Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 11/2003
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A Few of My Heros -- by Brad Dykens

Dick Hutton (profile) passed away on November 24, 2003. Dick Hutton wouldn't be known to many wrestling fans today, but he was one of the many men who helped pave the road for this great industry. Imagine being HAND PICKED by the great Lou Thesz to win the NWA World title as Thesz was on his way out. Dick Hutton was a decorated amature wrestler before stepping into a professional environment. In 1949, he lost an NCAA tournament match to future pro great Verne Gagne in the finals on a controversial referee's decision. As wrestling fans, we should never forget those who laid the foundation for the sport we love so much. Dick Hutton is a true legend, and will be missed -- REST IN PEACE.
1923 - 2003

Larry Booker (aka Larry Latham/Moondog Spot) passed away during a match in Memphis on November 29, 2003.. Larry Latham started out in Memphis, where he would eventually become an ICON in the territory feuding with the likes of Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Superstar" Bill Dundee, and the Rock'N'Roll Express. Before Larry became a Moondog though, he was one half of another dominant tag team called the Blonde Bombers, his partner was none other than Wayne Ferris (later known as The Honky Tonk Man). The early 80s saw the Moondogs take the WWWF by storm, winning the Tag Team titles, and later became a motivating factor in the angle between Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff. Some would say it was poetic justice that Spot passed away in the building where he worked and entertained fans for several decades as a top star. Wrestlers just don't share the same passion for the industry any more, and I can garantee you, this Moondog, will be sorely missed -- REST IN PEACE.

Don't Believe the Hype! by Andrea Kaufmann

Here's a guy who doesn't even know how to kick Bret Hart without ending his career. It has actually been said by doctors the stroke may have kept him out of the game for awhile, but if it hadn't been for that Mule Kick delivered by Goldberg, he would still be in the ring. Goldberg doesn't deserve what he's getting. Yes, I was sick of seeing HHH as the champ, even though I love the guy, but anyone but Goldberg! The guy is probably the most undeserving person on RAW and SD! combined. Hell, in NWA:TNA, WCW (when it was around), ECW (when it was around), WWE, WWF, Stampede Wrestling, all those combined plus any I missed! Don't believe the hype! HHH had the best description of Goldberg I have ever heard: A good idea gone bad. All the right hype, none of the talent. Goldberg, it's only the fan followers who want you around and less and less of those are being found today, get the F out!!!

Goldberg Is The Best World Champion Ever ---by Mark Adams

I will Be Very Honest. HHH Never wins Fairly. While Having The World Title The Rematch With HBK At The Final PPV in 2002 Was the only time he won fair and Square. He Always Uses The Slegehamer To Win. When Goldberg Won In September To Take the title he won fair and Square. If HHH Wins Tonight Against Goldberg He will have Used The Good For Nothing Slegehammer.

My ideas for WWE ---by Jake Bye

One idea is to get rid of the RAW/SMACKDOWN only type stuff so that way there is more story lines to work with. Another idea is bring back the Hardcore belt with the 24/7 rule. But one that I came up with myself, is for one night only on RAW, (I don't like smackdown anymore) that ALL the belts are put up on the line and anything goes to obtain the belts. But there are a few exceptions, one if a wrestler gets a belt, they are not allowed to lock themselves in any room without any other way in other than the door. And the final rule is all belts are up for grabs by anyone for example if Lita uses something to knock out Goldberg and get a 3 count fall like in hardcore matches, Lita would be champion. And any male could get the Women's belt and anyone could get the tag belts as long as there are two people. And last but not least my personal favorite from WCW, bring back World War III or something like it, and all wrestlers can be in it including the women and who ever wins automatically becamse the new champion.

Road Warrior Hawk passes away :( ---by Ozzy Lennon

I dont want to report this, this death in wrestling hurts so much, maybe its because I followed the Road Warriors career for so long and that they are my favorite tag team of all time. At about 2:00 A.M. on October 19th Road Warrior Hawk passed away and they do not know what was the cause.

I am in shock, it wasnt to long ago that Michael Hegstrand was on Raw with Joseph Laurinaitis and I am so glad that they got to come back to the WWE even for just a few matches. This has already been a hard week on wrestling fans with the passing of Stu Hart and now one half of the greatest tag team of all time is gone also.

I never got to meet Road Warrior Hawk and I dreamed of doing so for such a long time and this has crushed my dream of meeting him. I feel that I owe it to Hawk to say we will miss you and that no tag team will ever compare to the success of the Road Warriors over their 20 year career. More to come on this, R.I.P. Hawk I will miss you.

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