Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 03/2004
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

Some problems I Want to B!tch About -- by DA_KLIQ

Guys like Guerrero will never have clear shot wins in wwe, it is corrupt and its Vince's mind that's at the centre of it . All he wants are massive guys like HHH and Batista he will never have the appreciation for true technical wrestling its the way he will always be. Another problem with Vince is he doesn't know what he has and he has become lazy the only reason Heyman and EB are on his payroll is because he couldn't bear for somebody else to buy them up and put him out if business. From what I can see its not the talent that has become stale its Vince himself, I recon that if Shane were to ever prise WWE from his fathers hands there could be a different product on our screen every week. WWE should utilize what it has, possibly the greatest minds in wrestling and put together Heyman and EB would be unstoppable but Vince has lost his passion and is now like a defenseless old man in a wheelchair he is blinded by money, his own laziness and our good friends..

Smackdown needs change -- by XtremeFalls43

Smackdown is said to be the better brand of the WWE, sure the wrestling is better i give u that. The Locker room is better that is true probley. The main Problem with Smackdown is there is no content to that show. there 1st main problem is the fact that they repeat there same matches week by week, we saw Haas and Benjamin vs Eddie and Chavo like a hundred times in the last year ok i'm bored of the damn Match, and the title it was Lesnar vs. Angle thank god eddie won it to put some life back into the title. THe Heavyweight Divisoin needs some major help and the tag team division needs some help to Too cool is ok and the Bashams help but i wanna see longer title reigns like more than a month. I know Triple H is annoying on Raw but hell if he was on Smackdown it bet better it is at least a man goin for the title. the lightweight wrestlers are cool but they can't keep giving Rey the belt every 3 months then its gets stale to, Big show needs something to do than be Lesnars Butt buddy i mean damn find something other than goin on an endless fued with Cena, and Heymen has been killed thanks to Lesnar, he really isn't doin anything anymore. Just to say something on Lesnar and Goldberg Leaving, Well yeah you lose to of ur biggest Ego's in the WWE, Goldberg isn't worth what they say he is, when he took the title from Triple H at first that was cool, then he wasn't used and Lesnar i havne't like sense he won the title 2 years into his career, you can tell Lesnar was full of him self he was killing Smackdown anywayz..

R.I.P. Hercules Hernandez -- by Brad Dykens

March 6, 2004 marked the passing of one of many unsung heros of pro wrestlings past. Ray Fernandez, better known in the wrestling world as Hercules Hernandez, was found dead at his home in Tampa, FL -- he was just 45. Hercules started his career working for Bill Watts' Mid-South promotion, working under a mask as Mr. Wrestling III, before being unmasked by "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan! Hercules worked in Florida, Mid-Atlantic (as Assassin #2) & World Glass before signing with the WWF, which was a rocket ship just starting to take off. Hercules had memorable bouts with some of wrestling's top stars at Wrestlemanias; Such as Ricky Steamboat (WM2), Billy Jack Haynes (WM3), Ultimate Warrior (WM4), Haku (WM5), Earthquake (WM6), and then formed a formatable tag team with Paul Roma, known as "Power & Glory".. Hercules would later travel to New Japan Pro Wrestling to team with Scott Norton as the Jurrasic Powers, and feud with the Steiners and Hellraisers (Hawk & Kensuki Sasake).. Hercules also had a little known stint in WCW under a mask, going by Super Invader.. When I was a kid, as much as I tried to obey the rules and cheer for the good guys and boo the bad guys, I was also a huge fan of Hercules, and it's with great sadness that I say goodbye to one of my heros.. Rest in Peace.....

Update on Edge - Beth a.k.a. wwe_bethecution

I happened to have tuned in to a segment on "Byte This" on Thursday afternoon and heard an interview with none other than Edge aka Adam Copeland on how his book was coming along and if he was going to make his entry on Raw or Smackdown. Edge commented that his book will be out November of 2004 and that he didn't know whether he'd be on Raw or Smackdown but said that he would go wherever he was needed most. Edge also mentioned about doing at least one more "Edgeucation" column on as a farewell to his column writing. Edge also spoke about his trip to India and his views on the culture there. He said he'd like to go back. When asked about how he felt about Eddie's win at the last Pay Per View ,Edge said he was at Hooter's watching the PPV and was happy that Eddie won the WWE Championship. Edge says it's his goal to come back to WWE and eventually hold the WWE Championship belt, saying he has at least five or six good years left as a pro wrestler. He feels good about Backlash being held in Edmunton ,Canada and says he may attend to watch Chris Benoit win the World Title there. Let's just hope Chris wins. LOL As the interview with Edge continued, a person called in asking Edge if he was ever going to tag up with Christian when he makes his return. Edge's comments were that he would rather be solo and that Christian is doing well alone as well and that in the future the "tag-up" would be possible.

Edge is still in OVW training for his return to the squared circle..but now is suffering a set back once again. He injured his left foot tearing ligaments and tendons and is wearing a walking cast for two to three weeks. He will not be making his return until late March. Edge, we miss you! Get well soon!

As Edge would say, thank you for joining us and you have just been Edgeucated!!!!!

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