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I went 2 a Live Event!! -- by Kristen DiAngelis

I went 2 a Live Event in Boston (Raw Crew) on Saturday June 5th, 2004!! I really enjoyed it. I had 3rd row on the floor and it was the best wrestling event I ever went 2. I am a really big fan of Triple H and thought he looked really hot. Randy Orton looked really cute also. It was really funny. When Edge pulled down Ric Flairs tights, I really didnt want 2 see that but it was pretty funny. When Edge's thong was showing now that was cute. When Randy Orton was doing those jumpin jacks and being cocky, I thought that was cute. I got really good pictures and it was awesome. I really liked it when Triple H had his ass toward my deriction and he adjusted his tights. That was a sight I wwanted 2 see. Triple H actually smiled at me cause I was yelling, "Where's Stephanie?" I like it when they get in2 the crowd like when they say stuff on the mic. U really dont see that on Raw or Smackdown. It was really funny when Flair got on the mic and was saying bad things about Boston. I was yelling, "Thats y the Pats beat the Pathners." Then Edge got on the mic and said that. It was funny when Trish Stratus came out and all the boys had money in there hand see if she will strip 4 it. I was really hoping 2 see Stephanie McMahon there cause I love her and she is my idol. Also cause she was at the Raw House shows in Ireland and England and stuff, so I thought she will be there but she wasnt. I thought Stephanie was going 2 come out and introduce the crowd or when Eric Bischoff said he was the best gm ever. Cause I think Stephanie is the best gm ever (I hope she comes back soon cause I really miss her). My favorite match was Triple H vs Chris Benoit vs Kane because I love Triple H and they were all over the floor. Meaning they went outside the ring.

Trish turn Face Again! -- by Terry M.

Am I the only one who is kinde of upset about Trish Stratus not being a face, she was way more victorious when she was a face and had fans; more fans= Better buy rate and better ratings. Now many people say Trish Stratus is better looking when shes a heel, now why say that? She looks the same to me and if I had to make a opinion I'd say she looks better has a face! I went to Smackdown! and she was doing an autograph signing, now you all know what it said on the commerical, but it lied. But I still got to say hi and she was very nice and I like her better like that. Yes some of her segments are funny and her mic skills are better as a heel, but Face Trish is better. So please WWE im begging you, turn Trish Face again!

WWE- final means final -- by Freeman Forever

Would somebody please tell the WWE final means FNIAL, EVER, NEVER AGAIN! So let me take you back to the Royal Rumble 04 Shawn Michales vs World Champion Triple H (or Trips, 3H etc) in a last man standing FINAL CONFRONTATION, now here's my problem, the mathc was very good, ending a biut poor Michaels superkicked HHH both men counted down, a draw! Triple H retains the title, fued over, right? Well no, the next night on Raw Austin (Euggh) tells HBk he deserves a rematch but Benoit comes out says he's faciong HHH at mania ass he won the rumble so can pick the title he challenges for, and so it continues. Michaels signs Benoit's wrestlemania contract, things get heated and low and behold At Mania 20 HBK v HHH V Benoit triple Threat foir the title, so the fued isn't ove but it's not a HHHv HBK match, thank God! RRemtach at Backlacsh- same thing.Benoit adn Michaels fued over belt Michaelshas Benoit beat woith superkick HHH screws him~! HHH is gonna earn a title shot in a "mini-rumble" HBk screws hium, so at Bad Blood HHH v HBK in a Hell in a cell match,which is promoted by showing HHH kicking Mick Foley, Kevin Nash and Jericho in previous hell in cell matches and showing HBK V HHH fued! umm hello. Micahels waas in the first Hell In A Cell, infact the idea of a roof on a cage was HBK's idea in the first place! So anyway they wnet at it in abloodbath, one good spot off a ladder, lots of "brutality" dull match by HBK standards, HHH won. NOW IT BETTER BE OVER. or else.

But thinking about it thi sis not the 1st time we've seen WWe say something's final then go back on it! Let me tacke you further back to No WAy Out 2000: Mick Foley V HHH- Helll In A Cell. If Foley loses he;'s gone, forever, FINAL! good matc, Foley loses, leaves teary-eyed and he';s gone- shame. He comes back at Wrestlemania in a poor fatal four way- mcmahon in each corner- whoowho! He's gone, over, forever, FINAL, right? well not really comes back as commisioner, but he's not wrestling which was the point so tis ok. He gets beaten up adn fired. comes back as co-gm after Austin is gone for GOOD! faces Randy Orton, match never takes plavce- still not wrestling.Buildup to Mania 20 Foley comes back screws orton out of Rumble, not officially wrestling- line is starting to get blurred here! and lo and behold Mania 20 faces evolutionm with rock in pointless gimmick match. Backlash proper Foley v Orton-Hardcore- scheduled match- GET OUT OF THAT ONE VINCE!

Wrestling vs Soap Opera -- by JoeyL5

I would really love to see more matches and less behind the scenes stuff. It would also be cool to see a match that didn't involve outside interference. My 9 and 7 year old boys have recently become fans and we have started watching together. I grew up watching "Wrestling at the Chase" from St. Louis with the Von Erichs, Harley Race, Dick the Bruiser, King Kong Brody, Ric Flair, etc. As wrestling became more popular, I was a huge fan of the Hulk Hogan, Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, etc., era. Then I became a fan of WCW and the nWo storyline. Today, the storylines have taken over. There is better dialogue in late night movies. It's insulting to us as viewers for the writers to expect us to believe some of this stuff. The latest Paul Heyman kidnapping Paul Bearer in order to get the Undertaker's services is a joke. The anit-wrestling faction that always cries "it's fake" is more often referring to the backstage episodes than the matches themselves. WWE needs to develop strong characters that can speak for themselves in the ring instead of in the locker room.

Do You Have Any Regretes? -- by Brad Dykens

I guess it deserves mentioning what has been going on with Bradshaw these days. He's got a tough enough battle convincing the insatiable WWE fans that he's worthy of his sudden main event push lately. I have been completely supportive of Bradshaw during this time, and feel he is more than worthy of the push, and prooved it when he put on a dynamite match with Eddy Guerrero at Judgment Day. One thing I would change is that I would cut his promo time in half, because he tends to get repeatative. However, his gimmick and his cause are greatly admirable. ------ Fast forward to June 5, 2004, the WWE's Passport to Pain tour took the Smackdown! crew all the way to Munich, Germany for another rabid international event. Bradshaw teamed with Booker T in the main event against Eddy Guerrero & The Undertaker. At some point during the match, Bradshaw decided that a good way of gaining some cheap crowd heat would be to start goose-stepping around the ring and immitating the Hitler-salut to the crowd. Not only are these mannurisisms OFFENSIVE to Germans, but they are in fact ILLIGAL to do on German soil! I'd like to think Bradshaw could plead ignorance and admit that he just wasn't aware of the sensitive nature of what he was doing. Even still, considing the 50th Anniversary of D-Day was recognized just a week earlier, I think Bradshaw should have used a little more discrecion.. Bradshaw at least owes the fans of Germany a personal apology, not some corporate explaination on the website. The incident was such an embarassment that Bradshaw was fired by CNBC from his "financial analist" job and supposedly repremanded by the WWE (I think he'll more than likely get rewarded for the publicity instead).. I still support Bradshaw's WWE push but I no longer have respect for John Layfield..

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