Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 10/2003
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

Road Warrior Hawk passes away :( ---by Ozzy Lennon

I dont want to report this, this death in wrestling hurts so much, maybe its because I followed the Road Warriors career for so long and that they are my favorite tag team of all time. At about 2:00 A.M. on October 19th Road Warrior Hawk passed away and they do not know what was the cause.

I am in shock, it wasnt to long ago that Michael Hegstrand was on Raw with Joseph Laurinaitis and I am so glad that they got to come back to the WWE even for just a few matches. This has already been a hard week on wrestling fans with the passing of Stu Hart and now one half of the greatest tag team of all time is gone also.

I never got to meet Road Warrior Hawk and I dreamed of doing so for such a long time and this has crushed my dream of meeting him. I feel that I owe it to Hawk to say we will miss you and that no tag team will ever compare to the success of the Road Warriors over their 20 year career. More to come on this, R.I.P. Hawk I will miss you.

WWE Fears MLW ---by NeilS7147933

Since Jerry Lawler is classified as an announcer and not an active wrestler, he is allowed to make appearances and wrestle in other federations. He and Al Snow have both taken advantage of this recently, with Lawler making his last 2 appearances on MLW Underground TV vs. Terry Funk 2 weeks ago, and in a promo with Dr. Death Williams, Sandman, and Funk last week. He was to appear Sept 19 at an MLW event but has now been pulled since WWE thought his appearance on MLW's TV show was in conflict with his WWE character. This acknowledges that WWE truly sees that they do have potential competitors, TNA and MLW among them with their TV exposure. Maybe this will put the fear into them.

Where the hell is Sting? ---by Joe Jaffray

I sit down, every Monday and Thursday to watch Raw and SmackDown! every week, and every week, I think to myself and say, Where the hell is Sting? I know that he is touring with WWA or was with NWA, but that's what the business needs. Sting is, in my opinion, the best wrestler that WCW had to offer, not Goldberg. I mean, Yeah Sting would get into a funk every now and then, and he'd be completely useless unless he's out of it, but he is great. Why sign Goldberg when he is an over pushed football player, not a wrestler, that's like when they tired to have Mr. T a wrestler. Not everyone is wrestling material, it takes a special attitude and Sting has that attitude, even if he wants a less than normal schedule. He's the best WCW US Champion, a great tag team partner, when teamed with a good partner, and he is one hell of a great World Champion. If Vince could get Sting under contract, he could make huge amounts of money. There are so many Sting fans around the world, that it's not even a joke. Many people don't like Sting, but he is what Vince needs. I want the fans to know that WWE Should get better, but just in case, start watching TNA in case WWE stinks like it has for the Summer of 03.

So, I've got five letters for Vince McMahon, and those are S-T-I-N-G.

Dont Screw up Lance! ---by Alex Molzahn

I was watching Raw and Chris Jericho was on his Highlight Reel and Christian, Coach and Lance Storm where complaning about how Stone Cold is un fair blah blah blah. I thought Lance was just going to turn heel and maybe get beat but by Austin a couple of times and then go right back to Sunday Night Heat. But no he said that Austin changed his life and he thought all Y2J's opinions on Austin were bullshit! When I heard that i got excited and knew that Lance was going to be in some great matches with Jericho and Christian. I was already happy from what I got from Lance, so Christian hits Lance from behind and Jericho and him start beating on him. Then RvD comes out and helps Lance out which was cool, because now Lance has a tag partner other than Goldust. Lance and RvD have to be two of the most talented in the wrestling buisness today, and will most likely make a awsome tag team. I name my article "Don't Screw Up Lance" bescause i know how WWE likes to take the real talent and put them on the "lower class" matches and the bad talent (Goldberg) on the main events of Pay Per Views and weekly shows. I just hope, no not hope pray that they dont screw up with Lance and suddenly turn him heel and then have some extremly cheesy story lines like the 100 00$ thing(Although it would be fun watching some horrible back stage attacks) or that whole him boring thing was lame. That I think that will work for his is that Lance will team up with RvD maybe win the tag titles and just put on a bunch or great matches on the way.

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