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CM Punk'd - by Karandis Elliot

I think that ever since the revival of ECW that one of the fan favorites today is CM Punk. Yet, today ECW is WWE's product so it's been toned down dramatically. With the fact that it's toned down I don't understand why people are buying into CM Punk. Most of his move-set is outlawed by the WWE, so I never really see his career taking off. Plus, ECW is only a one hour show, so there's no room for a good storyline that shows off his talent. So I never see him getting a push from the WWE, and I think he'll just be facing jobbers for all of his time with the WWE. So, basically I think that if the WWE wants him to succeed as the great wrestler he is, they should move him to SmackDown or RAW, but if they won't move him I think he should go to the new face of professional wrestling. TNA.

Are We Overlooking Jeff Jarrett's Excellence???

by Christopher Kanzig

When you think about some of the greatest wrestlers and performers of the last 10 years you often think about Steve Austin, Ric Flair, The Rock, and Sting just to name a few. One name that never seems to come up but should, especially within the last two or three years, to me is Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett throughout his career has been a great heel that draws real, natural heat and his extensive move set can be compared to the likes of Ric Flair or HHH. To examine this let's first go back to the mid to late 90's when Jeff Jarrett was Intercontinental Champion; having spectacular feuds with Razor Ramon and many other top contenders. During this period he was one of the WWF's top heels and by far the most underrated wrestler on the roster. After losing the Intercontinental title and exiting the WWF, Jarrett landed in WCW where he was one of the top heels in the company and earned numerous world titles. Many of Jarrett's detractors would argue that at the point Jarrett was most successful in WCW was when they were having the least amount of success and clearly he was the cause. When Jarrett joined WCW they were already a sinking ship and Jarrett was actually one of the few reasons to watch Nitro and Thunder with his great interviews and guitar shots. Fast forward to TNA and Jeff Jarrett is still one of the most hated wrestlers in the world showing still how much of a fantastic heel he truly is. You can't watch a Jeff Jarrett segment on Impact without seeing every fan in the arena boo and jeer him while many others litter the ring with bottles. Aside from the fact he is one of the most hated wrestlers and best heels in wrestling today let's also look at his in ring performance.

Many people would say Ric Flair is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time primarily because he never has a bad match and he always elevates his opponent no matter what their skill level is. Jarrett is the same exact way. Over the last few years we've seen Jeff Jarrett wrestle DDP, Monty Brown, Jay Lethal, Sting, Christian Cage, Kevin Nash, and many others and every single match was a fantastic match with Jarrett totally inciting the fans and making his opponent look and good as possible. Many wrestling analysts have said Ric Flair could have a great match with a broom stick and if you really watch Jeff Jarett's matches and see how no matter who he's facing whether it's an X-Division star like Jay Lethal or a slow, five move wrestler like Kevin Nash, Jarrett always propels his opponent and always has a great match. Personally I am not a very huge Jeff Jarrett fan and similar to the McMahons in WWE I feel he needs to step out of the spotlight for a while. With that being said you can't diminish his skills and I really think it could be fair to say that he is one of the elite wrestlers of the last 10 years or if nothing else by far the most underrated.

Orton Should be the Top Heel - by Eli Brooke

Does anyone remember a time when heels won clean? Does anyone remember a time when the Intercontinental Championship meant something? Does anyone remember a time when people paid to see the mid card matches? Despite what it may sound like, I am not warping us all back to the 1980's. The year is 2004, and Randy Orton was the best thing in the WWE.

When Randy Orton won the Intercontinental championship in December 2003, he proceeded to receive one of the most well orchestrated pushes I have seen in many years. It is actually a lot of little things during his push that Orton did that made it special. Orton actually wore the belt to the ring every single trip down the aisle. He didn't sling it over his shoulder like a hunk of worthless metal or (disgracefully) wear it dangling out of his pants like the current reigning champ. After his signature pose on the turnbuckle, Orton would slowly raise his belt up for the crowd, and hold it high above his head. This demonstrated so much pride for the title, and made it seem worth something. A few short months into his reign, the belt was prestigious again. It hadn't been a long time before that, and it hasn't been ever since.

Orton then continued to pile up clean finish after clean finish. He was over HUGE as a heel. Although his winning ways garnered some cheers, it didn't matter. When Wrestlemania 20 came around, he has so much presence when he walked down that aisle (in the FRONT) leading evolution to face two legends, eventually picking up another clean win. When he finally his title to Edge, the crowd showed him great respect that night when the match was over. I was in Toronto at SummerSlam the night Orton captured the World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd was solidly behind him during the match, despite being in Benoit's home town. After a great match, and another CLEAN win, Orton was over huge and on top of the wrestling mountain.

We all know how things progressed after that. Rather than have a potentially extremely intriguing angle where Orton led Evolution and the seeds of unrest were slowly planted, or even have evolution get behind Orton and turn on a newly babyface HHH, WWE hotshotted an Orton face turn and shoved him down our throats. It didn't work, and Orton has not rebounded ever since. He was the best heel on the roster. If WWE took a page from their own book circa 2004, they could easily build Orton back to where he was.

The Last "Great One" - by Matt Umbarger

I came across some WWE video footage on the internet recently from 2002. It was of a match between the late Eddie Guerrero and The Rock. This was a non title match right after the 2002 Vengeance PPV in Detroit where "The Great One" became WWE Champion for the 7th time defeating The Undertaker and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match. Mind you, this was after The Scorpion King was out and in theatres and The Rock was back on a short term basis. Eddie had come out earlier in the show and interrupted The Rock's promo with the "My daughter has a poster of you up on her wall instead of me...her father". Hilarious as it may have been, you never interrupt The Rock. This match was phenomenal...over 10 minutes of actual wrestling. No long wrist/head locks, not repeated back-chops-from-hell, no "boring" chants coming from the crowd. Only the biggest POP you have ever heard (save the HHH return post quad tear...God that was a POP...still get chills when I watch it) when The Rock came down the ramp. Great match ending with "The Most Electrifying Move in all of Sports Entertainment".

This would be the last time we would have a truly Electrifying Champion, as The Rock would lose to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2002. This is not taking anything away from our champs since then or current champs, but watching The Rock work, and sell Eddie's moves, and the way he captivated the crowd for the whole actually gets me excited writing this article. I know he is done with the WWE, and a comeback tour is not likely, but I wish that he could some how mentor or "help-along" today's up-and-comers, especially on the mic, as he was by far heads (and shoulders) above the rest of the locker room, constantly re-inventing his catch phrases. I have seen recently, a crowd reaction similar to the one The Rock received almost every time he came to the squared circle. It was at SummerSlam just this past weekend, and it was for The Immortal Hulk Hogan (who proved that his legend will never die). Remember was The Rock who "turned" Hollywood Hogan at Wrestlemania 18. He single-handedly ended the NWO, and returned the biggest Icon in wrestling history back to "Red-and-Yellow. He did this as a semi-heel too, as Hogan was already getting some Pop even though he was a heel. There was nothing The Great One could not do! He is truly missed

The Ultimate Warrior: Hall Of Famer?

by Sam Stowell

Many people have said that this man is a great wrestler, a former WWF Champion and Intercontinental Champion. Many of people have said that he is a waste of good money to the company but what the big question is, is he a Hall Of Famer?

Ultimate Warrior has had some feuds that true fans will not forget. One of his greatest feuds will have to be with, Rick Rude. Andre was great, Hogan was great too but most fans will not forget the feud he had with Rick Rude. The first match I watched them fight was Wrestlemania 5. Warrior may have lost that match but it was one of the best matches they had. Warrior made a name for himself in WWF by only getting pinned by two different people, Rick Rude and Sgt. Slaughter, many others tried but failed, Warrior was like an unstoppable machine to some wrestlers. But some people have said he was used to much, maybe he was or maybe not. Now a lot of people know that Mr. McMahon hates Warrior, a lot of the guys in the locker room do too, but does it affect the chances he will get to be in the Hall Of Fame?

One part of his wrestling career might do - WCW. WCW made Warrior look bad because they gave him creative control of his gimmicks. Warrior made a fool of himself there, he ruined the Warrior name for some people. WCW was a bad step for The Warrior and for that, he might not get a chance to become a Hall Of Famer in WWE today.

So, what do you say - is he a Hall Of Famer or not?

Cancer Of WWE - by Chuck Pane

I watched the most recent edition of Saturday Night's Main Event, and one thing that really stood out more than everything else on the program: Hulk Hogan going to wrestle "the Legend Killer" Randy Orton, a true future superstar of the WWE, and eventually happened at this years Summerslam, which was one of the best Pay Per Views so far this year.

The match was going on well until Orton hit Hogan with the RKO, he covered Hogan, and the count of 1...2..3, but of course there was a catch, and the ref saw Hogan's foot on the rope, so the ref restarted the match, with Hogan putting over the "Legend Killer". So here starts the truth of this column: HULK HOGAN AND OTHER LEGENDS TODAY IN THE BUSINESS ARE THE CANCER THATS KILLING WWE.

First of all, Hogan is not a wrestler, but an entertainer that is the measuring stick of most wrestlers today. I understand that it's World Wrestling Entertainment, but Hogan's move sets are limited to the finger wag, then three shots to the head, big boot, taunt to the crowd, and finally the legdrop, which is of no use to pin people today realistically when there are many better finishers out there, but I digress. The point I'm trying to make is that the newly returning legends like Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Hulk Hogan, with Future Hall of Famers Kane, Undertaker, and Ric Flair, are putting over young talent that are deserving of their 5 minutes of fame such as Shelton Benjamin, Randy Orton, among others. At least Kane had passed on a World title run, said he would give it to a younger wrestler.

These Legends listed have had their 5 minutes of fame, now please let the future legends of the business get theirs because I believe that when you get too old to be wrestling, it takes away the quality of the match and starts to deteriorate their legendary status, like Ric Flair as a prime example. Sure hes a multi time WCW Champion, WWF Champion, WWE IC Champion, WWE Tag Team Champ with Batista, and his records go on and on, but what has he done lately? In my opinion his win loss-record as of late has been sub-par to say the least and hes becoming a drain on the WWE.

This is Pane, saying that the young talent is the way to go if WWE wants to continue to be a success.

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