Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 03/2005
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

The State Of TNA -- by Christopher Briggs

I am writing this because I think TNA Wrestling has really gotten better over the past few months.

1. The roster is steady and now has some depth to it. The roster used to have new guys every week and the NWA Championship picture is now clear, consisting of main eventers such has Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown, Kevin Nash, and Diamond Dallas Page. The mid-card battles are also great at the upcoming pay-per-view, Lockdown. Bobby Rude vs. Dustin Rhodes, Abyss and A.J. Styles are starting another feud. Other good mid-card guys are Sonny Siaki. 3lk, Johnny B. Badd, Apollo, Chris Candido, The Naturals and others.

2. The X Division though the division has suffered the recent departures of Frankie Kazarian, Alex Shelley, Sonjay Dutt, Red, and Psicossis. But the division is still good and with The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels as the champion it's only bound to get better. The upcoming feud between the X Division Champ and Elix Skipper is going to be interesting because these guys are former NWA tag team champions. Also a Jerrele Clark push couldn't hurt and when Jerry Lynn returns, a series of matches between him and The Fallen Angel for the title would be awesome.

3. The big names. The big names in TNA are really helping the promotion. They have all three outsiders [Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman], Jeff Jarrett, The Outlaw [Billy Gunn], Diamond Dallas Page, Dustin Rhodes, Jeff Hardy and others are really great. Now that TNA has a cable deal [not a good one but a cable deal] they have to get better.

Living Legacy: All Eyes On Flair -- by Daniel S. Garcia

For years he has made the ring his second home. Too often people make light of his age and physique. Yes he's older than most pro-wrestlers and yes he isn't exactly in awesome shape. But that's not what this column is about. It's about why his inevitable retirement will be a big deal for myself and countless others.

I wasn't fortunate enough to see his entire career unfold but a wealth of people did. He wasn't just a bad guy, he was THE bad guy. But this was way before arenas of people bellowed 'Wooooo' when someone delivers a knife-edge chop. This was way before he was known as 'Natch', Triple H's right-hand man and mentor.

Ric Flair was probably one of the most hated competitors in all of wrestling. He did so by getting into the heads of all the fans who watched his matches. Not many people could identify with his signature lifestyle so he shoved it down their throats. At times his tactics were so reprehensible, you could see the dirt in his blood.

He was never a huge, powerful man or a lightning quick high flyer. What he lacked in size and speed he made up with dazzling word play on the microphone. Night after night he carried the load of being the top superstar around. He travelled from territory to territory and bounced back from injuries and personal turmoil.

Not only did he influence a generation of aspiring wrestlers, he is perhaps the most charismatic champion ever. I suppose one could argue the significance of his later title reigns but you cannot dispute the quality of his legacy. If the 'Nature Boy' would rather die in the ring then retire I would be behind him 100 percent.

So what if you can telegraph every move a mile away? So what if you know that after a series of striking attacks that he will flop to the mat? I hope that people take advantage and enjoy this world-class performer while they still can. As far as I'm concerned, no one makes predictability more entertaining than Ric Flair.

What To Do With HHH After WrestleMania -- by Vince Plowman

m not going to lie. I strongly dislike the current HHH character. You can't have a heel at the main event level who is both fearless and dominant. It just doesn't work. You can't have an effective heel with both those qualities. Take for example two of the greatest top draw heel characters in the business ever: Ric Flair and yes, Triple H....back in 1999. Back in the NWA days Flair always had the title. He was flamboyant and cocky but when it came time to step in the ring, he'd cower behind the Horsemen. He'd get the crap kicked out of him and be on his hands and knees begging for mercy. Flair would be inches from losing the title but would always weasel his way out. Flair was a mega heel who had that perfect balance of dominance but fear for his opponent. Now lets take Triple H, 1999-2000. Here was a guy who was destined for greatness, but very few recognized it. He was convinced that he was 'that damn good' and wasn't part of the game; he was 'The Game'. Hunter was a hungry young buck who believed his own hype so much that as a fan you were convinced that the man was fearless and would do anything to reach the top. And he did. But he quickly lost the title twice in '99. And his lack of dominance made him even more despised by fans because it only made him more angry, more hungry and more intense. He was the perfect combination of a fearless main event heel who wasn't too domineering.

The HHH we have now is one of the sorriest, most tired top draw heels in the history of pro-wrestling. He's a weak draw and the WWE is better off with a new heel at the top. But HHH the politician and smartest man in pro-wrestling that he is, has somehow systematically destroyed the chances of any heel even coming close to taking his spot. The only guy who really comes close is Edge. He has all the right pieces to do what HHH did in 1999. That's what I'm hoping the writers will come up with by SummerSlam. As for Hunter, after a series of rematches against Batista after WM, I hope HHH strictly takes part in a upper mid-card feud. Maybe against Y2J or Shelton Benjamin. HHH has generally always been a fearless heel and his best work is typically reflected as one. HHH needs to stay away from the world title scene for a while. Ultimately, I'd like to see him do what he did in 1999 all over again by 2006.

Thank god for my remote -- by L.Washburn

W.W.E. has become a boring, boring rash of interviews from H.H.H.,Curt Engle, and others.Who cares what their record is, or how good they think they are? It is getting worse from week to week, and should be kept to a minimum.This goes on so that they don't have to have more than a few 5 minute matches in a half hour.It goes on and on. Now, I just switch channels immediately, as soon as they start pontificating.

Some wrestlers need new routines.Falling on ones face, and getting a pre-arranged body slam is getting repetitiously old. The T.V. fan base has got to be declining, which will in turn, eventually effect their arena crowd attendance. If I think this way, there must be thousands of other, soon to be gone,wrestling fans that have my opinion..I think they need an all-inclusive meeting to reevaluate new ideas.It is too bad we can't bring back the "Mad Dog". At least he was very entertaining, and brought a smile to my face. When I hear changes have been made, I may return to W.W.E.

A young view on the wwe -- by Anne

I just wanted to say , why is it that the wwe are happy to spend loads of money hiring women to be nothing but eye candy, but not to be serious wrestlers.

It's just so unfair the women are almost always credited on there beauty other than there talents in the ring, and the men are always nearly credited on there talents in the ring.

I've been watching wwe since I was about 6 now I'm 14 and have a mind of my own I see its always been the same. I'm not saying I'm going to stop watching wwe as I enjoy it but wwe need to create more 'serious' opportunities for the women and acknowledge there are women viewers, who want to see women wrestlers rise up the ranks to. I was shocked to hear Stephanie McMahon say she thinks the wwe doesn't degrade women at all, even more shocked to hear she's involved in writing scripts, I doesn't seem that way to me.

It's nice to see girls like Christy Hemme wanting to get serious and working hard to, other than just doing nothing but walking round in bikinis shooting out T-shirts to the crowd.

And even though she doesn't often wrestle its nice to see even divas like Stacey Kiebler are willing to take a beating now again to prove they can get in the ring and wrestle if they wanted to.

It's just a shame we don't have as many Jazz's or Chyna's anymore.

BUDDY ROGERS -- by Jay Crosby

"When it's too hot for everybody else, it's just right for Buddy Rogers!"

I wish I could recall the details of one of the greatest Buddy Rogers stories, but the essence of it went something like this:

The Champ, long since retired, was in a coffee shop one day, sitting at the counter enjoying a cup, when in walks some young loudmouth. This young fella, who thought he was tough, (actually, he was drunk) was cussing and swearing and generally making a fool of himself. Moreover, he was disturbing the clientele.

So, Buddy turned around in his seat and said, "Hey! Shut up!"

The offender foolishly (!) said something along the lines of, "Yeah? What are YOU gonna do about it, old man?"

Whereupon the Champ got up, picked the guy up and hurled him into a cigarette machine. By that time the police had arrived. They instantly recognized Buddy and asked, "What happened, Champ?"

To which Buddy Rogers responded, "Aw, he called me an old man and it pissed me off."

True story I'm told. A little light on specifics, but a true story.

WWE Crusier Division and What it Needs -- by Joe Joe

As all of you may have noticed, the WWE crusier division has never been that good. Especially compared to those from WCW, TNA, and Japan. There many things WWE could do to make their crusier division better and more comparable to those from WCW, TNA, and Japan. Such things are making the crusier division seem more midcard, utilizing more people who could fit into the crusier division, etc.

There are many wrestlers in WWE who aren't wrestling as crusiers, but easily could. Such people as RVD(who could repeat the Matt Hardy storyline from early 2003), Simon Dean with his valet Stacy Keibler(he would be perfect for the crusier division as he could boast about how he is in such great shape and can stay under the weight limit, and I had to add the part about Stacy being his valet because while it has nothing to do with the crusier division, but damnit she would be perfect to be the new Sunny since Simon is the new Bodydonna), Matt Hardy(he could easily go back to Smackdown and the crusier divsion since he and Lita broke up, and he could say he lost weight during this time rehabbing his injury), Tajiri(he would be so much better off with the crusiers), Maven(he should be fired, but if not just toss him in with the crusiers), Hurricane(if not for being more in his proper surroundings he could get more exposure thus raising his mechandise revenue for both himself and WWE), Khosrow Daivari(he can wrestle too, so might as well let him wrestle, both he and Hassan can get heat on their own if Hassan were to stay on Raw), Nick Dinsmore(with as much talent he has this would be a great start to lead him into being a future main eventer, and he's never get there in the character waisting so much of his talent, Eugene)CCC(he's already on Smackdown), and hell maybe even Stevie Richards(he isn't doing anything on Raw, and I don't think he can put much more weight on because of his back and neck).

If you look at some of the stars of the crusier divisons for TNA, WCW, and Japan you'll notice many of the wrestlers can pass as midcarders. This is what makes their divisions so credible. For WWE to do this they could easily run some matches involving both the crusierweight champ and US champ, and maybe even some title vs title matches. As is there are already some midcarders in the crusier division like Rey and Chavo, so imagine how respected the crusier divison could be if you added in guys like Matt Hardy, RVD, and CCC. All those guys have been established as midcarders so with them and the others they could easily rub off some midcard credibility to other guys like Paul London, Akio, etc.

what ever happened to the great tag teams -- by Sean Youins-Martin

Am I the only fan left who mourns the loss of the truly great tag team? In recent years we have been forced to put up with sub par tag teams (too many to list but Superheroes and La Resistance) or make shift Tag teams (any combination of Edge , Rey Misterio, Christ Benoit, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam or any one of half a dozen superstars that is treading water and wants a shot at a belt - any belt.).

Whatever happened to the truly great WWF/E tag teams such as The Hart Foundation, The British Bulldogs, Demolition, The Headshrinkers, the APA, The New Age Outlaws, E&C, The Hardy's and the Dudleys

Or great WCW teams like the Horsemen, the Midnight Express, The Freebirds, The Road Warrirors, The Steiners, Doom and the Samoan Swat team?

It seems like every major federation had a great tag team division but didn't develop new teams when the older ones left or split. I did hold out some hope for WCW when they introduced some good new times like Kronik, Palumbo and Stasiac, Jindrak & O'Haire and the Outsiders, and the WWF gave the Hardy's a push, brought us the New Age Outlaws, made E&C into a good team and let the Dudleys run wild but it didn't last. To this day one of my all time favourite matches is from Halloween Havoc 90 when the Nasty boys tried to take the US titles from the Steiners and we Had a fantastic but short brutal match. Personally I don't think there is any Finish that is better to watch than a signature tag finisher like the Elimination, The doomsday device, the heartbreaker, or any one of a dozen that the steiners Used to use.

Lucky for the Tag Team fans out there it looks like NWA;TNA is hoping to provide us with some truly great times. We already have AMW, The Naturals, 3LK, Team Canada and the Disciples of Destruction. I just hope that they continue the trend as Vince McMahon seems to genuinely dislike real Tag teams, he has either broken up or tampered with every decent team ever to pass through the WWE.

I remember when I first started watching wrestling in the mid 80's, every supercard Had 2 -3 decent tag matches on them and when the alternative was Radioactive Baldie (Hogan to everyone else) against someone without a hope of getting the world title away from him, then the Tag matches were infinitely more entertaining.

Occasionally a hybrid tag team of two superstars thrown together works (Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho, Austin and HHH, Foley and the Rock or Owen Hart with anyone) but On the whole you usually end up with two competing egos and it is normally a set up for an angle between the two down the line.

I know that most of the great teams are either too old now, retired or sadly have members that have passed away but there must be more people out there like : - Chris Harris & James Storm, Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas, the guys in 3LK and the Dudleys over In WWE that enjoy being a tag team and looking out for a partners interest as well as their own.

Who could honestly say that they would enjoy a card of purely singles and gimmick matches? I for one wouldn't pay my hard earned money to see one.

I'm 33 and I've got goose bumps!!!!!! -- by Brandon B

THANK YOU so much for putting the biggest smile on my face in a long time! To many people this would sound silly, but I know it wont to you. When I looked through the "Obsessed" site I had goose bumps and a grin from ear to ear.

You see, when I was about 8 yrs old I was watching TV with my Dad and he stopped it on some southern area low budget wrestling and I saw these to men in a heated verbal battle. Later in the show one of the men came out and dumped a bucket of manure over the other ones head. The two men were Bob Sweetan and Tully Blanchard. A few years later when cable Tv first came to our area I found Georgia Championship Wrestling on TBS.( THANK GOD FOR TED TURNER!) I remember my earliest memories of GA Chmpnshp Wrslng and the NWA being Tommy Wildfire Rich battling the "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer, Gary Hart with the Great Kabuiki, (and thier understudy Rody Piper), Rick Flair and Dusty Rhodes' legendary battles, Big Bad Leroy Brown, Mr. Wrestling II, Abdullah the Butcher, and so many more.

I was totally captivated by the whole production and yes, became "obsessed" for years. Then of course McMahon took over the wrestling world eventually and it all went to crap.

Freinds, family, and fellow Jerichoholics: -- by Rhey Higgins

Freinds, family, and fellow Jerichoholics: I come to address to you a serious topic. the Jerichoholics are a dying breed, and a new force, numerous as the stars in the sky, has arisen: The Chain Gang. Many have left their group (weather it be the Christian Coalition, Edge heads, or the millions and millions of Rock fans) to join The Chain Gang, so jerichoholics, I beseech thee: Unite against this rising force! Unite against The Chain Gang! Never stray away from Y2J! The Doctor Of Thuganomics and his followres are no match against Chris Jerichoand his followers.

The sad thing is, there are many who see things a different way, and have turned on the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla to side with The Chain Gang. This is an unforgiveable act of treason! We nd to strengthen our side, not the side of The Enemy! So therefore, I implore the faithful: convert The Chain Gang to Jerichoholics! Do whatever it takes!

Here's a few tips for dealing with the infidels:1) Any Cena supporter should be told the folly of Cena, and told why they should become a fan of The King Of The World. Don't settle for "Oh, I'm a fan of both". NEVER!!! 2) When Cena's rap album comes out, go to the record store and convince anyone you se buying it to buy the Fozzy album instead. If they get indignant with you, or say they already own the Fozzy album but still want the Cena album, go over step one with them. 3) Start bringing "Jerichoholics: 1 Chain Gang: 0" signs to ANY wrestling event, and it will begin to catch on. 5) Above all else, ALWAYS CHEER FOR JERICHO AND BOO CENA WITH ALL YOUR HEART!!!!

Eventually, if you follow all these steps, then The Chain Gang will begin to thin out, Cena's popularity will begin to dwindle until he's jobbing om Velocity, and the Jerichoholics numbers will be vast once again! I close with this: Jerichoholics of the world, UNITE!!!

Christy In Wrestlemania An Insult To Women's Wrestling -- by David Jacobs

After watching RAW on Monday night, I am very upset. Christy Hemme (you know the Playboy cover girl, ditsy diva, total waste of my time. If you don't know who she is, I don't blame you) has got a Women's Title shot at WRESTLEMANIA 21! Huh? Wait a minute. Christy Hemme has got a Women's Title shot at WRESTLEMANIA 21? Please tell me if I'm wrong but has Christy Hemme ever wrestled in a match in her life? Has she ever done anything but bounce up and down like a frickin rabbit? And now she has a Women's Title shot? At Wrestlemania? The grand daddy of them all? So, she has a title shot at Wrestlemania while great female wrestlers like Victoria and Molly Holly sit in the back and Jazz, Nidia, and Gail Kim rot on the indy circuit? That is not right. Christy Hemme doesn't deserve a match with a great wrestler like Trish Stratus. Especially for the Women's Title. The Women's Title is a title that goes back to The Fabulous Moolah and has had titleholders like Sherri Martel, Lita, Gail Kim, Trish, Molly, Victoria, Madusa, Wendi Richter, and Lelani Kai. These women are great wrestlers. For Christy to even get a title shot throws all this history down the drain. This kills women's wrestling. Women's wrestling dates back to the days of Mildred Burke challenging men to wrestling matches and defeating them. By the way, this was when you didn't have to be pretty to be considered a great wrestler. Anyway, after Mildred Burke's life came crashing down, the next famous woman wrestler was Slave Girl Moolah. She was also the valet to Buddy Rogers. Then, she beat Judy Grable to win the Women's Title. After The Fabulous Moolah, came Sherri Martel, the first woman wrestler to wear face paint. A lot of people remember her for being the valet for Randy Savage, HBK, Marty Jannetty, and Harlem Heat in WCW. But, she was a great wrestler and beat The Fabulous Moolah for the Women's Title. After her came Madusa Micelli. She is a former AWA Women's champion, WCW Women's Champ, and WWE Women's Champ. She threw the WWE Women's Championship Belt in the trash on WCW Nitro. She won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, which was a man's belt. She and the next woman I'm going to mention, Chyna, impacted Women's Wrestling in a huge way. Chyna was brought in as Hunter Hearst Helmsley's bodyguard and she evolved into her own character. She finally broke away from HHH and got a personality. She won the IC Title and eventually won the Women's Title which she held until her release. One of the people that Chyna feuded with was Trish Stratus, our current Women's Champion. She was brought in to manage Test and Albert (T&A, get it). She slowly started to wrestle and slowly became a great wrestler and a 6-time Women's Champion. Other women like Lita, Victoria, Molly, Ivory (who was a real throwback to old-school women's wrestling), Jazz, Gail Kim, Nidia, Bull Nakano, and Bertha Faye were in wrestling during these eras and they greatly influenced women wrestling. And if you are going to have Raw Diva Search contestants in WWE, send them to OVW to sharpen their microphone and wrestling skills. So, after all this history and lineage, why would anyone want to diminish it all with Christy Hemme challenging Trish for the Women's Title at Wrestlemania?

Growing up Kayfabe -- by Rob M. (New York City)

I love your site. I grew up watching from the late 70's until the early 90's, lost interest in what I was seeing (WWF), and didn't rediscover wrestling until the late 90's.I really enjoy your profile section. I sit with my kids now and show them my favorites from when i was their age (8,10).The kayfabe era was great.You were allowed,no, supposed to be a mark and buy everything you saw.When i was 13 or so i would stay up late(1130) every Tuesday to watch the Spanish language station that would show Championship Wrestling from Florida.There would be Gordon Solie describing the action as if it were the gold medal round of the olympics, and Dusty talking about puttin' a "knuckle sammich" onto Kevin Sullivan or whoever he had in tow.This is were i also saw one of my favorite angles of all time.I searched the profiles and found very little mention of the Ron Bass,JJ Dillon/Windham,Rhodes,Mulligan saga over a saddle.This was the driving force behind Barry Windham becoming, i believe, the original Dirty Yellow Dog. Brian Pillman tried it years later but the angle wasnt as strong.This feud eventually drew in the likes of Mike Rontondo,a young Mike Davis, Billy Jack Haynes Kendo Nagasaki and even the World's Champ Ric Flair.Bass wanted no part of Yellow Dog but had a match with Flair.The story went that Flair would rather get paid to enjoy the Florida sun and bought the contract to fight Bass from Flair. It went on for probably the better part of a year complete with "interviews" from different ranches about all of the "Family" (Rhodes Windham Mulligan and assorted non wrestling people) being heartbroken that Ron Bass could steal this saddle and then ride Barry in the ring.In what i think is a classic wrestling moment that i tracked down and now own on tape, Bass, with the help of JJ Dillon and I believe Black Bart, put the saddle on Windhams back and rode him around the ring completely humiliating Windham.(In Windhams profile you state he lost a loser leaves town match. I'm not positive he did. I seem to remember the mask was because of his humiliation and he wouldnt be back until the saddle was back home, but i may be incorrect) It was a simple story mixed in with alot of human emotions in the interviews and matches,they took their time to tell it,and it never felt like so many of today's angles.Maybe because im older now all of the stories feel rushed,like there are pieces missing.The Florida territory was great.Most of the names i mentioned went on to have significant careers in the WWF, NWA and WCW, as talent or behind the scenes, and many more from that era of Florida went on to become what would be considered household names in the world of professional wrestling(NOT SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT!!!!)

PAY-PER-VIEW = MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!! -- by Tommy The Greek

Come on guys... Was I the only one who would bet a nickel or quarter with my grandpa and choose the winning wrestler back in the day? My grandpa would always lose on purpose because he would always bet on the jobber (to make me feel good and let me make some change). The point is what happened to good or evil v.s. jobber? What happened to Jake Roberts v.s. Barry Horowitz? What happened to Tito Santana v.s. The Brooklyn Brawler?

There were only 2 times you would see a Hulk Hogan v.s. Mr. Perfect or Macho Man type fight. Do you remember?? That's right!! Saturday Night's Main Event and Pay-Per-View! If you think about it for a second, there was something to look forward to on a Saturday Night Main Event (which was about once every 3 months) or a Pay-Per-View event. Think about this also: You watch a PPV event every Monday Night but you don't realize it! If this was 1986, the world would be paying 20-30 bucks every Monday.

The point I am getting to is that the fan of today is very lucky and unlucky. Lucky because you see Main Events every week on regular cable but unlucky because of the repetitiveness of matches and the lack of charisma wrestlers have.

I will pretend that you fans are my grandpa and make a bet with you: I am willing to bet that the fan of today would change the channel in a heart beat if WWE went back to main events only on PPV! Are you willing to gamble? I know the old school fans are behind me!

MONEY OR ENJOYMENT??? -- by Tommy The Greek

What do you suppose Vince McMahon is doing right now? Looking over last month's WWE stock results, reviewing next month's DVD releases, counting the millions he made last year on T-shirts, hats, posters..... etc. I don't blame the man one bit more making money on his business, anyone would do the same. I majored in Business Management and I fully understand you need to re-invent your products and make the best profit you can. Enough about me though, Vince has gone WAY OVERBOARD on re-inventing the WWE and worrying about profits.

What happened to old interviews in the backstage with a WWF wallpaper in the backdrop? What happened to the Brother Love Show with a cheap pink curtain and a microphone? What happened to the old school WWF magazines where you only had a choice of T-shirt or hat for only the popular wrestlers? WHAT HAPPENED TO WRESTLERS?????

I will tell you what happened. I guess SOME people enjoy the fireworks and pyro, I guess SOME people like the Jeritron 5000 for interviews, and I guess SOME people like the fact you can buy a Spike Dudley T-shirt. The fact of the matter is a lot of people DO NOT like this and you can tell by the increase of PPV sales for TNA. Just alone in the Chicago region where I am from, many of my friends cannot stand watching more than 5 minutes of WWE! Don't think I'm an old man complaining either, I am 24 years old.

You will never change my mind about wrestling being the best in the 80's. But let us even look at the 90's. Stone Cold was very entertaining even when he did comedy skits with Kurt Angle, the Monday Night War kept me glued to my seat on Monday Nights and nothing got accomplished at school Tuesday morning because everyone would talk about the night before, and just knowing there would be some surprise each Monday night even if it was a last second match or something unexpected. The year 2000 through now has been a slap in the face to wrestling fans. I am willing to bet this Monday's main event will have something to do with HHH and Batista AGAIN and Ric Flair will interfere AGAIN!

So just ask yourself: Is Vince doing it for the money or does he really care about ENTERTAINING you???

HBK: Time To Go Away -- by Jeremy C.

This column is probably going to get under the skin of many people. Just keep in mind that these are my opinions and views. I have been watching wrestling since I was in diapers. When I was a youngster, I was all about HBK. I enjoyed his matches. The first Wrestlemania I was privileged to see was the Wrestlemania in which HBK and Bret Hart had their Iron Man match. It was one hell of a match from beginning to end. When it went to a time limit draw, I was absolutely thrilled because both men happened to be very good - most times great - wrestlers. Now when I watch the current HBK as an adult, I find myself embarrassed that I ever happened to like him. The guy is in his forties and still doing the same thing he did in his twenties. I myself happen to find that a bit creepy. He's dancing around acting like some teeny-bopper heart throb, when in reality he's some old guy that has stayed well past his welcome. His matches are easy to call, because as I have seen, he does mostly the same stuff week in and week out. Credit where it is due, he was a great wrestler ten years ago. This is 2005 and the wrestling landscape has changed. That played-out super kick doesn't cut the mustard. Its sad to see that HBK main events RAW more often than guys like Shelton Benjamin, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and many, many more. To list all the better talent on RAW would take too much time.

Why is it that HBK has become stale? It's pretty simple actually... the man has not changed or expanded on anything since I was nine years old. Most wrestlers, as their career progresses, grow and learn new tricks. Triple H started out as a pompous, arrogant, blue blood type, then moved to the D-X thing, and so on. HBK has just pranced around the ring like he's god's gift to the world for his entire career. It was cute the first couple of years. The novelty has worn off and now we can all see that he is two dimensional. What is even more ridiculous is his finisher. The super kick. Granted, in a real fight, it's pretty much a good night shot, but this is wrestling. In the days where we see Triple H planting people face first with pedigrees, Petey Williams spiking people with an awesome flipping piledriver, and Chris Benoit practically ripping someone's shoulder out of its socket, is a shuffle side kick really going to make a good finisher? I don't think so. No doubt about it, the wrestling world is polluted with horrible finishers, but the super kick is one of the worst. And who couldn't move out of the way of HBK's kick? Did all the wrestlers lose their ears, or are they just ignoring the fact that HBK is stomping on the ground like Christian throwing a temper tantrum? Flat out, the guy needs to retire, before he makes even more of a bufoon out of himself.

WWE DIVAS -- by Marko Bombak .

I have been a long wrestling fans for years and I do love the divas. Well I did but I still do such as Victoria, Molly, Trish, Lita etc. But it's a shame of how women wrestling are today cause now they focus on just eye candy. Example #1 the rookie diva contest. When I first heard I knew that this was my washroom break when I'm watching No Way Out. But what really made me mad was that on Smackdown before No Way Out there was 6 man tag team cruiserweight championship match. I myself who don't watch Smackdown alot for various and personal reasons but I managed to find myself the time to watch it. During middle of the match some crappy music was on and there they were carrying signs and I was thinking WHAT THE HELL!!! The only people who were outraged more then me were the 6 cruiserweights in the match and I don't blame them. Funny fact is that I heard Torrie Wilson hosting the event got the name wrong of one of the new divas that proves that WWE is hiring more of eye candy then wrestlers for shame. Example #2 "

The Raw Diva Search." A quartermillion dollar waste of my time. Lot of divas were mad at this not only about dumbing down the wrestling fans but the prize money itself. Quartermillion dollars hell thats more money then most divas earn in a year and they deserve it. Christy who is hot yes she is and deserves to be in Playboy for my pleasure yes...but does she deserve to be putting promos in the ring no! What pisses me off the most is now she is in the buisness with a huge push know what she do now? Train to know how to wreslte and improve her mic skills hell another Raw Diva Search finalist Maria knows she is in the buisness and is trying everyday to improve her mic and has booked to learn wrestling and I'm proud of her taking the step Trish did and look at her now 6 time WWE Womens Champion!!! Example #3 The firing of 3 talented divas of Gail Kim, Jazz, and Nidia. Sure they weren't the best looking but they know how to wrestle and is that what WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Oh sorry it's a shame that the Entertainment part of the name is more important then the Wrestling. So I suggest to you WWE to hire and rehire some divas who know how to wrestle and we have enough eye candy already don't hire more cause it confuses fans with the same looking women who do nothing in the buisness and we can watch a dominant womens division instead of relying on 4 divas of Victoria, Molly, Trish, and Lita but Lita is injured now which leads Trish no one really left to feud except my worst nightmare in the grandest stage of them all. CHRISTY!!! IN WRESTLEMANIA!!!

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