Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 05/2004
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

Hi, My name is Jordan -- by Jordan Jordan

Hi, My name is Jordan, i have my own little backyard wrestling league i know all the proffesionals hate that but hey im too young to go proffesional anyway. Anywho both RAW and Smackdown have very stupid alliances that you change ASAP. Lets start with RAW: The Evolution alliance, so here we have Ric Flair, Tripple H, Batista, Randy Orton, thats all good except for Batista. Batista in my persanol unbias opinion Batista could be another Brock Lesnar or Goldberg, he definatly has the potential to become the World Heavyweight Champion, ok sure maybe he lacks in acting skills but i meen common so did Brock and Goldberg. David Batista should be against Tripple H not with him i meen even i would of thought the writers of the WWE would have thought of that by now. Ok so we've covered RAW lets move on to smackdown: The alliance between RVD and Eddie Guerrero, what the hell? last they were together they hated eachothers guts, why you ask? over an argument on who invented the 5 Star Frog Splash. This makes the storyline seem very inconsistant RVD should hate Eddie even more now that he is holding the WWE Chamionship. And besides like all other former ECW stars Rob Vand Dam is way too underrated in the WWE (except for maybe Mic Foley)we need to see more people like RVD, Rhyno, Batista, and Matt Morgan holding more prestigous belts around they're wastes.

Props For OWW -- by Joe Huber

I just wanted to write and say that I enjoy the focus on the positivity in wrestling. Sure there are lots of negatives in wrestling, but there are more then enough negative wrestling websites. Also there is so much info on this site that I enjoy reading from time to time. Profiles on wrestlers I enjoyed or even missed out on. Different wrestling feds and tons of stories/profiles/pictures etc. There is so much to enjoy here and I am glad this site is back and better then ever.

Thanks for being one of the positive wrestling sites that focuses on some of the best wrestlers and great eras in wrestling. I am a big fan of this site. I enjoy writing columns for the site as well. Take care and thanks again for doing a great job. :)

Stone Cold Shenanigans -- by Brian Bertrand

For a while now many wrestling companies have tried to the recently released Stone Cold Steve Austin. AWA was going to be the first to at least sign him for a big dream match against Hulk Hogan but WWE's BS legal team decided to put a cease and desist to the whole thing just because they're using Austin's own trademark. Rumors have spread around that NJPW were already in negotiations with the Texas Rattlesnake but no word upon his status.

How of of a move is this? Austin could be the biggest star in Japan since Goldberg and Rick Steiner. NJPW would be a great place to give Japanese fans some Southern hospitality in forms of the Stone Cold Stunner. Other rumors were floating around that Austin might join NWA-TNA. You never know what would happen behind the wrestling business. That is, of course, if it's not in WWE. Either way the WWE is hurting no one but themselves when you look at the big picture. They really had no reason to be ass-hurt about his name because he never sold the name to them. I doubt he went up to them and said "Hey how about I give you the Stone Cold name, something that I made up that I can give you?" I mean sure, they put it on the shirts so they are entitled to it. But if that were the case then why are they showing old WCW images of Sting? Sting's on NWA-TNA so shouldn't Jerry Jarrett put a cease and desist on matches involving him? It would seem a bit more reasonable.

My point is that WWE has made a critical mistake. No matter what role Steve Austin plays, he will always be just as popular as he was in 1998. I do not think Austin had any loss of that (the exception being his WCW/ECW Alliance role which had his popularity slip a little bit). I hope Vince McMahon has a new solution for his new problem.

Xtreme's Thoughts -- by XtremeFalls43

WWE has a load of big problems but one thing that bugs me most is how they have killed the titles. I mean years ago The WWF Heavyweight title meant something, Like WCW's title did. Then Came Russo winning the title, David Arquette, WCW most worst Moment the Finger point with Hogan and Nash. WWE u had Vince hold it and he can't keep the belt on one man I mean damn HHH holds the belt every two weeks sense 1999 he is a 8 time champion which is stupid cause He can't carry the company, he isn't Rock or Hogan Or Flair or Sting or Stone Cold. To fix the company you can give title reigns longer like 9 or 12 months. Ok Next WWE Tag Division sucks just thought I put that in. Anyways, One thing I noticed WWE pushes Young Talent really Bad I mean ok take Brock Lesnar just came in Big Push Ego grew out of control, And in less than a year 2 time Champion, one He shouldn't even been Champion, two He should 5 months into the push. I mean they set up a monster who by the end was another Triple H, Controlling the Show making it boring and predictable. ONe thing I'm tired of hearing is about Billy Gunn getting fired, ok ONe I give u he hasn't done anything but he isn't getting the storylines, he is WWE Champion material. I'm really excited about the Shelton vs. Orton Storyline that is coming it should be a good one, Hopefully They plan it out. and the Dudleys changing is needed but They better not screw this up cause there turning boring. Anywayz thankz for listing see ya later..

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