Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 11/2005
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

The Masterpiece "Chris Masters"

by Mike Jones

I got to say this much Chris Masters is built well on a physical side. They really need to build his character up. He kind of reminds of Lex Luger when he first came minus the so call loaded fore arm Luger had when he The Narcisist. His finisher the full nelson classic old school submission. I remember the Warlord from the Powers of Pain using that has his submission for a while. I got to admit he does make the full nelson look painfull on a smaller wrestler. I'd like to see this guy perform different moves besides the polish hammer, headlocks, punches and kicks. I can imagine for someone his size he can at least perform a impress suplex . These big guys they bring it get more and more boring. Mic skills not really believable .

He doesn't have that type of mic skills like Rick Rude had. Were you'd actually feed into it and actually want to anticipate on something to really happen. I think they give him a manager or a female valet. I can Imagine Candice Michelle as his valet. Ted Debiase as his manager would fit also. Where they work a angle as if Ted Debiase would make as his personal investment slash manager. The guy needs to go up against a person of equal caliber. It's pretty damn predictable when you have him go up against guys like Tajairi or Hurricane. I can actually see this guy become a awesome heel. Add some moves like a snap suplex ,stalling suplex , powerslam, a real menacing clothesline, a neckbreaker, dragon suplex, and maybe something that the crowd wouldn't expect like a moonsault from the tope rope or make be even a shooting star press. Something like that in a pay per view to show this guy doesn't fall in the three moves of doom catergory. Would capture the ability of the unexpected. A mixture of small submissions like the camel clutch or boston crab, hell I can see this guy pull off torture rack. This would make the Chris Masters Character more interesting. Speed is another plus also that can be added. I'm tired of seeing these slow big boring wrestlers or stupid gimmicks . Title wise I can see him as the IC champ or a good while. I can't see him hold a world title yet. Give this guy a chance and hopefully the writers create a interesting storyline for this guy to give a decent push. A couple good run attacks on bigger wrestlers. Then you'll have a good classic annoying, arrogant heel, that you'd love to hate. Other than he's needs time to develop mic skills, more moves, and valet or manager to boost his ego. He won't be a Rick Rude or Total Package Lex Luger. Just give this guy a another year or so. If not he'll fall into the mid carder, big, slow, three moves of doom, no believable mic skills and end of getting released or sent back to OVW . When this coming survivor series comes up I'd like to see him yoke up Batista in the masterlock . Now that right there would add some credibility and make him more threating. That's my personal view on the guy.

Tyson Tomko: Problem Solved

by Watwen Trong jnr

April 19th 2004 Tyson Tomko the problem solver debuts on RAW as a bodyguard for Christian. On this night the interference caused by Tomko mean that Christian was able to defeat Chris Jericho who had become somewhat of a rival. Tomko was then catapulted into a feud with Y2J Chris Jericho when he power-bombed Jericho through the announce table and this eventually lead to Jericho defeating Tomko at Bad Blood that year. Yes this is all good and well as Tomko had become a bodyguard for Trish Stratus and the two were becoming rather good mid card heels. But Tomko was brought in to be the problem solver for Christian who was injured, low and behold Christian eventually returns. Tyson decides to stay helping out Rish and has a pointless match at Unforgiven 2004 against Steven Richards.

Now we see Tyson Tomko return to Christian's side and the begin to do battle as a tag team and even get a World Tag Team title shot at the RAW PPV New Years Revolution, which of course they lost to William Regal and Eugene.

We don't really see that much of Tyson Tomko actually showing anyone his ability for a long time yes he occasionally wrestles on HEAT but that's about it. Then Christian is sent to SmackDown in the draft lottery, so it looks like a rough time for Christians "problem solver"/ bodyguard Tyson Tomko. No the six foot six muscle bound 292 pound guy from Arizona keeps going with the WWE? They eventually team him with Kurt Angle for a couple of pointless show ups and now it looks like Tyson Tomko may have teamed with Gene Snitsky to form a tag team. Maybe they could call it the gimmick-less duo or simply dysfunctional as both wrestlers seem to be. Gene Snitsky has only one thing in common with Tyson Tomko they're gimmicks are old and dead. There is no need for a problem solver especially now that Christian is wrestling on TNA and Trish Stratus has turned face.

Another Legend Killer?! by David Shidler

Randy Orton fans remember mid-2003 very well. Randy had recently returned after breaking several bones, and was heading into his "heel" career. His new image was to be a "Legend Killer". A role, I believe, he was born for. Randy went on to man-handling many legends, from Mic Foley to Sgt. Slaughter.

Coincidently, the successful tag team of Robert Conway and Sylvan Grenier, collectively known as "La Resistance", broke apart. After some time off, Rob Conway took a similar path. At WWE homecoming, the Con Man interrupted the legends ceremony for no apparent reason, and was destroyed by Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Snuka, and Kevin Von Erich. This made me ask one question: why the Con Man? That question was never answered.

After I had nearly forgotten about this event, I see Conway facing off against the ever-so-hate-able Doink the Clown. Doink? I have never understood why WWE brings people like him back time and time again for short runs. The next thing I know, Conway is facing Greg Valentine, who, of all things, takes a HEEL TURN!, followed by a match against "The Bird Man", Koko B. Ware. The final nail in the coffin was letting fans choose Eugene's partner to face (Tyson Tomko and) Conway. It could have been the always-entertaining Kamala, the Canadian Sellout - Jim Duggan, or the Superfly, Jimmy Snuka, and what do you know? Snuka wins!

Making a long story short though, I think WWE either doubts the Con-Mans talent, or they're going to re-use the "Legend Killer" gimmick more times than WCW used nWo. I DO know that WWE can make him a re-run, but he'll still do things his way, the CON WAY!

New Face, Same Old Character -- by J.Gonzalez

The Boogeyman a.k.a Marty Wright, a character of my favoritism, such as Sting, Vampiro, The Undertaker, The Great Muta, etc. Dark characters as some people would say. Characters that have that extra step of what "Dramatic" wrestling should be. Characters like so, make an impression upon people for their uniqueness. Luchadores for example utilize the mask(s) to give a persona to the character, it tells the audience what kind of wrestler he is, a "good" or "bad" one and sometimes "evil". I feel that wrestlers today lack of character but have extreme talent. The Boogeyman reminds me of a wrestler by the last name of Wright as well, Charles Wright, many people know him as The Godfather, The Goodfather, Kama Mustafa, and Papa Shango. My points being see the resemblance. A some sort of Voodoo, face painted, mysterious character. The reason characters of the same standard do not really make it for long, is the uniqueness.Papa Shango a very opposite of The Undertaker, both being at the same time, but Papa Shango was more of a clown dancing in smoke. Not taken as a serious contender like The Undertaker. Not much is known of The Boogeyman but his character is already predictable. Originality plays a huge role when a new character is formed, and a lot of people well know that the WWE is not well with that matter of subject. The Boogeyman's impressive, but almost lame since he needs to be more believable, more "Reality", we live in "Reality Era" for television and character that is supposed to scare you by braking a clock on his head will not do. The Boogeyman has potential; all he needs to do is make an impressive, believable act. To "Burry Alive" Batista, or since he is your "deepest nightmare", destroy Eddie Guerrero, by turning him to an alcoholic, drug addict, or "killing" a main character. Hopefully the WWE has good plans for The Boogeyman, and not destroy a potential character.

TNA, THE NEW ECW -- by Bill Paceley

Welcome everyone to my first column. TNA, the new ECW what do I mean, Total Nonstop Action three words that could be used to describe ECW. The road taken was traveled the same way. ECW had a drive that not even WWE could match, to give their fans the best show they could give. With a locker room that was called a family more than one time. Matches that would take your breath away, moves you never seen before. All comments above describe both TNA and ECW. On to the talent. As the crowd chanted RVD,RVD, now people chant another set of initials of AJ,AJ. Both wrestlers could take a broom in the ring and put on a 5 star match. Supporting roles, for every Jerry Lynn for RVD, there is a Chris Daniels for AJ Styles. On to the titles, in the land of extreme there was more emphasis on the TV title than the World title. The X division title has already main evented how many pay-per-views. To the locker rooms there is a heart of champions for every Taz, FBI, Justin Credible, Mike Awesome there is a Jeff Jarrett, 3LK, Samoa Joe, Monty Brown. The one thing we will never know, will also be the biggest difference. That one thing is this. What if there was a Dixie Carter back in the beginning of a little wrestling group known as innovative, daring, a true alternative to the WWE. A group called Extreme Championship Wrestling. That is a question we will never know. For TNA their time is now to show us what ECW might have been. Till we write again, wrestle on.

The Future of pro wrestling -- by Devin Fry

Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedyyyyyyyyy Kennedyyyy. I crack up whenever I see this guy. Admit it he's freakin hilarious! Now, you people probably hate me after my last column , Rock Bottom,. But there are way too many idiots who thinks Kennedy sucks. If you are one of those idiots then slap yourself right now. When I first saw Kennedy I thought he was another low level rookie. But then I heard his entro. And I knew this guy would become something. He also has the best finisher ever. That Green Bay Plunge would hurt like crap! Well I wish a good career to the only good profesional athlete to come out of Green Bay (especially compared to the Packers) in history.

Unification -- by Adam Heap

I could have wrote a whole column on this, but I know not many people will listen to me and think this idea sucks anyway. Here goes: Unify the Tag Team Titles. It's a way to settle the lacking division. The WWE are finally strating to come through, but still, it's a thought. have a WrestleMania 22 match in which the all RAW and SmackDown! Tag Teams compete for the unified title, and then all tag teams go to the show which wins the comp. I personally think it should be SmackDown!, as they seem to be using the titles better. Or maybe RAW, because SmackDown has the Junior division and Cruiserweight division. Anyway, it's a thought. My congrats to Big Show and Kane for winning the titles. See you in my next column, Obsessees.

A New Talent

by Calv R. ([email protected])

Now many would consider Ken Anderson A.K.A Mr Kennedy's gimmick annoying and frustrating. But to me its a normal day in the life for a WWE superstar. Ken Anderson came to the WWE from OVW as a proud superstar ready to prove himself to the world, and to me he has done that perfectly.

On the 25th of August 2005 Mr Ken Kennedy made his first step into the WWE ring and began his gimmick. His gimmick was a superstar who has a high pitched voice and introduced them self to the SmackDown fans, his first match was an impressive victory over Sho Funaki now at that moment I could see that he was going to me a big impact to the SmackDown roster.

One week later on the 1st September 2005 an edition of SmackDown Mr Ken Kennedy wrestled a very talented Booker T who was at the time feuding with Christian. Yet again Mr Kennedy made an impressive victory over Booker T. At this point in time Ken Kennedy was building up to his undefeated streak.

Over the weeks Mr Kennedy dominated the WWE ring by defeating any superstar which stood in his way. He was building up to the main event just like John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista all did when they first joined WWE. The time came and on September 23rd in a mid card match Mr Kennedy took on Rey Mysterio. Eventullay Mr Kennedy picked up the victory but this time with some help from JBL.

At the moment Ken Kennedy is now making the main events, Mr Kennedy is making a name for himself just like John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista etc. All did and at the moment John Cena and Batista both hold titles. Could Mr Kennedy do the same in the near future? Nobody knows but Ken Anderson is a talent to be recognised in the WWE

The Role Of The Tag Team Division

by Aidan O'Connor

In any wrestling company or promotion, tag team matches play an important role. There are many divisions and numerous titles throughout the industry, but what exactly is the role?

There are so many places that I have been to where I hear how the WWE's Tag Team divisions (RAW and SmackDown) are being destroyed and how rivalling TNA have benefited from their Tag Teams gaining more success. However, the last time I watched SmackDown I saw 4 relatively new tag teams competing in one of the best Tag Team matches I've seen in a long time. I admit RAW is lacking Tag Team skills, but that's just something that will have to wait. (By the way, thought Cade and Murdoch had something going then, but were just replacing Rosey and The Hurricane for the time being!).

Back when the Legion of Doom, Demolition etc. were holding the titles, it seemed as if they were at the 'top of the ladder' and this was a pinnacle of the wrestling industries' accomplishments. But is it me or did the Tag Titles become a platform towards the World Heavyweight and WWE championship runs for superstars such as Bret Hart and Bradshaw, and maybe Edge soon? It's like the Tag Team Titles have lowered to an Intercontinental or U.S. championship level over the years (Chris Jericho and Christian, RVD and Kane, Flair and Batista) and most recently hit an all-time low recently.

Although Tag Teams aren't as important on the wrestling scene as they were

15 or so years ago, there have been loads of ideas coming from TNA, ROH and other indy promotions to make the Tag Teams a more valuable asset. One in particular could do wonders for the WWE, a Tag Team Tournament, I see all the indy circuits doing this and in ROH alot too, it could be a great way to pair off up and coming superstars and possibly make stables. Look at Evolution and D-X, they made superstars like Triple H and Randy Orton make great names for themselves. If used right, a Tag Team tournament could be just what the WWE needs.

I Wish I Didn't Know -- by John Mountain

I wish I didn't know how a wrestler takes a bump. I wish I didn't know that Kane and Undertaker aren't really brothers or that their names are Glen Jacobs and Mark Callaway. I wish I didn't know that Ric Flair suffered from depression or that Chris Candido had a drug problem or Scott Hall a drinking problem. I wish I didn't know that The Iron Sheik and Hacksaw Jim Duggan travelled together even though they were supposed to be bitter enemies. I wish I didn't know that Pat Patterson was openly gay. I wish I didn't know what Jushin Liger or Abyss or Kane look like under their masks. I wish I didn't know that Chyna starred in an XXX-Rated movie. I wish I didn't know oh I wish I didn't know.

I do wish for a time when on a Saturday afternoon I could watch in awe as these heroes of mine battled to the death or as close they could get. I long for the days when I could sit and watch wrestling with my mother. I long for the days when for 5 dollars I could a ringside seat and 2 and a half hours of fun and excitement. I miss the Rock n Roll Express, Midnight Express and The Four Horsemen. I miss the epic battles between Flair and Steamboat or McDaniel and Valentine. I miss Andre and Curt and Rude and Owen and many more who have fallen for that final 3 count. There is so much I miss.

Wrestling has changed a lot over the years. For the better? Don't think so. When you need half naked women to get people to tune in that's not good. For the worse? In some ways. There are still a lot of good things out there in pro wrestling. Talented superstars like Benoit, Jericho, Styles and others keep on keeping on and entertain us every step of the way. Old school reunions remind us that without the legends to pave the way wrestling as we know it would not exist. Now the FU has replaced the airplane spin and The Chokeslam has replaced The Clawhold. Yes wrestling has changed a lot over the years.

As Chris Benoit said in his Hard Knocks DVD: "wrestling has been my mistress for many years. I have loved it and I have hated it (sometimes in the same thought). But I have never ever grown tired of it."

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