Triple H is always a good bad guy whether you like him or not. Rhyno is always agressive and very persistent to gore you. Simon Dean, who the hell gave this guy a part or his character? Mohammad Hassan, I'm not sure what I could say. Tajiri is very strange but he has his part and it fits. Hurricane's hair is somewhat distracting at times. My opinion on him is somewhat neutral. Val Venis is a wrestler/pornstar. What else is there to say? William Regal and Eugene aren't so much in the storyline but eugene is unpredicatble with what move he may do from any random legend wrestler, and Regal just goes long back. Christian and Tyson Tomko are good villians and at times can be interesting. But not when they're getting punked by Eugene. Overall I really enjoyed my WWE experience in El Paso and can't wait to see another live RAW event.

Sean O'Haire, The Savior of the WWE? -- by Vitamin Z, AKA, Zac Muller

I'm 17 years old and I have been watching wrestling ever since I could remember. I've seen my fair share of wrestlers come and go without even thinking twice about it. That all changed though. About a year ago WWE released a great superstar in Sean O'Haire and I truly believe this is the biggest mistake of Vince McMahon's life (yes, even greater than the XFL) You may wonder why I am marking out for O'Haire so much and I have only one reason...he is a true talent. When he appeared on Smackdown with his "devil's advocate" type gimmick, I thought it was great. I thought the character could truly be the next big thing. Then McMahon hooked him up with Roddy Pipper. It took away some of his singles credibility, but make no buts about it, it sure gave him more TV time. During his run with Piper, he got wins over Rikishi, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and even Hulk Hogan. Then Roddy Pipper was released by WWE. That was the beginning of the end for O'Haire. He slowly plummeted to facing countless jobbers on Velocity until he was eventually kept off TV all together and then fired. I beleive all McMahon had to do to make this guy a huge success is have him beat a legitimate opponent to win the US belt (Big Show) If he would of cleanly beaten Big Show for a prestigious title, the fans would have excepted him. If only Vince would have had patience, but instead he had to waste a talent with endless possibilities.

Your Title Here -- by Ditto- The one Diva rebellion

This past year, we've seen a lot of new wrestlers, and so much wasted talent. WWE is getting so many wrestlers, they are starting not to be able to use them all. And, so much of this talent is being wasted because WWE is getting big time killers like the Quarter Million Dollar RAW Diva Search. I think we can all remember Vince's firing spree, getting rid of people like Jamie Noble, Johnny Stambolli and a handful of other guys. And for what? To hire a bunch of girls who have breast implants, glued on smiles and think WWE is just one big slumber party? Bad move, Vince. These girls don't need to have any training, take any bumps or even learn the names of any wrestling moves (which I'm sure little of them could name.) All they need to do is throw up after they eat, go out in a bikini and shake what they bought.... 'Scuze me, got. And now, even after this shenanigan is over, they still waste our time with things like pillow fights and bikini contests. Recently, the bimbo's have spread to Smackdown! Why hire them if they lost? Hire the winner, teach her the basics at least, then let her fend for herself. I read stories about people like Amy Dumas (Lita) who busted her ass to get everything she got now. And these air heads with no wrestling skills who would probably tell you the ring is in the shape of a triangle get easy street? I know the buisness has to have its entertainment time and sex appeal, but is that much neccessary? We have Stacy for RAW and pretty much every Smackdown! Diva (who all at least try to put on a real match every once in a while.) WWE should find a wiser way to spend its time. Their are too many superstars who don't get the time they deserve, people like Rene Dupree, Billy Kidman, The Super Heroes and plenty more. You might no agree with me now, but how are they ever going to learn to put on a match that draws our attention if they never even get a chance? My advice; fire the Divas before they take over. Soon, we're going to have no women wrestlers anymore, like Lita, Trish, Molly Holly, Victoria and everyone else who actually has talent and all that will be left is a handful of bimbos in bikinis, taking up more time than The Rock himself.

PS: Christie gives a bad name to red heads.

The Bext Big Thing: Luther Reigns -- by Rhey Higgins

If theres one peson in the business who could easily become another Brock Lesnar, it's gotta' be Luther Reigns. He's got everything he needs to make it to the top: He's got size, he's got strength, he's got athletic abilities, he's got wresling skills, he's from Arizona, and he's got an awesome move set (including his one-armed spinebuster and his Testdrive-esque finisher). Under he tutelage of Kurt Angle, he can only go so far, though, as the WWE title would be unavailable to him if Kurt is holding it and, although he's nowhere near ready for that yet, it would still end up being a hindrace in the long run, as it would probably end up as another Evolution/Randy Orton storyline. To make him a credible competitor, they need to have him win the US Title after splitting from Kurt (taking it from the "dominant" champ Cena would give him both credibility and heel heat, especially if he did in on his own), and use that as a springboard to eventually gain the WWE Championship, mabey by late 2006. The only thing I see stopping him from his eventual reign as WWE champ is...the bookers. I can easily see them pull another Test and keep another very talented wrestler from ever winning The Big One...I can only hope they choose the other path with Luther and eventually push him to the top of the WWE mountain.

Is HHH one of the Greatest Champions Of All Time? -- by Leslie "lezlethal" D.

I heard Bishoff call him one of the greatest world champs tonight on Raw and it just didn't sound right. ----- First off i'm not a HHH basher. I think he is the most legit champ that they have right now, but i wouldn't say that he has made is mark as one of the greatest.

a: He is champ during a time when business is way down. True it is not his fault but tell that to Kevin Nash. Wrestling as a whole is not very exciting so HHH's title reigns have not been that interesting. I would say that JBL is a more established Champ at this point, because of the fact that it is not a given that JBL will be the champ again once he drops it. JBL's feud with Eddie was classic no matter what you think of the guy.

b: He is not a losing champion. I think the main thing that made Flair one of the greatest champs is that he wasn't afraid to do the job to a lesser known guy. Many of Flairs championship matches were very emotional because you never knew if he was going to drop it of not. No matter who he was facing. Same with the Rock. He would lose more than he would win but when he did win it meant something. HHH is using a page out of Hogan's 80's play book where if he loses it means something. That may work if HHH was a face but as a heel it leaves the fans with a bad taste at the end of the night. Wasn't HHH the first heel ever to go over at the Mania main event?

c: No competition. HHH has been fed the best in the business and he has beaten them all...Kind of. By the time HHH's big blow off matches with these guys came around most of them had been booked so badly that they didn't even seem to be in the same league as the guy. Booker T, RVD, Orton, Steiner...ect. What should have been classics for HHH are just good PPV matches. I may be mistaken but HHH hasn't really hasn't had a mat classic since Foley. Excluding HBK. He is the only one that can beat HHH at any time.

This is just what I think. Maybe HHH has been given too much of a push storyline wise and it had really hurt his character.

venting on vince -- by Anthony Mcmullen

You talk about letting power get to your head or something like that, well your one of them. Look, you obtusely think that every fan is at fault minus yourself. what makes you so much better than everyone else. why don't you answer me that, as I really would like to know why you are such a prima-Donna that I'd love to punch in the face.


WrestleMania has always been a huge event. No matter how bad the worst match on the card is, it's never bad enough. Every match attracts some crowd. Some people like scantilly clad Divas offering a lot of eye candy. Some like the action of Cruiserweights, performing moves that most people could only dream of doing. Others love brutal matches that text a wrestler's bravery, stamina, and testicular fortitude. Matches like cage, hardcore, Last Man Standing, and Hell In A Cell. And there are still others that just like a regular 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 match. No stipulations, just pure wrestling action. WrestleMania, more than any other event, brings together all those to sell out stadiums, get huge buyrates, and further the careers of wrestlers. Those who compete at WrestleMania, from the opener to the Main Event are changed. Years ago, wrestling crowds were specifically instructed to cheer the faces and boo the heels. But everyone who performs at WrestleMania, faces and heels alike, do so well there that it's impossible not to cheer them. WrestleMania moments have also been very emotional. At WrestleMania 14, people saw Shawn Michaels wrestle his last match in 4 years. At WrestleMania 2000, family bonds proved to be stronger than anything else. At WrestleMania X-7, I know people who cried (or almost did) when, after years of defiance, Stone Cold Steve Austin joined up with his arch-rival, Vince McMahon. At WrestleMania XIX, when Brock Lesnar missed that Shooting Star Press, it was a collective Oh My God. And at WrestleMania XX, everyone saw Chris Benoit's 18 Year quest for the World Title be completed. Sure, there have been other emotional moments in wrestling, but none (with the exception of Owen's tragic fall at Over The Edge and possibly Bret being screwed out of the title at Survivor Series 1997) can really compare to WrestleMania. For the first time since the final 4 matches at WrestleMania 2 back in 1986, eminating from the Sports Arena, WrestleMania comes back to Los Angeles, this time at Staples Center for WrestleMania 21 on April 3, 2005. And I'll be there. And so me, as I'm sure other people are wodnering, what emotional moments will happen. It seems like it is becoming the era of WWE newbies. Randy Orton is was World Heavyweight Champion. Cena is also getting a major push. Gene Snitsky is beating a veteran like Kane. Undertaker is stooping low to feud with Heidenreich. It's it's also becoming the era of undeserved title reigns. Randy Orton wins the World Heavyweight Title. Especially from Chris Benoit. Randy Orton did not deserve to pin Benoit clean for the title. And Triple H may have deserved 5 title reigns. But not 9 or 10, which it looks like it's gonna happen. And JBL. People call him one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time. Why? His finisher is an over-hyped clothesline and powerbomb. He was not over enough to get the title, and he still isn't. And he's beating guys like Undertaker, Eddie, Booker, and Angle. He's had the title for 6 months. But that's beside the point. Well, mostly. Except for one thing. With all this, there seems small chance of such emotional events, especially in the Main Event, as WrestleMania is known for. But WWE has been able to pull throuigh before. They can do it again. They can have an unexpected face or heel turn. Completely unexpected. Or induct someone like Bret Hart into the Hall of Fame. Or even have Undertaker lose. That would be emotional just because there are so many people who are loyal fans of the Undertaker. And they can rest almost assured that Undertaker will win at WrestleMania. But if they have him lose, it would be emotional. Especially if he gets his heat back by destroying everything or something else that will make it seem like he really hates losing at WrestleMania. And inducting Bret Hart into the Hall of Fame. Well, the actual ceremony will be held the day before WrestleMania 21 at the Universal Ampitheater. But the inductees make an appearance at WrestleMania. And Bret Hart, coming back to WWE for just one more time, would personally make me cry tears of jo

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