Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 05/2005
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

Definetly a New Beginning -- by Ryan Carter

I don't know if anyone else notices but WWE right now looks just like it did in the mid1990s, people did not watch wrestling as much as in the 80s but once Stone Cold Steve Austin came to WWE and became WWE Champion, the WWE skyrocketed and eveybody was watching wrestling. Now WWE is in the same boat. Since John Cena has now become WWE Champion, I think he is the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, because Austin always said what he wanted on the mic and so does John Cena. Just give it some time and I think the WWE will get much better really soon. The draft and the suspected rumor that TNA will move IMPACT! to Monday nights on Spike TV and the Monday Night Wars will start up again which means WWE will have to improve it's shows.

What the Funk? -- by Kyle S.

I've just seen a clip of the new documentary "Forever Hardcore" and seen interview quotes from Terry Funk regarding his involvement, or lack or thereof, in the ECW: One Night Stand Pay-Per-View. He makes the argument that his body can't stand two gruelling matches that he would most likely end up having at both ECW reunion shows. He chose to work "Hardcore Homecoming". That's respectable and completely understandable. What isn't is how he can knock WWE and Vince McMahon for making money out of ECW.

Tommy Dreamer. Taz. The Dudley Boyz. Rob Van Dam. The Sandman. Sabu. The genius himself, Paul Heyman. Who are these people? Oh, that's right, they all personify what ECW was all about. How can Terry Funk knock WWE for having an ECW show when clearly, it has a majority of the major players that came through the company? Dreamer and Heyman are in sole charge of the event, not McMahon despite him writing the checks. It isn't as if it's guys that are down on money, or washed up and are working ECW: One Night Stand for a buck and don't care about the sentimental value of the show. They were the heart and soul of the company and bled and busted their asses just like Funk did. Granted, McMahon and WWE will make money off of the show but so what? Doesn't that cement the fact that YES, ECW was a premier promotion and has a great place in history and that YES, fans loved, love, and will forever love the company that started out in the "World's Most Famous Bingo Hall"? If Funk's claims that he doesn't give a damn about ECW are true, why would Vince go through the trouble of signing men like Mikey Whipwreck, The Sandman, JT Smith, Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten, and so many others that aren't the biggest of stars? He did it because deep down, he has a soul and might just realize he didn't give ECW its fair share or shot. It isn't as if it's being promoted with all the names, so if Vince REALLY wanted to make the most money out of it, he would have. But he didn't.

Terry Funk doesn't need to work both shows, it's his choice. But, both shows will feature a majority of the same talent, save for anyone affiliated with TNA. That basically means that Funk is working the same show, minus a few names missing from each one. Does it matter where the money goes? Not really, because in the end, Hardcore Homecoming will sell so many DVD's that the payday will be just as large as it would be in WWE. The real winner isn't WWE...the real winner is anyone who wanted to see ECW get the proper farewell. Better yet, the proper resurrection.

WWE Style lacks "style" -- by Jay Tusch

No, I'm not talking about AJ Styles, even though his addition to WWE wouldn't hurt. I'm talking about the WWE ring style that has, ever since the original brand split, shifted from TLC, hardcore, triple threats, and brawling to a more technical, mat-based style. That doesn't really bother me because I've always favored pure wrestling than garbage cans. However, without that variety, all the matches are really starting to look the same. I have really noticed this ever since I started watching TNA and RoH, which use a variety of matches that appeal a wide range of styles. TNA has the X-Division and the six-sided ring. RoH has scrambles, mayhem matches, fights without honor, etc. WWE really just has singles matches and tag matches, most of which are very formulaic due to the lack of real tag teams and match time restrictions.

I don't really blame WWE, since their monster form of revenue is PPV. They build to the payoff with squash matches, dirty finishes, and five-man beatdowns. RoH is a regional promotion that puts on shows sporadically, and whose main revenue stream is DVD sales, so you won't find squash series and weekly buildups. They have to put on a good show everytime, and they rarely fail to deliver. Paul London actually looks normal sized in RoH, compared to the mad-bumping dwarf he portrays in WWE, doesn't he?

Still, the main advantage of PPV is that there are no commercial breaks, so why doesn't WWE use that to their advantage? Like, instead of doing that side headlock or resthold spot (both of which don't even look like they hurt, but that's more due to a lack of selling) to signal a commercial, why not pull off a high spot during the break so that the audience feels like they missed something because of the commercial, something that wouldn't happen during a PPV.

I'm kind of ranting. I guess what I'm trying to say is that WWE matches are boring, in terms of predictability and formula. Even the great matches look the same. They start off with mat sequences, turn into a more pro-style, there's a huge bump and a rest period, and then the false finishes take place where both wrestlers miss their finishers at least once. If the Rey Rey/Guerrero match tonight turns into a technical match of who can out-maneuver the other, it means WWE psychology is flushed down the drain, because these two are supposedly out for blood, so there better be a tire iron in this match.

PS: My least favorite spot is the one where a guy misses an attack in the corner and rams his shoulder into the post.

Rock Bottom -- by Devin F

I have been asking myself this question for a while, why is the Rock such a coward? Alot of people dont agree with me but ya gotta admit, if you only show up once or twice a year to the job you love something is making you afraid. I think it`s the fact that The Coach is waiting for him. Don`t get me wrong I hate Coach, but every time he has come back he has assaulted him. To set the record streight, I don`t like the Rock that much. He has betrayed wrestling for something that he totally sucks at. Thats my opinion if you disagree well to bad.

The Age Of Stables Is Over -- by Lionel Suggs

In today's WWE, there are barely any groups of three to four anymore. In the past WWF, we had Degeneration-X, The Ministry of Darkness, The Brood, The Corporation, The Radicalz, The Union, The Nation, The Hart Foundation, and more. Most of these groups would last a long time, before jealousy and betrayal occurred. There is always a person who is the main attraction in a group like Randy Orton in Evolution, or The Rock in the Nation.

Now in WWE, everyone is by themselves and the Tag Team division is poor. The Heart Throbs, Simon Dean & Maven, The Super Heroes, and Holly & Haas are just tag teams with no real purpose. Evolution had a good run, but the way it dismantled was stupid. Once Randy Orton was taken out of the group, it was only a matter of time before the whole group sank. The action in the past came from the stables. People would talk about the groups in the WWF, and watch the shows to see who would get ambushed backstage by D-X, or how worse can The Corporation ruin Austin's life. Now there is no interference by a friend, but by someone who has no affiliation with you at all. All I am saying is that the stables in WWE are gone and they need to be brought back now! The WWE needs them.

TNA Review: Got Potential? -- by D. Jeffrow

There are many different views on TNA and I think it's a quality product but with many flaws. One of those flaws is money. Recently I heard that overall they've cost 20 million of Panda Energy's money and owe quite a few workers (Waltman comes to mind). Two is T.V time and popularity. Their shows are quite limited in the only hour they get per week, while WWE has four hours a week for both brands. Three is the booking. Booking has never been top notch since Dusty Rhodes took over, but it went from bad to worse after the Destination X PPV and became stupid and unprofessional looking.

Anyway from now I predict there could be a major success in the business, and recently some good news has come about. I'm sure you all heard that Dusty resigned as head booker as of today. Also since RAW's exit from Spike T.V this September has been confirmed, there is a good opportunity for TNA to really buzz off. Say if TNA did get a two hour slot at a good time. They could start using there big stars on a weekly basis and have enough to not have every match be a squash against David Young, Lex Lovett, Buck Quatermain or the X division. This would create a lot more interest for people to watch the product which would give TNA money to fund all their wrestlers easily. Storylines would be built up a lot better and make more sense and hype rather than relying just on good promos. All their merchandise would go out in stores and could make a big profit to even make a nice arena for the Impact zone with a whole new look. New titles have been mentioned on their website including the HARDCORE and T.V titles. With the possibilities of Matt Hardy coming, and bringing his popularity, it has a lot of potential. People like Rhyno, Test, Rikishi, Sting, Bagwell and Steiner may also be available. With more stardom they could attract all of these and really contest. This is what I think and hope will happen and will become the next big thing.

The Next Big Heel: Muhammad Hussan -- by Craig Lewis

What do you think, when you hear the word 'heel' in wrestling? I think of a guy who will try his utmost to be the number one man in the wrestling business. A great heel is a guy who gets booed from the minute his music hits to the minute he leaves the ring. A superstar that can aggravate a crowd so much that they want to physically kill him. A man that will leave no stone unturned and do whatever it takes to win. Leaving people broken in their path to success. That is what I think of when I hear the word 'heel.

There have been many past and present superstars that have been a top heel at one time or another. Names like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Triple H, John Bradshaw Layfield and Kurt Angle spring to mind as some of the greats.

The new generation also offers us a slice of entertaining heels like Edge and Christian who are sure to go down as two greats. The man who I think has the potential to be the 'Next Big Heel' is none other than.......... Muhammad Hassan.

I think this guy has all the potential in the world, and then some. He has great mic skills, he is a good wrestler, he was an annoying manager and most importantly the crowd (love to) hate him. He is only 24 years old and already he has an undefeated streak on RAW since January 2005 and has an OVW Heavyweight Championship reign under his belt. He has a priceless gimmick, which gets more heat from the fans even if you were Canadian, or if you were Shawn Michaels wrestling in Canada.

He already holds victories over Chris Jericho and wrestling legends like Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Sergeant Slaughter. I am sure that with or without the help of Daivari, Hassan will notch up a few big names on his defeated list.

Some wrestlers come into the WWE and they just have that look about them, which makes you realise that they are going to be a superstar, i.e. Brock Lesnar.

I think that there is defiintetly gold in the future for this young man, whether it be the World Heavyweight/WWE, Intercontinental or US Championships. I feel that Muhammad Hassan will be the next big heel in the WWE. Muhammad Hassan will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come in the WWE.

The Best Wrestling Era Ever (1997 - 1999) -- by Bryan Kent

First, I would like to say that I am only 12, but I am a huge wrestling fan. I hope you enjoy my column.

So, let's start off at WrestleMania 14. The WWF entered a new era. The "Attitude" era. Just to say, you will NEVER have Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker, Mick Foley, Triple H, Ken Shamrock, Kane and X-Pac wrestle together in the same federation ever again.

The mid-1997, to mid-1999 years were the best wrestling I remember. Who can forget the classic battle between The Rock and Mankind in an I Quit match? The Beerbath on the Corporation? The hilarious parody of The N.O.D. with HHH as "the crock", and X-Pac as "Miazark Henry"? Now, on RAW, you have a mentally crazy brick hitting dude (Edge) and a guy who likes to set people on fire (Kane) battling it out for a "world title shot"? More like, "the finals of the craziest guy on earth match".

Now, to focus on SmackDown!, it is not great. They decide to split up Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, two fan favorites. Now, Kurt Angle with his little "Kurt Angle Invitational". How about "attacking guys smaller than you from behind invitational". Guys who I fall asleep watching (literally), are: Matt Morgan, Kurt Angle, The Bashams, Orange Juice (Orlando Jordan) and Justa Big Loser (JBL). I used to like BRADSHAW. Not JBL, BRADSHAW, the difference? Bradshaw is a fearless brawler. Justa Big Loser, the name says it all.

Chris Benoit getting stale -- by mike dudzinski

The WWE draft for RAW and SMACKDOWN! are coming up this month. There are a few people i hope switch and a few that stay on there own respective brand. There is one guy though i hope does switch. a guy who has won it all and is a pretty big name on RAW. I think his character is getting stale. that person you ask is the Crippler Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit has done everything possible that he can do on raw. Speaking for myself and a few other people i have talked to i couldn't get any sicker of seeing him vs Edge, Christian, Kane, Triple H, and pretty much the whole roster. Benoit has faced them all on so many occasions and it gets old. He doesn't help by every time he is in the ring he has something really wrong with him like his stitched up head, His hurt arm at Wrestlemania, and then this past raw have what looked like a concussion. That does not help sell anything especially when he fights someone like Kane who is supposed to be this monster but yet cant beat a limp Benoit who is like 5 foot.

Going to smackdown might lively up his character a bit. Maybe turn him bad and join with Eddie now that he has turned heel. Possibly start one of the greatest all time feuds back up with Kurt Angle so they can put on there awesome matches together again.

I am sure many people will disagree with me. I'm open for criticism. I think we can all agree sending him to smackdown would be the best bet. because a Benoit vs edge again would be horrible. in fact a Benoit vs anyone on raw would be horrible.

Response to "Chris Benoit getting stale" -- by michael nader

You know I was thinking about the same thing a couple of days ago, and I sort of agree and disagree.

Benoit is one of my two favorite wrestlers on Raw. I think it wouldn't hurt Benoit too much to stay on Raw. Some people on smackdown! are coming to Raw, that's something to bear in mind.I was sort of hoping to see Benoit team up and win the tag titles with my other favorite wrestler on Raw Y2j, but that's just a selfish wish.

I also disagree with calling Benoit stale. The writing is stale, not Benoit. I believe Benoit has done his best to make the best of every match he's been in.

However I also agree with you on some points, for one thing, when benoit was on smackdown! he was one of the big names on the business. When he went to raw and won the world title, I thought it would for sure solidify him as number 1 contender after he'd lose it. Then i realized the horrible truth. Benoit wasn't to be one of the top boys anymore. He was doomed to turn to mid-carder level, while some other pretty face is focusing on taking the title from HHH.

And it isn't just Benoit HHH is screwing over. It's people like Jericho, Kane, Orton, Edge maybe even Christian.

I personally feel these guys, the guys people REALLY want to see, are being kept on Raw so people will watch the show with HHH on it.

Smackdown! could use some better guys. Kurt Angle can't do it all on his own. If people like Benoit went to smackdown! It would do good for them, and perhaps it would do good for smackdown! as well.

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