Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 10/2005
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

Wrestling In 70 Years
by Anthony L.
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Anthony and this will be my first column. I am going to be tackling a subject that not many others have tackled. This subject is; what will the WWE (if it keeps that name and is still around) be like in 70 years? I won't know and I highly doubt you will know.

Let's say a grandfather asks his grandson, who is a die hard wrestling fan, who knows so much about wrestling and says "Who was Hulk Hogan?", what if the response is "wasn't he a green comic book character?"

In 70 years could everything from the old days and today be forgotten? Will Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Bruno Sammartino, and many others be forgotten?

Yes you do have a point for those who are saying, did we forget Buddy Rogers, and Sammartino, the answer is no. But I have a question for you, did we forget George Hackenschmidt, (The first World Champion) and Frank Gotch (a great wrestler)? The answer to that is pretty much yes. It has been about 70 years since those two guys wrestled. See where I'm going?

Some of you might say, well George Hackenschmidt didn't contribute that much to the WWE, well he didn't...He contributed to all of wrestling!

In 70 years the legends will be people who haven't even been born yet. Maybe people like Randy Orton will be a figure SOME people remember.

What I wrote in this column may or may not be true. I am not saying it is, I am just saying this could happen. We will probably never know though because most of us will be resting in peace. Please feel free to leave me feedback, good or bad, I want to hear what you have to say.
Jeffrey P. Swan wrote:
This is fantastic! A point well taken. To think that Victoria, John Cena, Batista, HHH, and others will more than likely be forgotten some day, is truly mind-boggling. But I am with you ... why should we think it will not happen? Time does not stop just because they do ... and certainly they will have to stop one day.

I am only 37 years old, and have been a fan for about 20 years. I have not forgotten the likes of Lou Thesz, Bruno Sammartino, Verne Gagne, Fritz Von Erich, and Stu Hart. They worked every bit as hard as stars of today. If the thought of people forgetting them hurts me, I can not imagine what it must do to these men.

Thank you for this article. It is a subject dear to me about people dear to me. The veterans of the military should not be forgotten, nor should the veterans of any work in this world.

Haven't I Seen This Before?
by Joel Frazier

The day was Monday the 3rd of October. The place was my cramped dorm room. The event was Monday Night RAW, but this wasn't any old RAW, no sir. This was Homecoming and all hell was to break loose. The program as a whole catered to my needs as a wrestling fan, and I found myself pleased overall. However, there was one part that didn't particularly sit well with me. Dozens of WWE legends crowded the ring to celebrate what was to be an honor of their achievements, and then the music hit. That music that just makes me want to gouge my ears out. Rob Conway was coming.

Rob strutted out to the banging of his country music theme and a chorus of boos, and started to verbally assault each of the legends in turn. It took me a second to register, but then I thought to myself, "Imagine if Randy Orton grew a really bad goatee". The crime committed was dastardly, but I wasn't sure just yet. Conway was soon disposed of by the legends and I feared the stage was to be set for next week.

Fast-forward one week, and the event is RAW again. RAW starts out innocently enough with everyone wondering who would get the axe, and to be honest any thoughts about Rob Conway had disappeared from my mind. Then that music filled my TV set once more, but still I figured maybe it was nothing. After all, perhaps it could be Eugene? Preparing myself for a match in which I truly wasn't interested, I turned my attention to my computer. It took me a second to register the bells and whistles I was hearing, but when I caught it there was no mistaking who was coming...Doink.

Make no bones about it, I loved Doink as a novelty character, but the character really didn't catch on and fizzled out pretty fast to begin with. I figured it was just a novelty match and that my fears from the week before had been for nothing, until the end of the match. After disposing of Doink with his ultra cool neck breaker, Conway proclaimed he had "destroyed" the legend of Doink and that the others would be no different. Randy Orton is going toe-to-toe with the Underteaker, Roddy Piper, and Hulk Hogan, and you just destroyed the legend of Doink, Bravo.

I think if the WWE is going to recycle a gimmick they should at least spice it up a bit. Destroying wrestling legends is one thing, but destroying Doink the clown is another. Feedback is appreciated if I am way off base here. I'd appreciate it as this is my first column.

A Great Commentator With a Legacy Gone to Waste -- by [email protected]

As long as there is wrestling there are announcers. There was one specific commentator that we will always remember and that man is Jim ross. Jim ross commetated raw each monday night until he got fired and embaresed by the McMahons this Monday night. I think without Jim Ross raw will not be seen so much any more. He was one of the men that contributed his time to the business and loved it no matter what happened. Based on his career Jim Ross has not only a legacy but as a helping shoulder. As he said in his last interview that he actually helped pioners like the rock and kurt angle.

That goes to prove how cruel the wrestling buisness is today. Also how corny the story lines are. If wwe is going to make a story line they shold conclude of drama. People shouldnt worry because soon enough he says that he will be going to wrestling shows and making books. This book wont consist on how his wrestling moments but of his love for wrestling.

I think mainly what the problem is that they want a new young face in the anoncing table. Still that new face wont have the legacy that J.R has. He wont have the same way of announcing monday nights. He wont entertain people the same way. With that said i say good luck to J.R and good will.

Game Time -- by Jason McCall ([email protected])

When Ric Flair walked down the aisle with a sledgehammer on his shoulder, I couldn't help but smile. At first I, like most wrestling fans, thought it was a great idea when Triple H decided to take some time off after his feud with Batista. However, after seeing Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle turned into Eric Bischoff's lapdogs, and watching John Cena struggle to define himself as a world champion, I look forward to seeing Hunter return to RAW this Monday. Triple H is the top man in the WWE, period. He is the top star in the company, and he makes other wrestlers stars. If you need any proof, then look at the wrestlers who have been elevated from being involved with him. For starters, there is his former stable, Evolution. While it may have started off as a Four Horsemen imitation, I could make a strong argument for Evolution being one of the best stables in history. And my argument is this: every member of Orton and Batista aren't the only stars Triple H has made recently, though. People can criticize him all they want about him not deserving ten title reigns and holding other wrestlers down, but when it?s good for business, The Game has done his fair share of jobs. He's even spent the last two summers putting over other talent. I've already discussed his feud with Batista, but in 2004, Triple H did Chris Benoit the biggest favor of his career. Benoit's title victory wouldn't have meant nearly as much if it wasn?t Triple H that was tapping out to him in the middle of the ring. Then, fresh off his world title loss at WrestleMania XX, Hunter lost cleanly to Shelton Benjamin a number of times on Raw, and Shelton's still benefiting from those wins, in my opinion. Despite his bad reputation with the internet crowd, I think nothing but good can come from Triple H returning this Monday on RAW's Homecoming. With Raw changing networks, and facing new competition from the combined forces of the UFC, Spike TV, and TNA, WWE needs its top gun, and that's Triple H. A feud with Flair has been the most talked about angle for Triple H when he returns, but what he does after that is what I'm most interested in. He could start a new Evolution, with Carlito and Chris Masters as members, or he could feud with Kurt Angle since their paths haven't crossed in years. No matter what Triple H does, I think he'll do more than his in making sure that RAW is still the biggest "game" in town.

John Cena: Worst Champ Yet?
by Tommy Quinn

He has mic skills, he has muscle, he has a good look. So why can't I stand John Cena? For some reason every week when I turn on RAW I get a dose of John Cena's often moronic promo's and I of course have to watch that goofy white rapper gimmick go over the top. Want to know why I can't stand Cena? It's because he is not unique to the business. Mick Foley is unique, Stone Cold Steve Austin's redneck antiauthority gimmick was actually COOL and BELIEVABLE. The Rock was actually FUNNY when he was entertaining. But John Cena just comes off as a big goof, I don't believe that John Cena is a thug, I don't believe he grew up on the streets, and for the love of god, we all know this guy doesn't belong in a comedy club. Anytime John Cena makes a joke on Raw, which is quite frequently, I have to turn the channel out of anger. I'm afraid that John Cena can ONLY be effective as a heel. I actually started to like him as a heel, but if you can only work heel, you are not a valuable asset to the business. Of course as WWE champion Vince would have him be face, and that crushes him all together.

I would also put Batista in the same category, but that's another column for another time. But another reason I really think John Cena is a horrible champion is that he is nothing but a body builder with a lame goofy white rapper gimmick. He's not a great wrestler, he can't entertain on the mic; he can talk but he can't entertain. Those are two different things. Anyone can get on the mic and say they're gonna beat someone's ass, or can put a sentence together. But he's not funny at all, he's not threatening at all, he's not anything. How is anyone supposed to be threatened by a white rapper? How is he EVER suppose to be involved in any good storylines as a white rapper? The point is, he can't be.

I guess to narrow it all down, John Cena just can't be a very valuable asset to the business for the simple fact that he doesn't have it all. Many people would dispute that because, well, look at him; he's muscular, he has a good look and he can wrestle decently. That doesn't mean jack shit when it comes to being a great champion, a great champion has to CAPTIVATE an audience, they have to grab they're attention, and John Cena doesn't do anything. I've heard a lot of girls say they like Cena, but that doesn't make him a great champ. I've heard a lot of little kids say they think John Cena is funny. When you have 3rd grade humor, I guess they will laugh, but that doesn't make you a great champion.

John Cena will always be a success in everyone's eyes, if you can't see him as a success, you're an idiot. But John Cena will not be remembered as a great champion in very many people's eyes, and if you think he is, you're an idiot.

Rock Bottom -- by Devin Fry

Fiiiiiiiinaaaaaallllyyyyy the Rock has gone back into retirement! Well, he should. I mean his NWO rivalry was the best gimmick

he had in his career. And that was even pretty lame! And if he does come back, WHO CARES! If you ask me The Rock betrayed

WWE to have a totally sucky movie career. When I started watching wrestling He was the leader of the Nation of Domonation.He

was also the man who single handedly drove it to the ground. And lets look back in his carrer. Summer Slam 02 lost title to Brock

Lesnar. WrestleMania XX lost to evolution. 04 returns for one night and beats the crap out of Coach. 03 Loses battle royal by

getting thrown over the top rope by Booker T. Backlash 03 Loses to Goldberg in his (Goldberg's) debut. The list gos on and on. The

fact is, Rock should give it up. I mean we havent seen him since the Diva Search (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz). So Rock hang up the boots.

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