Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 03/2006
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

A Tribute to the Public Enemy - by Dylan Bowker

Hello loyal OWW readers this is Dylan Bowker here and I would like to pay tribute to a very special tag team.Public Enemy burst onto the wrestling scene in ECW in late 1993 and over the course of the next year or so P.E was unstoppable defeating such duos as Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka (The WWF's Orient express),The Bruise Brothers (The Harris Twins),Kevin Sullivan and the Tazmaniac (where P.E won the belts) and The Funk Brothers with P.E defeating the Funks in the now famous barbedwire match.P.E would go on to lose the belts to Mikey Whipwreck and Cactus Jack in a very good match.P.E would then rebound winning back the belts from Jack and Mikey P.E in their run in ECW would hold the tag belts 4 times having amazing matches and feuds with the Pitbulls,The Gangstas,and the Dudley Boyz.They also popularized the use of a table as a weapon often moonsaulting off 12 foot high balconies through 1 or more tables hitting some moves that would often be seen on ECW highlight reels.On January of 1996 though P.E left ECW after House Party beating their arch rivals The Gangstas in an awesome match.They then went to big Ted's WCW and they brought with them their tables gimmick to WCW beating Harlem Heat for the WCW Tag Titles in a very brief reign as champs.They Would then drift along forthe next couple of years feuding with roughhouse team The Nasty Boyz.P.E then went back to ECW for about a month before going to the WWF for a few months.

P.E then returned to WCW in the Junkyard Invitational at the Bash At The Beach PPV.They then faded into obscurity for several years working independent shows including the 3PW the promotion run by the Blue Meanie to keep the ECW spirit alive.Then on September 21st,2002 Ted Petty A.K.A Rocco Rock died of a massive heart attack at 49 years old.Then on February 16th,2006 Miuke Durham A.K.A Johnny Grunge died thus ending the legacy of P.E.But even though the cruel hands of God have stolen these men from the earth whe will never forget Rock and Grunge.From putting people through tables in ECW to their tumultuos stays in WCW and the WWF P.E has given us some very fond memories,very good matches,and some of their off the wall antics that left us laughing like hyenas.They may have left us in body but their spirit will live on this earth forever.All hail the original Mack Daddies of Violence!!!

- by Nick Davies

A year is a long time in the wrestling business. Just take a look at JBL. I don't need to go into great detail about his dreadful match against Batista at Wrestlemania or his subsequent rematches, but I cannot believe how much this guy seems to have fallen down the pecking order since.

I'm very aware that in this business it becomes time for new superstars to have their own push, and right now the two individuals on SmackDown! are Mysterio and Orton, two guys I personally like and who I think have a lot to offer; but where does JBL figure in all of this?

He now seems to be working as part of a group of heels in tag matches or seems to have been given the role of putting over up and comers (Boogeyman and Lashley spring to mind). But JBL is one of the top guys on SmackDown!. He is not physically great to look at and is not really the best worker in the ring, but he is such an entertaining heel that his lack of in ring excellence can be somewhat overlooked.

It just really surprises me to think that he has dropped down a level, so to speak, to the scheduled U.S championship match at 'Mania against Benoit. I'm sure that this will be an entertaining match as both guys usually deliver the goods, but surely both wrestlers could easily be considered main-eventers. There are a couple of reasons which seem to point towards why JBL has fallen:

1. Perhaps WWE creative just feel that they want to slow down JBL's career and if that is the case then they are certainly succeeding. I know that he had a colossal 10 month reign as the champ, and I'm not saying that he needs the belt back, but I certainly think that he should always be considered a contender on SmackDown!.

2. Perhaps due to the immense unpopularity of JBL's title reign, WWE decided to make JBL a less prominent figure on SmackDown! in order to boost ratings. Personally I loved JBL's championship time and can't see why so many people thought him undeserving. He is an excellent heel, and the very fact that it was so universal for people to want him to lose the title just goes to prove what a good job he did in that role as a heel champ.

So Please WWE give the guy we love to hate another push at the big time and maybe we can have a champion again that we can really despise, as we should every good heel.

Do You Love Me Now, Trish Stratus?

- by Pgallagher8

The Mickie James (Alexis Larre) vs Trish Stratus rivalry has reminded me of the good old days of the WWE womens division. Its made the womens division worth watching again. Its the first thrilling womens feud since Trish vs Lita. When you look back at all the womens feuds from over the years like Ivory vs Chyna, Moolah vs Wendi Richter, Trish Stratus vs Victoria, Sable vs Jacqueline etc, you wonder if there is going to be a feud just like it well the answer is no. All these feuds are unique and thats why they are worth watching. Ivory vs Chyna was unique as Ivory was the underdog and would have to cheat to beat Chyna and when Chyna kicked her ass everyone loved it. This Mickie vs Trish feud is so unique as Mickie is playing the role as an obsessive pshyco who loved Trish but she turned her down and now Mickies out for revenge and anything can happen. Both Mickie and Trish are talented performers and their matches are awsome because they have a chemistry in the ring. That is why this feud has developed and became another classic womens feud.

The Art of a Daredevil

- by Charlie Eccles

Superstars today have a particular look, style and act about them. If you take a look at superstars such as Carlito, Chris Masters, Shelton Benjamin and many others you will see one common thing that makes them similar. They have a squeaky clean image about them. Many people do not understand what sets one superstar apart from many others.

One of the things that can put you higher on the totem pole in this business is if you are willing to take the big risk for the big reward. Superstars today have potential to be great wrestlers, and legends of this business. Are they willing to take the big risk?

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy made it in the WWE. He was a superstar on the Raw roster, and was great at getting people riled up. He became known as the innovator of the ladder, creating more offense off the ladder than any other superstars. His first big moment was the first ever tag team ladder match, in which he teamed up with his brother Matt to take on Edge and Christian. Then at Wrestlemania 2000 he topped that by performing his trademark Senton Bomb off of a twenty-foot ladder onto Bubba Ray Dudley, into a table. Later in his career he topped himself yet again, in another ladder match I might add, by getting speared by Edge from ten feet in the air off of the dangling tag team title belts. He has had his problems in the business as of late, but nobody is going to forget their favorite Jeff Hardy moment.

Rob Van Dam

Better known as RVD, he has become one of the most watched and most loved superstars in the WWE today. Calling himself the "Whole F-n Show", Van Dam has taken risks to make matches such as the Elimination Chamber popular. In his first Elimination Chamber match, he performed the Five Star Frog Splash onto Triple H from the top of the demonic structure. This man is also a part of the ECW alumni. In ECW, he performed more offense onto tables than even Team 3-D is willing to top. He knows how to keep the fans on the edge of their chairs, and loves to perform to the best of his ability. He has had such a positive impact on the WWE, and the fans love it.

Shane McMahon

I do not care what you think he really should be doing, if you think he should just take over the WWE and leave Vince to retire; he is a revolutionary in becoming a daredevil. He has jumped off the stage screen not once, but twice. The top of the screen is 40 feet high, and he defeated both the Big Show and Steve Blackman by jumping off of it. He has a few trademarked risky moves. The super elbow drop, in which he jumps from the top rope of the ring onto the announce table. Also, the flying drop kick where he sets his opponent on the bottom turnbuckle of one side of the ring, and jumps off the top rope onto them. That move is usually done with a trashcan. Shane-o should be done wrestling sometime soon. But do not forget that this men along with many others helped innovate the art of Hardcore wrestling once again.

Mick Foley

Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack or Mick Foley, whatever it is you want to call him go ahead, He is one of the true daredevils of this business. He is best known for getting thrown off the top of the cage in his first Hell in a Cell match; and then, getting thrown through the cage into the ring, and this is all before the bell rang. He had kidney damage, and was bleeding through the mouth. Later in his career he took on Triple H in the cell once again, and was thrown through the top of the cage and broke the base of the ring. His weapon of choice is "Barbie", a two by four wrapped in barbed wire. He not only uses it on his opponents, but has had it used on him also. The amount of injury this man has taken, and the amount of heart this man has for his business, in unmatched by all.

There are many legends of wrestling. We remember superstars like Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart for their amazing "wrestling" ability. We remember other particular stars for their risks just to hear the crowd chant their name, risks that are unmatched by many. Becoming a daredevil in this business takes a lot of balls, and that is what many superstars are best know as now.

The Positive Outlook - by Alexander Evans

I would like to start my very first column for this wonderful site by saying what a balanced outlook can do to you as a wrestling fan, 3 years ago, independent wrestling was once again cool, as the WWE product had slipped way below sub-standard and WCW and ECW were well and truly dead and buried. Then, out of the blue came this new generation of pro-wrestling stars such as Christopher Daniels, Spanky, Paul London and AJ Styles . They literally turned up on my doorstep in the UK and did excellent FWA shows that amazed the British masses with their technical excellence, only the US market had to be swayed. It was then moving to the Channel Islands, and other things made me take a two year hiatus from watching pro-wrestling of any kind. Unbelievably, I managed two years away from Smackdown!, Raw and the Sunday Night Pay-Per-Views of the WWE, and the strong-style of Japanese import video action. I admit, in this two year period, there was one thing, a program showing on British Satellite Channel 'The Wrestling Channel' that kept dragging me back for a few weeks at a time, the weekly PPV's (shown in the UK with a hefty delay) of NWA:TNA. I had never seen action this before, (well, anyway not since late 90's WCW) and I really enjoyed watching the stars hot on the scene like The Fallen Angel and AJ Styles compete in the greatest matches I had ever seen with familiar faces like D-Lo Brown and Sabu. But my trend of watching only ever lasted 2 weeks before being distracted by a new drama show like the OC or a cop show such as Law & Order, that aired on the same night over here, and I missed many of the great shows, also missing many classic matches along the way. Until one day, I turned on the TV to see a Fox Sports Net banner at the top of my screen, and a six-sided ring staring me in the face from my TV set, shocked I checked that I really was watching TNA, but it came up with Impact! as the show title rather than just the plain old NWA;TNA moniker I'd got used to. The show intrigued me for the best part of a month, and when TWC showed the PPV of whatever month it was, I was astounded at how much the company had come on compared to the old WCW style broadcast with way too much chit-chat and promos to stomach on a Wednesday Night. But again, other things drew me away from my lifetime obsession and I drifted back into a non-wrestling situation. From that point forward I never turned on a wrestling show until one Monday night in early January, when after buying the WWE game for PS2 like I do every year, I was inspired to take my TV remote and watch pro-wrestling once again, just to check out the changes. I didn't know what I'd got myself into! Within a week I found myself on, learning about every gimmick that had taken place in the past year, and buying over 100 of WWE DVD's! I never intended to watch wrestling again, and thought it was a thing of the past for me, but this new influx of former ECW and other stars had took me into a vortex of wrestle-worship, by the second week I was digging out my old WCW videos, finding my now cobweb-ridden WWF tapes, that I have been collecting since I can remember and reading old issues of PWI, to familiarise myself with the business, by the time thr Royal Rumble came around (which I thought was lacking in any innovation) I wanted to watch some other federations, that is where TNA and ROH came in... More on that next time!!!

Why I hate John Cena - by Anthony C

This will be my first column for OWW. My name is Anthony C and I am not going to write the typical Cena-hater column. I am going to write why I hate him but give him credit along the way. I don't hate him, but I strongly dislike him.

First of all lets get all things straight; all the Cena-haters should be hating John Cena the character, not John Cena the person. It all started one night on RAW when I heard John Cena's music play; I knew I would have a hard time watching RAW for a long time. I liked him on SmackDown! because I rarely watch it, so he's not shoved in my face every week. Over the next six months I still watched RAW but it was hard to watch him win week after week after week after week, after Pay-Per-View after Pay-Per-View to guys like Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Christian, Edge, and Shelton Benjamin (Beat The Clock). I am just very thankful that at Wrestlemania 22 he will hopefully drop the title HHH.

People also bash on his non-existent wrestling skills... and they don't have a right to because he is a very good athlete and wrestler (OVW), but in WWE I don't see those good wrestling skills showed off so I could care less because he is not prototype anymore, and odds are he never will be. Yes he was a good wrestler in OVW, but in WWE he's only aloud to use five or six moves, and that's what everyone is watching.

Another thing people bash him on is his gimmick. Personally I hate the gimmick, but that's just my personal opinion. His gimmick is his gimmick and it's likely to stay that way since it's making the WWE lots and lots of money. Personally I don't see the rapper gimmick anymore because he hardly raps. So what is his gimmick? That's for you to answer.

The last thing people say if your a Cena-hater is if you hate Cena and like The Rock your a hypocrite. I don't get that, they are not one bit alike. The Rock uses a variety of moves; punches, kicks, clotheslines, DDT's, Samoan drop, Rock Bottom, Peoples Elbow, Spinebuster, Dragon Screw, and the Sharpshooter are just a few things he does. Cena is limited to the same multi-moveset. Another way they are different is their gimmicks and their amount of talent is different. So the only things I see in common with them is that they both got/gets over with the fans very well, they both have high Charisma and are good on the mic. So you people are saying if I don't like Cena but like someone with good mic skills - for example Steve Austin - I am a Hypocrite? I don't think so.

CM Punk: He's straight edge & better than you!

- by Chris K. Shelton

Hello OWW readers; I hope your wrestling experience has been a good one, mine sure has. Lately, I have been watching some of the independent wrestling DVD's and there has been a certain superstar in the making that has stuck out more than others in my opinion. His name is CM Punk, he's straight edge and in his mind that makes him better than you. Punk is currently in OVW right now but has worked for IWA and other wrestling promotions but probably is most know for Ring Of Honor. He is a former tag team champion with partner and best friend Colt Cabana and is also a member of the 2nd City Saints. The 2nd City Saints were a stable formed by Ace Steele, Colt Cabana and CM Punk in ROH who also had feuds with the Prophecy, The Rottweilers and others just to name a few.

Punk was a tag team wrestler but he definitely wasn't typecast as only that. He is responsible for putting some of the best feuds on in ROH history, some like The CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe trilogy, Punk vs. Homicide and definitely Punk vs. The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Those were all great moments in his history without a doubt but I'm sure nothing tops when he won the ROH World Title for Austin Aries at Death Before Dishonor 3. It was a hard fought battle between the two but when the smoke was cleared Punk came out on top. Ten minutes after winning the belt began the CM Punk vs. Ring Of Honor rivalry. In there opinion Punk had disgraced the title by turning on the fans and they thought he was trying to destroy the prestige that ROH built upon that championship belt. It was a very entertaining feud with him defending his belt against the likes of Jay Lethal, Samoa Joe, Roderick Strong and The Fallen Angel. He'd lost the championship to James Gibson aka Jamie Noble on August 12th 2005 in a very good match. Punk's last match in ROH was on August 13th 2005 against his friend Colt Cabana. He was signed to OVW. Punks star is just starting to shine. He's on the road to becoming a huge star in the business.

"You Don't Like MIDGETS!" - by Stephen Ground

I'm sure many of us remember the line, "you don't like Midgets," from Wrestlemania 21, where Eugene was telling the crowd his favorite Wrestlemania moment when King Kong Bundy was attacked by an "army" of midget wrestlers. This was said to Mark Magnus (then Muhammad Hassan) as a comedic segment with a longer back story that I won't get into here. Now in recent weeks on WWE's Friday Night SmackDown!, one might have seen in action several "Junior" wrestlers. This Junior Division consisted of six wrestlers; Mascarita Sagrada, Tsuki, Pequeno Violencia, Octagoncito, Piratita Morgan and Super Porky. The wrestlers in this division - the ones which I saw anyway - were all very athletic and wrestled very well. These three were Mascarita Sagrada, Tsuki (who I believe is the formerly WWF famous Max Mini), and Octagoncito.

Now after that brief introduction, you may realize that it was a bit of a shock to me to see these six Juniors released this week. Now I have no proof, but it seemed that when the juniors came to the ring they received an impressive pop from the crowd. This lead me to the question, "Why would WWE release a group of wrestlers that seemed to draw?" The response I've come up with is that junior wrestling may never become successful in an American ring.

American wrestling fans tend to have more of a tough attitude towards wrestling - in certain aspects - than do Japanese, or even Mexican fans do. The major difference between American and international professional wrestling is what the fans want to see. In America, we tend to be geared towards high flying, cruiserweight / X-division wrestling styles with wrestlers putting their bodies on the line to entertain you. In Japan, they tend to want to see good wrestling. Now, each has its own advantages, and one could debate for days upon which is better, but that is not the purpose of this article. This difference, however, leads to a problem for midget wrestlers in an American market. Because Americans are used to seeing 6'5" 300 pound monsters of human physique battle, or conversely, seeing men diving onto each other sacrificing themselves; it's hard for them here. Conversely, in Japan, with a wrestling style based mostly on mat work, a 4'3" 100 pound man wrestling another is believable and can be enjoyed for its worth.

So will we ever see a truly successful Midget division in the states? I don't know for sure, but I doubt it. These little guys are great athletes, however, and their talent deserves to be recognized. I believe that they are perhaps the most underrated wrestlers in the states, and they really can put on a great match, and I hope that someday soon WWE will reconsider its decision, or perhaps TNA will take advantage of their mistake.

Thoughts On Main Event Wrestling
- by Steve Ferryman

Having read the 1PW article elsewhere on this fine site, it would be remiss not to pass comment on another upstart promotion in the North of England, which is now becoming something of a hotbed for British professional wrestling.

Like many I attended 1PW's first show last October, but also went to the event the following night which was the debut of a promotion known as Main Event Wrestling, based in Newcastle upon Tyne - about as far north as you can go before you hit bonny Scotland!

The night was action packed, featuring some fine matches - the highlights being a superb cruiserweight bout which would not have looked out of place on a TNA show, a very engaging performance from D'Lo Brown (the most I've seen him motivated in years), as well as appearances from Raven, Sandman, Joe Legend and Austin Aries. There were some things that didn't work, and parts that dragged, but I really felt like I had got my moneys worth (15, half of what I paid the previous evening).

Impressed by the first show, I went to MEW's second show, imaginatively entitled: "Second Coming" the other week, and although it had a different set-up and vibe (it was staged in a theatre, so all the action took place on a stage), me and my friend had a great time. Honky Tonk Man, Joe Legend and Shark Boy were the talent brought in for this show, and Honky had us in stitches. The rest of talent, a mix of UK and Irish wrestlers, were very good too, with a nice blend of high flying, comedy, and mat based wrestling on display. This show really had something for everyone. This is impressive as it was miles ahead of many indy shows I've been to, and was only the second show from novice promoters Dan Fitch and the team from Newcastle Wrestling Store.

While the South of England has been enjoying the FWA and Hammerlock for sometime, it would seem that with 1PW and MEW wrestling in the North of England is on the up!

TNA Christian Cage vs WWE Christian
- by Jason Luken

This is my first time writing on OWW. My name is Jason Luken. Many people who are wrestling fans not just WWE or TNA fans will most likely know Christian in both WWE & TNA. Well let me start by comparing Christians in WWE & TNA.

When Christian was in the WWE he was a heel (bad). He could not get any where. So I wanted to know how some one who lost alot and whined about it could be NWA Champ. When he was with Edge he was great. But his solo WWE run was a bad Idea. Christian Better known to TNA fans as Christian Cage is a face (good). The first time he was on TNA and people liked him. That was kind of weird. I mean we all knew him as a whinny loser. As weeks went on I came to see what Christan Cage could have been if his character was used better. He could have be a contender for the WWE Heavyweight Title. Lest just say he stunk in the WWE (solo) and is great in the TNA.

What I am trying to say is that Christian Cage is better a face than a heel. Leaving the WWE was the best thing Christian Cage could have done for his carer.

Christian Cage is NWA Heavyweight Champ as Christian Cage would say "Cuz that's how I roll."

BAD COMMENTATORS - by Seamus Brady

I'd like to say that RAW has good commentators. Joey styles and Jerry Lawler, but i dont like the coach very much. now that j.r. is gone for a while coach is the one who praises the heel wrestlers such as triple h and masters. That used to be lawlers job when j.r. was around. They should get stone cold to be a commentator some day. I used to like listening to him on the mic giving his old comments like "what?"and "hell yeah" ,so i wouldnt mind listening to him full time in the commentary box. it would be cool.

SMACKDOWN! needs some new commentators. I hate them two idiots michael cole and tazz talking pure crap all the time. They're always shouting before a move happens like when mark henry jumped on kurt angle through the table."no dont do it","oh my god" and so fourth it doent seem like they concentrate on the match. they talk nonsense to eachother.non important stuff. i stayed up for no way out and i was laughing the whole way through the cruiserweight match at what they were saying.i cant really remember what was said but i wouldnt be laughing if it wasnt stupid. i was in a good mood that night, thats the only reason i was laughing,usually im in a bad mood and them two bickering on aboutother stuff just makes me madder and takes the enjoyment out of the match. i have resorted to muting the television in some matches.WWE get new SMACKDOWN! commentators.hell yeah.

Disturbing New Attitude on Death

by Sara A.

I am writing this article because of what I have seen on recent episodes of RAW and SmackDown! Recently, it has been especially disturbing to me; how the are exploiting the death of Eddie, trying to get more viewers by trying to kill ones self on web segments, or posting a death of a wrestler for merely one day. Of course, if you have been keeping up with the WWE lately you would know that I am talking about Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio's storyline involving the death of Eddie Guerrero, Tim White's weekly "Lunchtime Suicide" segments on and the WWE only posting the death of the beloved wrestler Johnny Grunge for one day. To me, this comes across as very disrespectful by the WWE.

Ever since Eddie Guerrero has passed away, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton have been getting a bit of a push from this. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with this, but I do think that they would both be better off staying away from the subject of Eddie's death. I have a feeling that now since they are already in it, it will take awhile for the both of them to get past it. Randy Orton has pretty much already established himself as one of the most hated people in the WWE right now because of his actions towards Rey and what he said about Eddie, which could very well damage his career for a long time. As for Rey, this could put him over to some people as "not deserving what is happening to him and that it would have never happened if Eddie hadn't passed away." I am sure that people wouldn't look at him like this if he hadn't dedicated the Royal Rumble to Eddie or if he hadn't been saying that Eddie has been talking to him through prayers because people are going to think that the WWE is using Eddie's death to push these two people. That may be what's happening, but I think that Randy and Rey would be better off avoiding that subject and keeping their feelings about it off camera.

Next, onto the Tim White "Lunchtime Suicide" segment on How disrespectful is this? I know that since Tim White is doing it that he must've agreed to something, but to fans like me, I don't want to go to the site and see something that says "Tim White tries rat poison today," I just don't want to see it. I don't watch it, and I am not sure who would want to watch a former referee that we all used to watch and love try to kill himself. How are they going to end the segment anyway? Are they just going to wait and kill him? It just sounds very awkward to me. I hope that this will be a very short segment if nothing else. I know that Tim White probably just wanted to get back into the business somehow but this way is just... well... hard to watch.

Now, about Johnny Grunge. This man may not have wrestled a very long time in the WWF/E, but he was still a great wrestler and a great man. I know that although it was not in WWE'S mind to make a big deal out of Johnny Grunge's death, you still have to think about the fan base. Now there is nothing left of Public Enemy but their legacy and their matches. He was a great wrestler in ECW and WCW and the short period of time that he was in WWE; I think that this man was not honored the way he should've been. Maybe in other places he was, but in WWE it was a one day thing for them and they even put it on the sidelines. This may just be my opinion but I know I am not the only one who feels this way. R.I.P Mike Durham AKA Johnny Grunge. You will be missed.

The Rock Says... I Sold Out!!! - by Chris K. Shelton

August 23, 2004 was when The Rock made his last appearance on WWE television. He participated in the Diva Search, and hasn't been seen since. The former 'Peoples Champion' has been in Hollywood making multiple movies and probably lots of money. As I recall, The Rock stated that he would never leave the wrestling business and "it will always be in his blood". Oh how things have changed. I was watching Leno one night, and I noticed that the Bramah Bull doesn't even go by The Rock anymore. He only goes by his real name now, Dwayne Johnson. I don't think it's anything wrong with that but the man didn't even give his fans a goodbye speech. I'm not saying he's gone from the ring forever but I feel like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) has turned his back on the true wrestling fans that have supported him for years. I feel that he turned his back on the fans who bought tickets to see him and the people who bought his T-Shirts. He sold out to the people who made him who he is today.

I know alot of people might not agree with what I'm saying but I think that The Rock is a sell out. He sold out to Hollywood and just left his fans of wrestling in wait. I understand that everyone has to retire eventually, but at least be a man and publicly address your fans. I mean, we do have the right to know. The fans made him what he is today. People, this has gotten so bad that he doesn't even show up just to say hi anymore. I guess you can say that I feel strongly about this subject and if you are wondering why here is your answer. I personally looked up to The Rock, I saw the man as a hero, an inspiration to all. To all of his true wrestling fans he gave a spit in the face. I don't want to see him acting in Doom and The Scorpion King 3, 4 and 5. He needs to come back to the ring and give at least one more performance. It doesn't matter where he goes because I'm sure that both companies would love to have him. Miracles do happen but in this case I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon; If ya smell what The Rock was cooking.

The Undertaker - by John Towler

I'd watched professional wrestling in passing on and off through the years when I was growing up, but never made a concerted effort to catch a particular event or match until I happened to be watching at a friend's house when the Undertaker made his debut. I was hooked. This guy was something different and his whole persona was both compelling and ominous.

Of all his "moves" (the rope walk, the Tombstone, etc.), my favorite was always one that wasn't exactly a wrestling finishing technique. I loved it when he would get laid out by some overconfident opponent who would commence to prancing around the ring and then suddenly the Undertaker would slowly (or sometimes quickly) do a straight legged sit-up. His "resurrection move" I guess you'd call it. I tried it myself and never could figure out how he managed to do a sit-up like that, but anyway, it was awesome.

I've drifted away from professional wrestling but still flip over to see what's going on in the squared circle every once in awhile. Just a few months ago, in a moment of unbelievable coincidence, I was trying to explain to my wife about pro wrestling and describing some of the wrestlers. I mentioned how much I enjoyed watching the Undertaker and turned to the station that carries the wrestling shows to let her see some of the action herself. I got goose bumps the moment I heard the baneful gong announcing the entry of the Undertaker into the ring. I told her "I can't believe it, that's HIM!" I can't even remember who he was fighting, but it was a good match and ended in an Undertaker victory. Frankly, I thing my wife was less than impressed, but I was thrilled.

Today I found myself between projects so just decided to surf around the internet on random topics and decided to see what the Undertaker was up to. That's when I found this site and found Ms. Quested's article. I enjoyed reading the background on Mr. Calaway and learning a bit about the man behind the hooded hat. It was a good article and I don't understand the fuss about whether he was born in 1962 or 1965 and other similar disputed facts in her piece. I respect that she presented an enjoyable article pulled together from sources she felt comfortable using and forewarned the reader that not everything could be verified 100%, but that she went with the best information she had that she believed to be accurate.

Vandamination of a Nation! - by Matt Toy

Is Rob Van Dam ready to Vandaminate the wrestling industry as we remember he once did? Before his injury in January 2005, he was not the RVD that dominated the WWE back in 2002. He was stuck in mid-card limbo, tagging with Rey Mysterio. At the time they were feuding with the Basham Brothers. The Tag Team Division held both RVD and Rey back in terms of their single's careers. They were unable to show their potential to be WWE Championship contenders. They weren't even facing high profile tag teams. Before that RVD & Rey were feuding with Kenzo Suzuki and Renee Dupree, who they beat for the WWE tag team championship. He had not held a singles title (the division he excelled in) since losing the Intercontinental Championship to Randy Orton a year prior. How do you go from being in RAW's main-event at Unforgiven 2002 to being in the Tag Division against Kenzo Suzuki and Renee Dupree two years later? At this point it would be hard for RVD to make it back to the top.

After his injury it gave me hope that he would make a comeback similar to Triple H's in January 2002. Winning to Royal Rumble and going to WrestleMania to win the belt. Then on June 12th , 2005 at ECW One Night Stand he cut an infamous shoot promo on the WWE. This meant that the WWE was focusing on RVD; giving him the spotlight indicates that they intend to push him when he comes back. Then, on June 27th, he appeared on Carlito's Cabana after being drafted to RAW. On the show Carlito attacked RVD obviously setting up a rivalry for when RVD returns. At the time Carlito was a mid-carder so I knew no title run would come out of that rivalry. It meant at least one good thing - no more tag teams.

Now that RVD has returned the question is if he is in the position for a main event run? To do this he'll need to go through a couple of months of high profile (non title) matches at major PPV's before people forget about his period of being nothing more than a mid-carder (early 2003 - early 2005) in a slump. Then he will be ready to challenge for the WWE Championship. Judging by what we've seen so far, that is exactly what he's going to do.

Why Rey Mysterio Should Headline Wrestlemania 22 - by Greg Hackett

July 25th, 2002- Rey Mysterio beats Chavo Guerrero in very exciting match. A sign of plenty of things to come. Later that same night Rey pulls one of the craziest jumps off of a steel cage that I have ever seen in all of my 9 years of watching wrestling. That was Rey Mysterio's first ever match in the WWE. For most of you out there, you're probably thinking why would that be a good reason for Rey Mysterio to get a title shot at Wrestlemania 22. If I was reading this at first glance, I would agree with every last one of you. but that is not my only reason. Rey Mysterio is one of the most precedented cruiserweights in wrestling history. He has held the Cruiserweight title an astounding nine times. That is the most any cruiserweight in WWE or WCW has ever held that title. Which in my eyes will never be broken. Another reason I feel he should get his title shot at Wrestlemania 22 is because he is a crowd favorite. When Rey dials someone up for the 619 the crowd goes freaking nuts. Also, everyone always thinks of Rey as a underdog. You put him in a match against someone like Randy Orton or Chris Benoit, and at first glance your would think they have the size advantage; this is true, but if Mysterio gets the crowd behind him he will put out a string of moves like nobodies business. Also, the WWE wants to put Randy Orton in the main event at Wrestlemania 22. Why would you want to put someone like him in the main event. I can understand wanting to put him in a match at Wrestlemania, but not something as big as the main event.

Maybe a mid-card match for the United States or Tag Team Titles, but not for something as big as the World Heavyweight Title. My final reason is to show respect for the late, great Eddie Guerrero. Rey and Eddie were closer than any of us will probably ever know; not just within storyline, but in real life too. Now would you think true Eddie Guerrero fans would want to see a person like Randy Orton going to Wrestlemania and not only headlining the biggest pay-per-view of the year, but also having a chance at winning the World Heavyweight Title? Oh, and let's not forget the obvious. Rey Mysterio won the Royal Rumble. Not all of you are going to agree with my article, but hey you have your opinions and I have mine.

Wrestling's Monsters

by John Corrigan

Throughout history there have always been stories of monsters. These fables were used to entertain people and scare the human mind. The Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot, and Loch Ness Monster are all examples of this tradition. However, tradition is always an aspect of wrestling that is disputed. There are many traditions that are carried down through wrestling generations. None, however, like the concept of wrestling monsters. There have been many through the years, all bringing different personalities to the "squared circle." I am here to bring to you now some of these monsters that currently wrestle today.

Abyss - In today's world, evil is always mentioned due to the numerous world affairs and violence. No one thinks of storybook monsters as today's common criminal. However by appearance, there is no one who looks more like the part of a monster than Abyss. After all, his nickname is the "Monster" Abyss! Some refer to him as a weapon of mass destruction, and others refer to him as the most original wrestler in TNA today. Abyss acts like a monster in all aspects of life. He never talks. The TNA favorite only grunts and screams with bursts of anger. He destroys his opponents with a fury of devastating power moves. The "Monster" is most known for risking his body in brutal matches; most notably, the "Barbed Wire Massacre" at TNA Turning Point. He even needs the "Sinister Minister" James Mitchell to manage and take control of him. He truly strikes fear in his opponents and most importantly, the fans. Don't cross paths with this "Weapon of Mass Destruction" or it will be Doomsday for you!

Kane - The "Big Red Machine" has been dominating the ring for almost a decade. He has battled through all challengers; X-Pac, Undertaker, Shane McMahon, and Stone Cold just to name a few. His monster abilities are very obvious. He has survived the most dangerous matches. He defeated The "King of Kings" Triple H in a Steel Chain match. He has endured two Elimination Chambers. He was even ignited with fire in an Inferno match! So with the physical aspects of a monster very clear, it's time to examine the mental aspects. Besides having a very bizarre childhood (I know it's a storyline, but just stick to Kayfabe), Kane has encountered many challenges in the WWE. He has always had women problems from Tori to Terri to the notorious Katie Vick. Kane also had to take off his mask in front of the world. That brought some destruction if you remember. So the man that has walked through "hellfire and brimstone" is arguably the #1 monster on RAW.

Boogeyman - This guy is whacked! He's definitely a monster that scares children. Now, I'm not sure if he's supposed to scare the fans, because only little kids are scared. However, he looks to be a character designed for kids to love. Whatever the case may be, Boogeyman is a true, worm-eating monster. His entrance is spooky. His matches are scary ; Boogeyman is a real monster, and possibly SmackDown!'s most intimidating superstar.

Well, that's about it for now. The future of monsters doesn't look promising, but you never know. Maybe a new monster is approaching in the world as we speak. He may not be a "Weapon of Mass Destruction", or a "Big Red Machine", and he may not be "Coming to Get You!" But, bet your bottom dollar that anything can happen in the world of pro wrestling!

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