Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 02/2004
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

African American World Champions - Demetrius Long

Ron Simmons, The Rock, and Booker T, that is the short list of black World wrestling champions. (There may be some I don't know about) As a black male wrestling fan it's kind of discouraging. The first thing you think is racism. Then you look and see the fact that most black wrestlers aren't marketable as main eventers. Numerous black wrestlers have been given the hip hop gimmick and has little amount of success, John Cena gets it and has had a huge amount of success with it. Many internet fans believe he will be a future world champion. Well, with The Rock off making movies and Booker T stuck in the mid card, my only hope for the future is Shelton Benjamin or Orlando Jordan. Only time will tell.

Bill Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar with referee Stone Cold?
- by Kcirtap1990

Now I dislike both Lesnar and Goldberg so I am writing this equal for both. They are pretty evenly matched, and they both have a good amount of wins under there belts. But with Steve Austin as the Special Referee then we are all pretty sure who is going to win, Goldberg. Which over all disappoints me because we already know who is going to win, unless something unthinkable happens. Either way it will be a good long match but I still don't like the idea. I hope this rumor isn't true or the match won't be worthy of Wrestle Mania.

Read This, and HAD to Comment - by Brad Dykens

I read this on the Slam!Wrestling website; Hulk Hogan told Bill Apter quote,
"I am not saying it will or will not happen. All I will say is that if I am not at WrestleMania XX this is a perfect example of what is wrong with the very heart of the wrestling business."

Three words come to mind.... OHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!!!

Hulk Hogan... wait.. Terry.... PLEASE, I beg you, take your oversized head OUT of your tightly sealed ass for a moment and listen to me when I say this. YOU ARE OVER, and I don't mean over with the fans, I mean YOU'RE THROUGH! You no longer have drawing power, and nobody wants to work with you because you're a prick! What's WRONG with the wrestling business? What's WRONG is that promoters keep thinking that YOU'RE THE GODDAMN ANSWER to their problems. Why would ANYBODY want to bring you into a company, when you can't even have ONE match without injuring yourself. You think you should be NWA World champion? You can't even perform once a year, let alone once a week. God bless TNA, but they were complete idiots for putting all their eggs in your basket. You screwed them! And even if you did follow through on your word (which is worth about as much as a bottle of monkey urine), you wouldn't have done an once of good! I know Vince McMahon is going to crumble, and probably bring you in for Wrestlemania XX anyway, thinking you're the answer to his problems AGAIN; Even though he has a roster full of wrestlers who he personally calls "Superstars". And if I happen to buy the pay per view to see Eddie Guerrero wrestle, then you're still going to tell everybody that I bought it to see YOU--- BULLSHIT! In fact, if you're on the Wrestlemania XX card, then I WILL NOT buy the pay per view! And when the buyrate is a few points below expectations, you'll speak up and say, "oh brother, the rest of the crew didn't perform up to par, brother" SCREW YOU HULK HOGAN, you haven't been a draw since 199-frickin-1, and even then you had to use the GULF WAR to get cheap pops. I don't allow prophanity on this website, but today I am going to make an exception... FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

Eddie Guerrero - Finally! - by LeeRoyAshy

Finally! This is the only word that comes to mind after watching Smackdown! here in the UK! Smackdown! is by far my favourite brand, and bit by bit it is being killed! I thought that Shannon Moore, who happens to be my favourite wrestler, being jobbed week after week to mainstays like Big Show and future stars Matt Morgan was not fair. But he needs to be pushed. He, along with superstars such as Johnny Stamboli, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Shelton Benjamin and John Cena. Not one of those are getting the acknowledgement they deserve. Even Chris Benoit leaving to go to RAW wound me up like a clock, and the way things are going, Smackdown! can hope to say goodbye to The Undertaker, with the Kane scenario. So what does WWE have left for Smackdown!? Kurt Angle? Well, I am happy, no, ecstatic to see that Eddie Gurrero, a man who has worked his ass off for whatever promotion he has been involved in, to finally get the push he deserves! And what now for Eddie? More than likely he will get jobbed at No Way Out to this overrated, steroid abusing fool we see parading the World Title like he is Shawn Michaels after facing the 60 minute Iron Man Match with Bret Hart at Wrestlemania. Personally, Brock Lesnar, is nothing but an overrated joke, and I am hoping that Vince McMahon can see past the length of HHH's nose, and drop Lesnar's title from him, and give it to someone as deserving as one ..... EDDIE GURRERO!!

Rest in Peace Jack Tunney - by Brad Dykens

This past weekend, the wrestling community lost one of its unsung heros. Jack Tunney was the nephew of Frank Tunney, who was the promoter for the Toronto NWA territory, known as Maple Leaf Wrestling; Frank Tunny ran the office from the 40s all the way to his death in 1984. At which point, his nephew Jack Tunney took over the office duties and he essentially joined forces with Vince McMahon and the WWF, which was in the process of expanding all over the country. Jack Tunney would take over as the head of promotions when the WWF would go on tour in Canada. He was given an on-air roll on the WWF-tv as the figurehead "President" who made all the rules and maintained law & order.

Jack Tunney was 68 years old at the time of his death. RIP

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