Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 12/2004
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

How TNA Can Improve -- by Jack Mitchell

Right now, TNA is not really impressing now. I mean, do get me wrong, they have the way better talent than WWE. The only problem is that TNA is not that popular. The WWE continues to hype wrestling fans all over the world. This is only b/c WWE has been here for a long time, so everybody knows what to expect and still be surprised because "anything can happen". TNA is an upcoming production from NWA (National Wrestling Alliance). The other reason why WWE is so popular is because of the storylines. Although some of them might be stupid (Lita get pregnant by a monster, Katie Vick, Al Wilson,etc.), but it gets the fans talking. TNA bearly has a storyline.They could never do anything like pregnancies, dead people, and all that nonsence the WWE does. Also, the superstars of TNA does not get the recognition they deserve. Only wrestlers like A.J. Styles, Jeff Hary, Jeff Jarrett, Raven, and other names stand out. While the others like Amazing Red, Sonjay Dutt, Sabin, Team Canada, etc are just hanging around.I think that TNA should improve with their storylines. They should have something that will have wrestling fans to talk about for a week. They should also have misunderstood wrestlers stand out more, like giving them title shots, amazing matches (I mean Bret vs. Michaels type of match). And I also have seen something else that TNA lacks; women. they do not have any divas except for Trinity and Tracy. Trinity is the only female on TNA that wrestles. TNA should hire more women and create a women's title or something. And finally to end this story, It would hurt if TNA was to make another brand, create a hardcore title, go other places besides staying in Orlando, Florida. TNA would be great then.

I Don't Get It -- by Shortest Straw #1

I think the WWE now is in the worst state it has been in a while entertainment and match wise.There making average or mediocre wrestlers superstars overnight(ie:Randy Orton,JBL).I agree Randy Orton is a good wrestler but he is not great so therefore should be fighting for the Us, Tag team, or intercontinental titles(still).They should break up evolution, it's hurting Batista and Ric Flair, he should wrestle more since soon he wont be accepted as a WWE caliber superstar.It is also making Triple H looking like a fat idiot, WWE thinks that Triple H is best as a bad guy but how is he at his best when all he does is talk the same smack and wrestle a good match every few months. I also wish that WWE could try harder to get on board with Sting,Ultimo Dragon and maybe even the excellence of exectution. PS:does former good's or great's RVD,Dudleys,Eddie, Booker, Jeff Hardy, Undertaker(looked slow for awhile) look slow or what.

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