Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 06/2005
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

Smackdown to ECW show by Adam Veltri

If there is something more in the works with ECW, like bringing them back as a third brand, I don't think it would work as both brands seem kind of thin now. With the announcement of Smackdown eventually moving to Fridays, changing the Smackdown brand into an ECW show would definitely be the route to go. I mean Smackdown is already seen as the inferior brand and don't they pull in lower ratings? Triple H reinforced it a week or so ago congratulating Angle on making it back to the big time. With the move to Friday nights and Raw going back a network where they will be most hyped show, there seems to be a pretty big discrepancy between the air times of the shows. By giving the Friday slot to an ECW brand, the inferiority in airings and brands will make sense. The only current problem is meshing some of the established WWE smackdown talent with the rest of an ECW roster. Obviously guys like Orton, Taker, Big Show, Booker T and JBL wouldn't fit on this type of show, though JBL is already an instant heel with the ECW fans. There is still some time before the Friday night slot becomes reality so some of these guys could some way make their way over to Raw. ECW could have Benoit, Jericho, RVD, and Guerrero leading the pack on their brand along with a handful of other ECW veterans and upcoming young guys that hardly ever get air time now on Raw and Smackdown. The idea may seem pretty out there now but we'll see how bad the ratings Smackdown gets when they make the move.

There is an opportunity to start this next Smackdown, but I'm sure one, if not, two of the five participants in the world title matches at vengeance will be making their way to Smackdown through the draft and trades. If not, however and the new Smackdown championship match happens, how about this? Big Show gets drafted to Raw, RVD (if he's healed) returns to fill his spot and wins the match - vacates title with Heyman and declares himself ECW Champ.

Destiny Fulfilled by #### #########

Raven is the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Those are words I've been waiting to say ever since he emerged on the scene in early 2003. When he debuted for TNA on January 22nd and declared that the NWA title was his destiny I was waiting with bated breath to see what would happen. Needless to say I was left depressed as he was pushed lower and lower down the card as time went on. Then there was a glimmer of hope for all Raven fans who wanted him as their champion... the wildcard entry into the King of the Mountain match. But that was snatched away when "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko was assaulted by Raven which led to his immediate suspension by then DOA Dusty Rhodes. This, coupled with Jeff Jarrett's "arrest", set up for the most shocking/amazing moment in TNA's three year history.

TNA did an amazing job by setting this all up. The surprise factor of Raven "quitting" and then being put in the match in Jarrett's place kept Raven fans on their toes. Most, if not all, of Raven's fans were very mad that TNA had slighted Raven again when it seemed that he wouldn't even be featured on the card. But instead there was a role reversal and Jeff ended up sitting the anniversary show out and Raven became the new King of the Mountain and more importantly the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. It may not have been a classic match like his one on one with Jarrett on April 40th and may have come a bit later than most would have hoped but there's no denying that Raven was well deserving.

"Quote the NWA Champion... Nevermore."

What happened to the Big Red Machine?
by Patrick McCormick

Who remembers when Kane premiered? The WWE was on track with their second greatest storyline of all-time, 1st is/was The Undertaker. Kane was huge and believable. He was entertaining and downright scary. His feuds with The Undertaker could still be taking place today, if only they didn't remove the mask. I understood the basis of the storyline and I was onboard with it, but now Kane barely qualifies as a jobber. His character is appalling and not appealing. I usually put the TV on mute when Kane comes into the frame. The WWE should reinstate the mask and transform Kane into the original Big Red Machine. It would be so refreshing to see a dominant heel wrestler again. The current heels are great as far mic skills go, but I am talking about Kane coming down to the ring scaring the crap out of, and choke slamming, everyone. I have been a fan for 20 years and have seen many different storylines come and go, falter and flourish but if you want a character to make it and endure for decades to come, then don't reinvent the wheel when you have a pretty great damn wheel in the first place. Sometimes giving the fans what they want all of the time will hurt more in the long run.

Why not the Bookerman -- by Kenny Warren

This column is solely to pose the question of.............WHY HAS BOOKER T NOT BEEN GRANTED A WWE TITLE? Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that at Wrestlemania 19, Booker was scheduled to defeat The Lame HHH, but due to Goldberg's upcoming arrival HHH did not wish to relinquish the title. Booker T has had several chances at the title, but Vinny Mac hasn't let him overcome. Some people say it is because of race (Now I know that some people will say what about the Rock, Eddie G, etc.), I don't really know. I'm not playing any race cards, but Orlando Jordan, Shelton Benjamin, and Booker T have only managed to capture the U.S. and Intercontinental titles (With the exception of Booker winning back the WCW title when he arrived at WWE). In the early days the Intercontinental and US titles were stepping stones to the top. Now they are worthless titles. I enjoy Booker T and Kurt Angle, but lets get real. This angle (no pun intended) with he aand Kurt is ludicrous. The window will not be open for Booker for long, so I would like to see him have a run. He has good wrestling talent and mike skills and can flat out get it done. For people who disagree, remember back to his WCW TV title days when time after time he overcame, sometimes two guys in the same night (i.e. Rick Martel and Saturn). Now if he doesn't deserve the title who does? One more thing...NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Bret Hart & Hulk Hogan: A Feud Examined -- by Brandon Skinner

In Hulk Hogan's book, Hulkamania Still Rules, Hulk Hogan mentions his attending Owen Hart's funeral. He then mentions speaking to Bret and feeling as though the two had buried their hatchet. Then he claims Bret Hart was in the papers, trash talking him. Hulk Hogan claims he "couldn't understand it". Bret Hart himself has claimed that Hulk Hogan had badmouthed him several times backstage at WWE events. Yet Bret always seems to bring question to Hogan's claims. In WCW they teamed together in a dream team like alliance. Bret Hart actually has a tribute to Hulk Hogan on his official website, He is actually featured in Hulk Hogan's edition of "E! True Hollywood Stories" as saying that Hogan is one of the best. He says it with a smile. Why? There could be a few reasons. Some say that Bret Hart is trying to make an ally out of Hogan because of the tremendous following he commands. Some, including myself in all honestly, think Bret Hart to be sincere. I myself would like to share a few reasons why. Keep in mind, Bret Hart was in good health, physically and mentally, when he and Hogan took their initial shots at one another behind the scenes. But within the past few years Bret's life has changed dramatically. Having his career suddenly ended by the untalented, blundering and utterly useless Bill Goldberg. Suffering a stroke. HBK still publicly allowing no apology for Montreal. Brian Pillman, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith and his father's all passing. Then Ric Flair's immature, and disgusting comments about Bret in his book. Bret Hart has had a lot to take in the past few years. Hulk Hogan has never actually disrespected Bret like he did the Ultimate Warrior when he called him a "Flash in the pan". So perhaps Bret is saying "no hard feelings" because he realizes that life is too short for the ridiculous behind the scenes bickering most wrestlers participate in now. Hulk Hogan has not offered any unkind words towards Bret Hart, and Bret would likely see this as a sign of respect. As he should. These two men had their differences, but it was kept civil. Bret Hart & Hulk Hogan's small feud should be an example of how professionals should conduct themselves. I was watching ECW's One Night Stand, a great show in all. In this show I saw something that disgusted me. During the RAW/SmackDown versus ECW in ring brawl, JBL was seen throwing hard legit shots at the Blue Meanie, apparently because Meanie had an opinion about JBL that JBL himself found offensive. JBL's actions were immature and he embarrassed himself with his show of unprofessional retaliation. I doubt Hulk Hogan would have taken a shot at Bret if he heard Bret say he was a "bully" like The Meanie claimed JBL was. There are so many egos in the business now, and I for one am glad that the Bret Hart/Hulk Hogan rivalry ended in a civil manor, the fans deserve to see their idols conduct themselves with class. Unfortunately there are not many active wrestlers in the business that care. Thank God for Low-Ki huh?

ECW!!ECW!! -- by Cody Teed

ECW!! ECW!! ECW!! Yes finally ECW is back maybe not completly back but if it is it will be the best thing for the bussiness.ECW brings back the hardcore in wresltling that fast past agression wrestling were people actaully hate eachother.Wrestling today is basically a circle, on Raw its a new champion who then fueds wiht Triple H on smackdown its always a three way battle between JBL,Cena,Angle and the Big show.What ever happend to the lower titles there all out of sight like the tag titles dont seem to be "fued worthy" or the Intercontinental title or the US title ever since Cena broke off to that devision it means nothing or the cruiserwieghts! if the company would let the cruiserweights take the ball they would run soo fast wiht it and i feel almost raise the bar of the company to were the heavywiehgts would have to step it up.Which brings ECW in the fold with ECW back it raises the bar of the other two brands to be more hardcore and agressive and to push the envolpe more and bring back a more exciting product.

More than we know -- by Aaron Harwood

I was recently watching some old raw episodes, from 1997, and ran upon the few weeks the WWE allowed the ECW/Jerry Lawler feud to air on WWE television. Knowing what I know now, that Vince secretly funded ECW, then it now is no surprise, he allowed ECW to go on RAW, but although I didn't notice it then, Lawler a couple of times even said things like I'm not sure why Vince would allow ECW here. Vince has a lot more to do with the Wrestling business than we know of. Who is to say that it stopped at ECW. Maybe Vince secretly funded other small time promotions. We all know he traded talent with the USWA, and 5 years before becoming the hated Mr. McMahon, he was a heel character in the USWA, so perhaps the USWA got help financially. As far as ECW goes, everyone wonders why it went out of business in 2001. The answer... Vince McMahon. Think about it. He just purchases WCW, and the head of ECW now works for him (Paul Heyman) why not end it, and have total domination. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I sometimes wondered if Vince secretly worked a deal with Ted Turner. We all know Vince for a short time had WWE programing airing on Turner networks, but due to a backlash, and pressure from Turner to own part of the WWE, Vince backed off and went to the USA network. But maybe, Vince created a fake war with WCW, and for a while let WCW have control of the ratings, only for them to comeback and overtake the ratings with help from StoneCold and DX. I always wondered this because noticed how sometimes when wrestlers would leave one promotion to the other, they did it with no fan fare, but others, who thought they could get some extra publicity by humiliating the WWE, floundered in WCW. Madusa got a lot of press by dumping the WWE women's title in the trash, and created a lot of paranoia when current champions were thinking of leaving a promotion, (which led in my opinion to the Montreal screw job) but after that first night, Madusa career went no where, and included a love triangle with Sherri & Col. Parker, and a Chyna-esque rip off in which she would win the cruiser-weight title. Bret Hart also sucked in WCW, and we know that he most defenetly didn't leave on the best terms. Best example though is Jeff Jarret. He travelled back and forth from WWE to WCW a couple times, but the last time he left WWE, he decided to publicly humilate Jim Ross, and other WWE Executives. Then Vince desides to pull the plug, buy WCW, and then Jarrett had no where to go. He burned the bridge, that in prior years he had travelled over several times. Vince now has created a world, in which if you want to be a major player on Televison with wrestling, you have to be in his good books. It worked for Hogan, Sable, and Superstar Billy Graham, who reconciled with Vince so they could be on TV again. And sure, now there's TNA, but unless Vince wants them to, I don't think they'll be much of a powerful force in Wrestling.

Marty Jannetty and the Demise of the Intercontinental Title

(article copied with permission from a January 2005 blog by James Victor Gaven:

Last week, I learned one of the most shocking pieces of information in ages. I was initially speechless. Apparently, Marty Jannetty held the WWF Intercontinental Title for approximately 2 weeks in the summer of 1993. To truly understand how unbelievable this is, you need to understand who Marty Jannetty is and what the Intercontinental Title meant back in the day.

When it came to weak tag team partners, Marty Jannetty was the gold standard. During the late 80's and early 90's, Jannetty was teamed up with Shawn Michaels in "The Rockers", a high flying entertaining duo. Well, at least Michaels was. Jannetty sucked. I don't have the stats to prove it, but I believe Jannetty was responsible for 98% of all Rockers losses. If The Rockers went down, it was because Jannetty got pinned. He was so bad that a great beer pong joke is to call your partner "Jannetty" if he's not carrying his weight (and if it happens to be the playoffs, you call him "Peyton Manning", but I digress). Anyway, as Michaels' popularity continued to grow, the WWF realized they needed to promote him as an individual and that Jannetty was just an anchor preventing him from becoming a huge star. Naturally they decided to break up The Rockers, which was done in spectacular fashion with Michaels throwing Jannetty through a plate glass window. As with all wrestling story lines, Jannetty got his revenge. This was done by having him pin Michaels for the Intercontinental Title, making him champ for 2 weeks before Michaels won it back and restored balance to The Force.

What makes it so insulting that Jannetty held this title, even for a short period of time, is that the Intercontinental Title was held by some of the greatest wrestlers during the era of 1984-1993, a nine year span that started with me believing wrestling was real and ended with me a freshman in high school, a 15 year old kid in serious need of a beating. Quite an extraordinary time. While the World Championship was safely held by Hulk Hogan during this period (including 3 uninterrupted years from 84-88), the Intercontinental Title was always changing hands as new wrestlers entered the scene. Take a look at this list of former Intercontinental Champs during this run and tell me you're not impressed: Tito Santana, Ricky Steamboat, Macho Man Savage, Hitman Hart, Mr. Perfect (RIP), and 2 champs who deserve their own post: Ravishing Rick Rude and the Ultimate Warrior. Somehow, Marty Jannetty weaseled his way in their and sullied all their names.

Steve Keirn -- by Amy Mann

The year was 1984 and I was a 12 year old girl who was in love with Steve Keirn. I watched him every Saturday morning regular while he was wrestling in Tennessee. My dad was an avid wrestling fan and so I had become used to watching it from a very young age. At the age of 12 a young girl has many crushes on stars and boys at school but the one that I will never forget was my love for Steve Keirn. He was the only thing I talked or thought about then and for many years to come. So they were travelling and touring small towns to promote Tennessee wrestling at the time and they so happened to be coming to a town 20 miles away. So my dad decided we could afford to go if we saved up our money that month. So we all went as a family and I got to buy 3 different poses of pictures of them. After the match was over I wanted to go stand in line and get their autographs and my dad said I could so I went over to the very long line to stand and wait. Time went by and my dad got tired of waiting and wanted to leave. About that time it was my turn to get his autograph and he signed it and bent down and kissed me on the lips. I could have died right there that night on the gym floor but I smiled and walked away. My dad got mad at me for kissing him because he said he had probably kissed alot of girls before and I should not have done it. I didn't care though; my dreams came true there that night in Tayor County in Kentucky. So, for me when someone says, who was the first boy you ever kissed, I always say the first man I was ever in love with, Steve Keirn. And to this day I still think of him and wonder how he is doing and where he is at because he is a memory of my childhood that I will carry with me forever and a love I will always have in my heart. So, wherever you are today Steve Keirn I would want you to know what a joy you brought to a shy little 12 year old girl there that night at Taylor County High School in Ky, and how much you meant to her then and still do today.

A Born Again Fan -- by Hal D.

The reason for me writing this column is to explain how I became a fan of wrestling again after a decade long absence. I first got into wrestling after receiving a PWI magazine as a prize in a fishing contest. I liked how PWI ranked the wrestlers and I liked interesting gimmicks. I religiously watched the NWA, AWA, World Class, and WWF programs. My personal favorite was the Saturday NWA shows on TBS. I loved watching the wrestlers perform in the TBS studios in front of 20 or so people. The show's settings were very intimate and it was cool seeing a star performer pound on an unknown jobber. I continued watching the TBS shows after the NWA became the WCW. Also I subscribed to a number of PWI publications and their weekly newsletter. It was great coming home and knowing that I would be up to date on the latest pro wrestling news in the pre-Internet days. A great thing about the NWA/WCW during the 80's is that they would bring in wrestlers that had already established themselves in minor promotions. It was cool knowing the background of a "new" wrestler from reading the PWI magazines. Then WCW brought in wrestlers such as the Ding Dongs, The Juicer, The Renegade, and Firebreaker Chip. Plus they had some really implausible story-lines. The WWF was no better at this time as they seemed to put women in skimping costumes over actual wrestling. They also seemed to give experienced wrestlers lame gimmicks such as the Narcissist (Lex Luger) and the Red Rooster (Terry Taylor). At this time I became disillusioned with pro wrestling and stopped watching and buying the magazines.

About two months ago I found the OWW site and started to remember all of my favorites like Sting, Lex Luger, and especially Ric Flair. The OWW site is really amazing with so many pictures and so much great information. I also picked up the book "To be the Man" by Mr. Flair. It is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. Flair has always been one of my favorites and the book just cemented that feeling. These two events led me to start watching RAW and SmackDown! again. I still love watching Flair in action and hope that he goes to SmackDown! to take away John Cena's title. Flair is one of the last "old school" type wrestlers in my opinion and I would love for him to keep competing for a long time. I'm appreciative to OWW and the Flair book for getting me interested in wrestling again. It's a great marketing strategy for the WWE to publish books based on their star performers. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar reawakening to pro wrestling as mine?

Where Have The Stand Outs Gone? -- by Nick Flaitz (pronounced Flights)

I have been a wreslting fan since I was 4, and there has been a number of wreslters that I have enjoyed watching, I never use to miss an Raw, Smackdown, Sunday Night Heat or a PPV. but now I only find myself watching it if there is nothing else on. My favorite year were the years of D Generation X, but now no one goes around and does the crazy things that they did. For Example I recall the time DX invaded the WCW Monday Nirto dressed in camo. Or the time they came out dressed as the Nation Of Domonation. Without question the New Age Outlaws were my favorite tag team of all time and quite possible the greatest, the only team in histtory that may be better would be the legion Of Doom (R.I.P. Hawk) I mean who can forget the saying "Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages D-Generation-X proudly brings to you the WWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD... the Roaddogg Jesse James the Bad Ass Billy Gunn The New Age Outlaws." Among my favorite wreslters have been Owen Hart (Who Passed R.I.P), the Roaddogg Jesse James (TNA) and Stone Cold Steve Austin (Injured). None of the current wrestlers stand out as much as those have in the past. I think that now is the only time that I can remember that I don't have a favorite wreslter, and whatever happened to the time Vince use to come out one everyshow and shake things up a bit Eric Bichoff and Teddy Long just don't do it for me. Another example is JBL's current gimmick. I loved him as just ass kicking Bradshaw from The APA (Acolytes Protection Agency) with Farooq (also retired). im not saying that stars today dont have talent but come John Cena's gimmick really that believable? Also I Miss the hardcore match which is why I am pumped that the WWE is having the ECW One Night Stand. I wish that Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) would come back just once to have an all out hardcore match with Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk) who can forget the Barbwire Ropes match that they had. Also I do not agree with Kane being in love. What happened to the Kane that I remember from the Brother Of Dictruction (w/ The Undertaker)? Then They Made a big deal about the Undertaker going 13-0 at Wrestlemanias and now I don't think he has returned since. The Finally I thought the "I Quit" match between John Cena And JBL was going to be good. Don't get me wrong it started out good but then before JBL got hit with the smoke stack... he quit!!! What the hell...that would have never happened in the "attitude" era. I hope that things begin to turn around soon because if Kurt Angle and Triple H are the headliner of every event...something is wrong. I will always be a wrestling fan no matter what but I hope something turns around for the good.

Help TNA Get on WGN -- by sparrownck

I have came across a telephone contact number to WGN ---- (773) 528-2311

When you call it, the person transfers you to programming within a minute. I talked to the guy, and I explained to him that internet sites have posted several rumors about a WGN Superstation and TNA deal, and he said no deal has been reached, but discussions are still going on. He also stated that several people are bringing it up, when they call, and stated he didnt think there was much interest in it.

So I believe if we can get more people to call, and express interest in TNA coming to WGN, it may help out in some ways.

*The telephone number is from the official site at,0,6795341.htmlstory?coll=wgncable-about-station-1

WWE Needs Crusierweights, QUICK, FAST, and in a HURRY!!!-- by Orlando O'Neill

OK it's a Thursday night an you tune into UPN to watch SmackDown. What you get is great entertainment from John Cena, CCC, and Booker T. ect.... Then you also get great wrestling from Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio etc.... BUT one thing I find not to fun to watch anymore is the crusierweight division.

I mean we have great veteran crusierweights like Kidman, Chavo, Spike, and Nunzio. Then we have underused wrestlers like Shannon Moore and Akio, both men have great abilities and if used properly could be GREAT wrestlers in this division. And last we have Paul London, this guy is good, but I feel his wrestling in TNA and ROH are way more superb then the way he's wrestling now.

Now with that said, I'm starting to get bored watching the same men fight over a championship that you can tell no one in the back cares about. But with the ECW ppv comming up we can get some fresh faces for new WWE fans with the likes of Kid Kash, Pysicosis, and Super Crazy. Imagine those men on SmackDown, fighting for the Crusierweight title. Plus the addition of "The Future" Frank Kazarian will just give SmackDown the boost its been lacking.

Hopefully Thursday nights will be fun to watch tv again, but until then I can't wait to see PAUL LONDON vs. every Smackdown crusieweight that he's already defeated.

Bikinis, Lingerie and Pillow OH MY! -- by Kaytee P

Can someone tell me what bikinis, lingerie and pillow fights have to do with wrestling? Pointing out the likes of Madusa, Bull Nakano, and Miss Elizabeth (Rest In Peace), I remember real talent and class coming out of the women who were a part of wrestling. Now I see women looking like practically porn stars in skirts showing a little bit of their behinds and shirts with their boobs hanging out, with men ogling at them in the process. How is a parent supposed to react when their 4 or 5 year old son or daughter is watching someone prance around like this? Boys are learning that women are sex objects and weak, using that later in life by raping and abusing women every day in society. Girls are being taught that it's okay to wear that kind of clothes in public.

When the terms 'pro wrestling' comes to mind, I think about all the suplexes, aerial moves and power bombs. How is lingerie pillow fights similar to sports entertainment in general? I don't see the similarities to suplexes and strip teases.

Let's try this out and have all the men who are in the wrestling business prance around in Speedos and thongs. The wrestling fans in the area of the female side would actually enjoy that more than women prancing around in thongs.

This a blog used for wrestling and other stuff

A New Evolution -- by Christopher Briggs

Hello my name is Christopher Briggs and this is my second column for OWW. The purpose of this article is to analyze who the new members of evolution could be. Since the departure of Randy Orton and the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dave Batista, Evolution just hasn't been the same and it seems they need new blood.

My first candidate to be part of Evolution is Chris Masters. I think 'The Masterpiece' would be a perfect fit for this faction because he is already a good heel, and if he became a member of this stable he could learn how improve his ring and mic skills from two of the best in pro wrestling history

I think Brent Albright should be brought from OVW to RAW to become part of Evolution. The current OVW Heavyweight champion would be a great addition to Evolution. He is a great technical wrestler. He is the first ever OVW 'Triple Crown' winner. He as been compared to Dean Malenko, Yuji Nagata, and the man who trained him, Michael Modest. Also if 'The Shooter' joins along with 'The Masterpiece', they could reunite and become the Trouble Shooters

My next candidate is former WWE Women's champion Victoria. I always thought Evolution needed a woman, and since she is the only active female heel on the RAW roster it makes her the perfect pick.

My next Choice is Charlie Haas. He could feud with old partner Shelton Benjamin and bring the WWE Intercontinental Title to Evolution. He could also learn to improve on his mic skills from the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair. And speaking of 'Slick Ric', he is one of my favorite wrestlers but he should retire and become a full time manager

So there you have it - the New Evolution and maybe the greatest faction in wrestling history. If my picks become a reality, Evolution will be unbeatable and will have all the gold.

My Thoughts on the Harts -- by Trevor Henneberry

Does anyone know why Bret Hart really left wrestling? Millions of fans still think it's because of Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and all the things he has done to screw him over. Others think it's because he doesn't want to go back after the tragic accident involving his brother Owen. But all those thoughts are wrong. His career was actually cut short because a damn kick in the head at a pay-per-view. He suffered a severe concussion, then a stroke. Bret Hart tried to fight back, but he never could get himself to 100%.

For me, growing up the Hart brothers were always my favorite. I would always ask my mom if I could get the shirts and things like that, and then one day my dad came home with a new pair of glasses, sort of like Bret's. I went crazy and I wanted to wear them outside so bad and act like Bret. It was an awesome time then.

The night of Over The Edge '99 fell and I was pretty excited. I finally persuaded my mom to let me order it. That night Owen Hart was wrestling as the "Blue Blazer", trying to get kids to eat their veggies and drink their milk. In fact, he did an interview right before the match saying to do so. The Godfather's music hit the sound system and the fans booed at the European champion. He got in the ring with his hoes and stalled for time to allow The Blue Blazer to get hooked up to the harness. His music played and of course the fans went crazy staring at the ramp, thinking he would be coming from there... It is unconfirmed if Owen wasn't strapped in properly or he pulled a secret emergency cord. He hit the ring post and most fans didn't see it. The tragic accident still haunts some fans to the day and every time I watch a tribute it makes me cry. Twenty minutes after he hit the ring post and had been taken to the hospital, Jim Ross came to the ring, crying. He announced that Owen died on impact and the arena was shocked. Tears wept through everyone in the whole arena and myself at home. Thank god cameras didn't see him fall, that would have been horrific and could have spread and made an impact on wrestling. The next night on RAW they did one of the best tributes to any wrestler I have ever seen. I was watching from my couch at home and I couldn't stop crying the whole RAW. Every wrestler would speak about Owen and each of them had a good thing to say. They didn't speak of anything about the fall after that AW, Vince wanted to forget about it.

Bret Hart wrestled a little bit after the accident so that proves he didn't stop wrestling because of it. He couldn't get back to the way he used to be and the fans knew it. He often got booed if he put on a poor performance. But, Bret made a wise decision. He had a great career even though it could have been longer. In my humble opinion I think Bret Hart should be inducted into the 2006 Hall of Fame of WWE.

Jeff Hardy -- by Andre Bolton

Hi, my name is Andre Bolton and I'm twelve years old from Suffolk in England. I've been encouraged to write this article by my good friend Jake Raynor who recently wrote in an article about Low Ki. I am going to write about one of the biggest daredevils in wrestling history... JEFF HARDY!

Jeffrey Nero Hardy was born August 31st 1977 in Cameron, North Carolina which at the time of this article makes him 24. Jeff started to play the guitar but realised he was better at wrestling instead, and although Jeff still plays his guitar on occasions, he is also known to write poems. Jeff's brother is obviously Matt Hardy, and together the brothers made their own company called OMEGA, which stands for Organisation Of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts. Jeff was called Willow In The Wisp and Wolverine, where he used the Texas Cloverleaf as a finisher. OMEGA included modern day stars such as Shane Helms aka The Hurricane, Shannon Moore, Joey Matthews aka Joey Mercury and Christian York.

In 1999 The Hardy Boyz got to the big time in the WWF. They were jobbers for quite a while until Michael PS Hayes became their manager and The Hardyz won the WWF World Tag Team Championships. The Hardyz had a TLC match at WrestleMania 2000 where Jeff hit his finisher the Swanton Bomb to Bubba Ray Dudley through a table off the top of a 20-foot ladder. For a short while in 2001 Jeff competed on his own and won the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship from Jerry Lynn, also defeating WCW's Mike Awesome for the WWF Hardcore Championship. The Hardyz reunited and had a tag title match at WrestleMania X-8, which unfortunately they didn't win. Jeff then had a classic Ladder Match against The Undertaker on RAW in 2002 for the WWE Championship.

The Hardyz split up for the last time and Jeff was released from WWE. Jeff then made his debut in TNA against AJ Styles for the X Division Championship and has fought Jeff Jarrett for NWA World Championship on several occasions. He is still working in TNA today despite no-showing at TNA's Hard Justice PPV where he was scheduled to face Raven in a Clockwork Orange House Of Fun match. Instead Syxx Pac (Sean Waltman) replaced him and has been legitimately suspended for a short while. Matt Hardy has also been released from the WWE following relationship problems. Matt is set to go to TNA and form a Hardy Boyz reunion.

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