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Sting in the WWE? -- by Ed Stevens

Even though Steve "Sting" Borden is more or less retired from the ring, the debate still rages as to whether or not he should join the WWE. A pole on a website was posted with 82% of the voters saying that they wanted to see Sting in the WWE ring. No doubt, WWE is the "big time". The possible matches that could take place if Sting made a return are endless. Undertaker, Kurt Angel, Triple H, the Rock, Kane, HBK; I would love to Sting in the ring with any one of these guys. I was a "little stinger", and I personally miss watching him. I loved his promos and the energy he projected spilled over into his matches. His appearance would be a shot in the arm for Raw or Smackdown. He could be used to help the younger stars on Smackdown get established, or he could be added to the superstar lineup on Raw, adding more electricity to that show. However, there's an unfortunate reality. One, Sting himself doesn't need wrestling as many older stars sometimes do. He can funciton fine without the lights and money. He said he does miss it, but returning to the ring would do nothing for his legacy, in my eyes. Second, Sting's big run with the WCW title was marred by lack of quality opponents. Yes, he'd get that in the WWE, but would guys like HHH and Shawn Michaels be willing to drop matches to this "outsider" in order to help him establish his legacy? Apparently, even Kurt Angle is starting to become more political backstage. Would he want to lose to Sting? My third point, is that we all know how Vince has an obsession with making outside talent look bad in his company. I find it believable that Sting could come in like a lion, and then quickly find himself losing to HHH, Bradshaw, or any other WWE grown superstars regularly. Would Vince swallow his pride, and do something that fans actually want to see? We want to see Sting with the WWE title. At least once. When he loses it, he'd better not lose it to Triple H. That's where I get scared. Done right, a Sting run with the WWE would be awesome, regardless of which show he's on. (Most likely Raw) It could be something great for the longtime fans to see. However, the WWE has a problem with presuming they know what the fans want, and rarely listen to us. If you don't believe me, ask RVD and Booker T. Two guy that fans wanted to see in the WWE for a long time, and when they got there, both were buried by a certain big nosed son-in-law. I hope, in a few years, I won't have to say the same thing about Sting.

The Legend of the MegaPowers -- by Steven Strother

Career Highlights: Both WWF & WCW World Champions WWF Intercontinental Champion (Macho Man) First and only undefeated Tag Team in the history of wrestling

The Birth of The Mega Powers started when the Macho Man challenged Honky Tonk Man for the Intercontinental Title. Macho Man delivered the Macho Elbow to Honky Tonk Man, pinned him but The Hart Foundation came and interfered. The three members of the legendary Hart Family beat Randy down then the Hitman and the Anvil held Macho in place so Honky Tonk Man could hit him with his guitar. Elizabeth got in the way, but she got shoved out of the way by Honky Tonk Man and ran for the locker room. Then BAM!!!!! Macho got nailed with the guitar. Miss Elizabeth came out of the locker room, but she wasn't alone. She had Hulk Hogan with her. As he charged for the ring, Honky Tonk Man and the Hart Foundation went running back to their locker room. Randy then got up, saw Hogan, then extended his hand. Hogan did the impossible and accepted.

WrestleMania IV, Randy Savage defeated 4 men to become World Wrestling Federation Champion.

His last match was against Ted DiBiase. The Million Dollar Man called out Andre The Giant to be in his corner for the match. Then a few minutes later, Macho whispered something to Elizabeth. She runs to the locker room, then minutes after that, she comes out again with Hulk Hogan. It's all even now. the referee gets distracted, then Hogan comes in with a chair and whacks DiBiase with it. Then Macho hits his Flying Elbow Drop and gets the 1-2-3. Macho Man Randy Savage is the World Wrestling Federation Champion!!!!!!! The King of HulkaMania and The King of Madness were then dubbed as The Mega Powers. Their first tag team match was at SummerSlam against the team of Ted DiBiase and Andre The Giant dubbed as The Mega Bucks (It was only for that match of course). The special guest referee for the main event was Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Jesse was friends with Ted and Andre but he had to call the match down the middle. Miss Elizabeth had did the unthinkable and exposed her boobs to The Mega Bucks. Hogan makes the pin, Ventura made the count, but he hesitated so Macho forced him to count to 3 by pushing his hand on the mat, and The Mega Powers win their first Tag Team Main Event at Madison Square Garden. The Mega Powers were the sole survivors of their team at Survivor Series.

Then, Hogan & Savage feuded with Akeem & Big Bossman then known as The Twin Towers. These two powerful teams were in classic battles. Their last match was on The Main Event. Because during the match, Randy was thrown out of the ring and fell onto Elizabeth. Hulk rushed to her side and took her to the back to recieve medical help. Hulk came back to the ring and extended his hand for a tag. Macho slapped him instead. Then he took his WWF Title and headed for the locker room. Hulk Hogan picked up the win. They went undefeated at the time. Then he ran to the back to check on Elizabeth. Then Hogan & Savage got into a verbal altercation right by her bedside. Macho Man accused Hulk Hogan of lusting for Elizabeth. Then Hogan turned to talk to Elizabeth when all of a sudden Macho attacked Hogan. This set a fire under Hogan. At WrestleMania V, they battled for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. This WrestleMania was dubbed "The Mega Powers Explode". At the end of the match, Randy delivered his Macho Elbow to Hogan, but Hogan kicked out at 2! Nobody has ever kicked out of the Macho Elbow. Hogan hulked up and gave Macho the Big Boot then the Big Leg Drop and 3 seconds later HulkaMania runs wild again when Hulk Hogan wins the World Wrestling Federation Championship for the second time. Years later, they signed with WCW, and at Uncensored in 1996, The Mega Powers reunited for the last time and battled eight opponents.

Their opponents were: "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, "Double A" Arn Anderson, "Total Package" Lex Luger, Kevin Sullivan, Faces of Fear, Z-Gangsta, and The Ultimate Solution. They did battle in a Doomsday Cage. Hogan & Savage got some help from The Booty Man (who could blame them?). The Mega Powers were making a run for it without getting a pin, so Macho Man got the cover and got back out as fast as he could. The Mega Powers win their last match as a Tag Team. And to this day, Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage, aka The Mega Powers, are the the only Tag Team in wrestling history to remain undefeated.

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