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I went 2 a Live Event!! -- by Kristen DiAngelis

I went 2 a Live Event in Boston (Raw Crew) on Saturday June 5th, 2004!! I really enjoyed it. I had 3rd row on the floor and it was the best wrestling event I ever went 2. I am a really big fan of Triple H and thought he looked really hot. Randy Orton looked really cute also. It was really funny. When Edge pulled down Ric Flairs tights, I really didnt want 2 see that but it was pretty funny. When Edge's thong was showing now that was cute. When Randy Orton was doing those jumpin jacks and being cocky, I thought that was cute. I got really good pictures and it was awesome. I really liked it when Triple H had his ass toward my deriction and he adjusted his tights. That was a sight I wwanted 2 see. Triple H actually smiled at me cause I was yelling, "Where's Stephanie?" I like it when they get in2 the crowd like when they say stuff on the mic. U really dont see that on Raw or Smackdown. It was really funny when Flair got on the mic and was saying bad things about Boston. I was yelling, "Thats y the Pats beat the Pathners." Then Edge got on the mic and said that. It was funny when Trish Stratus came out and all the boys had money in there hand see if she will strip 4 it. I was really hoping 2 see Stephanie McMahon there cause I love her and she is my idol. Also cause she was at the Raw House shows in Ireland and England and stuff, so I thought she will be there but she wasnt. I thought Stephanie was going 2 come out and introduce the crowd or when Eric Bischoff said he was the best gm ever. Cause I think Stephanie is the best gm ever (I hope she comes back soon cause I really miss her). My favorite match was Triple H vs Chris Benoit vs Kane because I love Triple H and they were all over the floor. Meaning they went outside the ring.

The Attitude Era Or The Crapitude Era? -- by Whatisup

This subject can be quite debateable. There are a lot of WWE fans that say that the attitude era was actually the crapitude era. I don't really agree with that statement. The attitude era was probably one of the best times for the WWE because they were enjoying huge ratings, guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H/DX, Vince McMahon, Chris Jericho, and so forth, were really given the chance to shine and really find out their own character to make the WWE popular. A lot of us tuned in every Monday night to see what would happen next in the Austin vs McMahon saga (probably the most successful feud in history), what was DX planning to do next? DX had a good feud with the Nation Of Domination (who could ever forget DX impersonating the Nation Of Domination)? Triple H and The Rock having one of the longest going rivalries really helped their stardom. Although I will admit that Triple H and The Rock had too many matches. Stone Cold was probably the essence of the attitude era. I mean, who had more attitude than Stone Cold? He was the star that a lot of the other guys strived to be. Triple H said on one of his videos that he believed that no one wanted to see the DX Triple H wrestle Austin for the title (I would have liked to see that). So that's what made Triple H turn heel. Vince McMahon knew that he had to change the direction that his company was going because if he didn't, WCW most likely would have killed him (I'm sure a lot of the old school wrestling fans will frown upon that statement). The attitude era was when Vince started to get creative and add the element of entertainment to his wrestling. Now I will admit that not all aspects were that good. Sexually oriented segments became more and more common on Raw, but they kind of overdid it. We all know that sex sells, but using it constantly for cheap ratings stunts (and they still do) gets slightly boring. To quote Bret Hart from Wrestling With Shadows "I don't think people watch wrestling for sex". I don't mind the occasional "Diva strutting her stuff" segment, but over and over again? So I think that the attitude era had more pros than cons. Whether people think that the production value of the WWE is good or bad these days is a person's own opinion. I've heard people say that the attitude era is the reason why the WWE sucks these days. Maybe Vince lost his way? Regardless, I believe that the attitude era helped a lot of the current top stars become top stars.

Wrestlemania XX DVD -- by HLLYWD3039

Wrestlemania XX was not one of the many WWE events that you will want to buy on DVD this year. First of all John Cena defeating the Big Show is ridiculous. After the Big Show whipped him the whole fight John Cena wins. Every fight was horrible except the fight for the World Heavy Weight Title. Benoit showed everyone in the Garden or watching at home or the local Hooters, what heart is all about.

There was one other fight that I enjoyed along with every man who had the privlage of watching it was the Playboy evening gown match. But that was obvious. I want give too much away, but one other thing Tazz and Michael Cole got on my nerves. But I guess I'm comparing them to the best partners JR and King.

Back to the Start for Randy Orton -- by Terry M.

Its Armageddon 2003, Randy Orton has RVD on the top rope, BANG! RKO off the top rope. Mick foley counts 1..................2....................3. Whether you liked it or not, randy Keith Orton was our new Intercontinental champion.

Randy Orton was a good intercontinental to some, and bad ot others. In my book he was a good I.C. champion. He had star potential writting all over him.

He defended it for 7 months, month after month. Many thought he ws going to beat Honky Tonk Mans record as 15 month champ. I did, but unfortuantley that didn;t happen. At Vengeance Randy Orton lost the I.C. title to Edge. The Writers could have let him hold it on until WrestleMania 21, but no. Well maybe thewres going to be a Randy Orotn, Triple H Fued.

But they should have kept it on him longer, and if he wins it again. its back to the start.

Most Deserving Never to be Champion -- by Warren Kenny

1.Ted Dibiase-he was one of those heels everyone loved to hate. From the way he slapped on the million Dollar Dream to the way he payed a "fan" to do degrading things for the almighty dollar was great. He payed his dues and I felt that he dserved to win the title. Not taking anything away from Savage but imagine how he could've been put on at Wrestlemania IV had he won the title after trying to buy it from Hogan. He and IRS were the perfect Tag champs, but I would've liked to see him wear the WWF title.

2.Mr Perfect-in the early 90's this guy was phenominal. With Bobby the Brain at the helm, he could've been a great champion (would've been well deserved). The way that Bret was put over after he lost the IC title to bulldog to be WWF champion, I would've liked to see Perfect do the same. He had great mat skills and all the confidence in the world. He truly was perfect and will be missed.

3.Ravishing Rick Rood. Last but not least I feel the ravishing one deserved to be champion. A truly beloved heel, he was part of three of the greatest fueds to date(Jake Roberts, Ultimate Warrior, and Sting). I know rood was switching to WCW, but at the 1990 Summerslam( his last match before he defected to WCW for a while) I wanted him to go off cue and climb over the cage anyway because I felt that he was deserving (though I loved the Warrior). Two words for his career, Simply RAVISHING.

Does The HBK Deserve an Oscar? -- by Kenny Warren

It has been told by many people that HBK had prior knowledge that Bret Hart was gonna get screwed. Bret even stated on his documentary that he felt Vince and Shawn had a plan in mind(it is my understanding that he and HBK don't care for eachother). I watched this tape several 100 times and to me if HBK knew what was going on, he belongs up there with Denzel. I don't see one inclination that says he knew what was going on.

When you respond to this, please look past what he says today (working for Vince people will say anything he wants them to say). I know HBK is christian and I being one myself, I want to take his word that he knew, I just don't think he did.


I'm new to the whole Online World of Wrestling .com, but I have been a wrestling fan since 85. I truly believe HHH and Stephanie love eachother, I saw an interview they did a while back. As far as the business goes, HHH was a great wrestler, and still has great talent. I believe that he now is used too much and that much of that is due to him being family. I agree with what was said about Booker T. When he and HHH fought at Wrestlemania, he worked hard to make the match a success. I'm a Booker T fan and I still to this day believe he deserves a heavyweight title. I give HHH credit, but one example is the second elimination chamber. Hunter gets superkicked and lays out for 10-15 minutes (that happens in a normal match and he kicks out) He comes in uses the patented "sledge" and wins. He should have took a little time off with the injury. If you can recall, Booker T was forced to lose the IC title at a non televised event when he was hurt. The only difference is HHH has backstage clout. He is a great heel, whom you love to hate, but the Booker man deserves/deserved it. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From The Trailerp Park -- by Billy Bob

Hello everyone, this is Billy Bob, back for another update of - FROM THE TRAILERPARK. Now I entitled this column, who gives a damn? Why am I calling it this? You will soon find out.

I've been checking out a lot of wrestling columns lately all over the net, specifically the ones on OnlineWorldofWrestling, and I have found that there are so many "die hard" wrestling fans tooting their own horn about how long they have been fans, every single time I read it I have to go throw up again. Who the hell cares how long you have been a fan? Do you feel special? Do you get special tickets from Vince? Is there a special front row reserved for the people that have been fans the longest? NO! So who cares, stop bragging, the bottom line is that we are all wrestling fans, some more than others, but we all do appreciate the sport on some level. Now im not writing this because im a newer fan thats pissed off, I have been a wrestling fan for about 14 years, but that isn't the point. I am not gonna go all over the Internet and write..HEY GUYS!!! IM A TRUE WRESTLING FAN!!! I'VE BEEN WATCHING IT SINCE 1984!!! IM SPECIAL!!!

I just read a column that said, us TRUE FANS have a keen since of what wrestling is all about? What the hell are you talking about man? It's not hard to figure out what the business is all about, someone can probably get a full perspective in being a fan for only about 4-5 years. So basically what the "TRUE FANS" are saying is that people who started watching around 97 can't really see what the business is all about? Thats complete bullshit. STOP TOOTING YOUR HORN, YOUR REALLY NOT THAT SPECIAL, YOUR CERTAINLY NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH TO WRITE A WHOLE DAMNN COLUMN ON YOURSELF.

TNA=Totally Needs Action -- by XtremeFalls43

I have been watching TNA sense the beginning and I noticed one thing TNa is just filled with problems. Ok the first thing is the Hogan mistake, Hogan is a greedy over used loser, TNa doesn't need him but they put so much into him and he backed ouch, you know that had to hurt them. Vince Russo is there but i've haven't be sure why, sense Sex ended cause of him leaving and them falling a part,TNA has been boring. Russo hasn't done anything but kept the Jarrett vs. Russo Storyline goin on which is never goin to be Austin vs. McMahon so they should just let it go. That brings me to Jarrett, He is not and never has been a Main Event Superstar. WCW probley died for him holding the belt for months at a time. I really hate how TNA Titles change hands really quick Jarrett is a 3 time Champion the company hasn't been on for a long time and its makes the company look Bad. I hate how TNA promotes them self all the time while annocing, Like the X divison yes its cool but not that cool. X Division ill die soon if u ask me cause they push it so much, Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. TNA has some good things AMW (needs to stop winning the belts so much) Jerry Lynn, D-lo Brown, 3 Live Kru, and a couple members of the X division. All i'm goin to say is no more promotion or Jarrett, or Russo ..

Great Wrestlers -- by Ed Stevens

There has been a lot of talk recently about men who' ve paid their dues and deserve better pushes. Most notably have been Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn. To them, I say that you need to stop crying. Many men and women have paid their dues and not even made it to the WWE. In month you probably earn as much in not more than what some indy wrestlers make in an entire year. Paying your dues and actually being worth a damn in the ring are completely different. A guy gets pushed by the WWE and Vince because they feel that he's got that something about him that is going to make people by tickets. Benoit and Eddie got their pushes because they constantly delivered great in ring performances. The same can be said about the Triple H of 1999 to early 2001. This means that you need either a damn good personality (Rock, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan) or you have to be great in the ring (Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle). Angle and Austin can be put in both those categories("Stunning Steve" had a Rick Flair type mat game, meaning he wasn't too shabby in the ring). Neither Hardcore or Gunn have shown any of these qualities. Creative is putting a lot of faith in these newer stars because wrestling thrives on giving the fans something new. The "older" stars on Raw keep their spotlight because they've earned it. They've all had their defining moment that proves that they are for real and that they deserve to be called greats. Michaels had the ladder match, Triple H had his street fight with Foley, Benoit had numerous moments but most notably was Royal Rumble 2003. Even the younger stars on Raw are earning respect. Randy Orton gained respect by lasting for a long time in the Rumble this year. He then went on to beat Mick Foley clean at Wrestlemania and Backlash in very entertaining bouts. The most memorable moment for Hardcore Holly was fighting Al Snow in a river somewhere, and Billy Gunn will mostly be remembered for almost getting married to a dude, and being one of the few if not only person to actually have a bad match with Chris Benoit. I even remember Jim Ross stating that the WWE plans to push Billy Gunn to the moon a few years back. Injuries and bad matches have killed that push. Gunn was given his chance. Honestly Holly's come farther than I figured he would. Remember Sparky Plugg? My overall point is that you have two guys with jobs at a company that men would and have died to get. They get rich but complain that they aren't getting to be on TV or that they have to job to a rookie while two guys, who've been wrestling for 10 years, fight it out and bleed all over a National Guard armoury, possibly giving the best match no one but the sixty people there will ever see. Sadly for a title that the WWE and most wrestling fans would simply consider a joke because it isn't a WWE title. I don't think that anyone wrestling with the WWE should complain, especially superstars that "paid their dues". They should remember wrestling in the armouries and highschool gyms and earning 50 bucks. They should show how blessed they are to have good jobs by giving back to their company by using their wisdom to get the younger stars over, even if that means losing to some horrible rookie that's going to end up in OVW again next week. It'll show that they have class, truly appreciate the business, and that maybe they do deserve to be utilized by creative more usefully.

A Flair Book Review -- by Kenneth Coker

At about, 1:00 P.M. CST today, I walked to my mailbox to get the mail. In it, I found Ric Flair's "To Be The Man" autobiography, which I had ordered via It is now nearing midnight here in West Tennessee, and aside from a supper break, and a pair of walks for my dog, I have not put the book down. I have read all 332 pages of the book, and throughly enjoyed it, as much as any wrestling book that I have ever picked up. Flair pulls no puches when talking about WCW, Hulk Hogan, and his playboy lifestyle of years past. He also tells a story of a man, who was born in Memphis, TN, and adopted when his biological parents lost the young infant. The story of someone who rose from the worst possible start in life to have one of the greatest careers in sports entertainment. Ric Flair talks briefly about his life growing in the opening chapter, and then begins his wrestling career with a look at his start in the AWA. From there "Naitch" went to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, to embark on what many call the greatest career of any wrestler ever. Flair is as equally outspoken with the pen, as on the camera, as he tackles the public critcisms of fellow talent, including Mick Foley, Scott Steiner, and former WCW boss, Eric Bischoff. Whether you are a fan of his NWA/WCW career or his WWF/E stints, "To Be The Man" has something for every fan of Flair, at every stage of his career. I'm gonna recommend that if you buy only one wrestling book this year. Please, for the love of all that pro wrestling is, buy "To Be The Man" by Ric Flair. If you do not, you will be sadly buying another book that cannot possibly live up to the greatness of this particular book. I give it ***** stars out of 5.

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