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Voodoo Kin Mafia -- Great, or Garbage?

On December 10, 2006: BG James and Kip James made a shocking impact on TNA's Turning Point PPV by sending WWE Chairman Vince McMahon a "$1,000,000 Challenge" to stand up and prove to the wrestling world that he has a set of "balls." BG and Kip James, collectively known as "Voodoo Kin Mafia," have become two extremely controversial characters on TNA's weekly iMPACT program, virtually copying a tactic that Vince McMahon's WWE utilized when they were chasing WCW. I have become curious as to what the general opinion of this storyline is with all the "obsessed" wrestling fans now that has come to the forefront of the industry. I have become personally intrigued by everything that has gone on. Please let me know what you think and don't forget to sign your name!

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For the benefit of those who missed Turning Point:

  • IN THE RING: Voodoo Kin Mafia (BG James [as Paul Levesque] & Kip James [as Michael Hickenbotttom])..
    • The Voodoo Kin Mafia came out but were interrupted by five male cheerleaders (making fun of the Spirit Squad)..
    • Paul Levesque & Michael Hickenbottom destroyed the five cheerleader guys without even laying a hand on them..
    • Paul Levesque then called out the "Oily Fat Guy" who came out and rubbed up against the fifth cheerleader..
    • BG James said wrestling fans have a hard time drawing the line between parody television and reality television....
    • They took off their costumes and proclaimed that they are VKM and said started cutting a promo on Vinnie Mac..
    • BG James said that somebody in WWE (Jim Ross) said Vince McMahon didn't care what Voodoo Kin Mafia was doing..
    • BG James then talked about the time Vince McMahon ordered them to go to CNN/WCW in search of Ted Turner...
    • BG James said if Vince McMahon wanted to sue them for a parody this would be it (Chant "Screw You Vince!")..
    • BG James said they were having a good time but Vince McMahon came along and had to spoil all of the fun.....
    • BG James then offered Vince McMahon $1,000,000 for a fight between B.J. & Kip James against [HHH & HBK]..
    • BG James told Vince McMahon to show the world that he has a set of balls, or if he is a gutless piece of SHIT!

    Gus P. wrote:
    Since people say that WWE could destroy TNA in an instant, why haven't they done it by now? These VKM skits are quite funny. People who dislike these are WWE marks or people who are fans of toilet humor aka DX fans.
    Randy W. wrote:
    Originally, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous and pointless for TNA to even acknowledge the competition on their broadcast week in and week out because all they're doing is giving their fans a reason to tune into Monday Night "Raw" the following week to witness if Vince McMahon or DX would dare respond to their comments. As a matter of fact, WWE seems to be doing the smart thing by simply keeping their mouths shut.

    However, after watching "Turning Point" and hearing B.G. James controversial and passionate speech, I find myself incredibly intrigued by this particular storyline. Granted, I don't honestly believe for a split second that McMahon would actually accept the "$1 Million Dollar Challenge," but I can't help but to respect the Voodoo Kin Mafia for risking a hefty lawsuit by speaking straight from their hearts. Besides, creating a little controversy could prove to be somewhat beneficial to TNA in the near future. Now I can understand why many fans would take on a negative impression of this angle, but as the old saying goes, "What goes around comes around." The WWE pulled these similar type of stunts against WCW and that's all TNA is doing with the WWE now.

    But as I stated before, it's a ludicrous move for TNA to acknowledged the WWE in any shape or fashion because I'm sure that many fans are gonna tune into "Raw" tonight to see if any form of retaliation from McMahon or DX occurs. \
    Liam Ferguson wrote:
    VKM is absolute garbage, why would Vince send DX to fight VKM to prove he had balls? TNA is a bug on the shoe of WWE. Kip and BG are just whinging WWE rejects, complaining isn't going to impress anyone except 900 brainwashed TNA fans attending every TNA show. Sure they can bag on Vince McMahon but the decisions Vince is making is getting ratings, money and viewers. TNA still isn't getting outside the square; using recycled WWE storylines is just holding them back. I conclude saying that VKM better start wrestling and stop complaining because if they want to win they need to stop being attention seekers.
    Jay wrote:
    I think what VKM & TNA are doing is the most pathetic thing ever and I got Two Words for them, STOP IT. What do they hope to accomplish by doing this? I think all this is that BG James (Road Dogg) & Kip James (Billy Gunn) are just bitter because DX is back and they are not apart of it. I seem to remember WWE wanting to invite them back to Re-Join DX but they said no so who's fault is that? They really think Triple H,Shawn Micheals,or Vince Mcmahon are going to take their "Challenge" please. WWE should not even mention it and just make TNA look even more dumber than they already are.
    Rob Scribner wrote:
    Makes no sense at all...being preoccupied with another company will be TNA's downfall. Instead pushing what is positive about the company, they want to attack another, taking valuable time away from people who have earned their dues in the company. BG and Kip are disgruntled former WWE employees and that is what they will be perceived by any of the general public who even knows this angle is even occurring. Vince Russo = cancer.

    And Vince will not nor should he care about this angle. People bash WWE for wasting wrestling time with stuff like this and TNA is supposed to be non-stop action...not non-stop talking...when is the last time VKM actually, oh, I don't know, HAD A MATCH?!?!
    kevin sherman wrote:
    i can say that i am not a fan of all of this, mainly for the fact that nothing will ever come from it. wwe will ignore this latest bit by vkn/the james gang/the new age outlaws. my question is, are b.g. and kip that bitter over not being there for the return of dx? did they want to go back to the wwe and not get the chance, so now they are going to act like this? no matter, this is a hidious story line/angle and tna are making themselves look foolish for allowing this junk to go on.
    Jesse Lee wrote:
    I think it's rather childish and really hurts TNA. Internet smarks constantly call TNA the "Land of WWE Castaways" and that rubs off onto marks-the majority of the audience base that can produce money. When marks happen to tune in and see something they remember seeing on the "new-old" DX dvd they've purchased, it would quickly lose credibility.

    In my own opinion, BG James and Kippy should try to do something entertaining rather than trying to be like DX. TNA uses the calling card of "the alternative wrestling" or something like that so they should do just that. Be different from WWE. By this, I mean to completely ignore what they're doing and push TNA, not WWE.

    TNA isn't on any scale to compete with WWE and its financial situations are worse than ECW before it went off the air on TNN. The "VKM" from TNA makes it painfully obvious that these two have become nothing more than either bitter has-beens who have nothing better to do than to live in the past or two miserable pawns in the work of Russo.
    Greg Helphenstine wrote:
    Isn't it ironic that the childish moronic stuff that VKM wants DX to stop, they do as well, just at a different level. BG said that people in WWE didn't care what VKM was doing, and I believe that to be true.

    Part of me almost doesn't believe that this whole VKM angle is in rebuttle to WWE bringing back DX - - but because WWE ignores TNA completely. Anyone who goes to TNA from WWE usually gets in the ring and says something like, "That other company didn't let me do what I do." But people like Monty Brown go to WWE, he's just a 'former football star'. CM Punk somewhat had a 'anti-TNA/ROH:pro-WWE' promo going the night that he signed his WWE Contract on the ROH Title. Shannon Moore came back to WWE without even a whisper of TNA. Jeff Hardy returned from a 3 year sabatical, again, no mention of TNA, or even another federation at all.

    TNA wants to be taken seriously by everyone, but they can't with sophomoric antics like this. Yes, at one time these same sophomoric antics got WWE over and ratings poured in. But - it's not working now for WWE, is it? And it's not because DX is missing Mr. Ass and Roaddogg - it's because the viewers are smarter - and blatantly doing it because the other guys are doing it just shows that you don't have original ideas.
    Kevin Johnson wrote:
    If you ask me, Jeff Jarrett has proven himself to be a glorified piece of white trash. VKM themself do not have the balls to wrestle D-X, and are using this to try to increase the ratings. People who continue to watch TNA have shown to be the kind of people who don't want to live in the real world, because intellectual logic provens that TNA absolutely sucks. TNA audiences need to quit living in fantasy and realize its true reality.
    Joseph Santangelo wrote:
    I do think that VKM is a bad idea. This only will get people to tune into RAW shows "although I think that it is a pretty safe bet that almost all TNA fans watch WWE shows anyway." However I can not criticize it to much just because I want to see what they do next. I can't imagine that TNA thinks that Vince McMahon will actually accept this "million dollar challenge" and that they have a backup storyline. The only reason that I can't call this gimmick a total loss is because I want to see what this all leads up to.
    Eli Brooke wrote:
    I think that the VKM "invasion" is a good idea in theory, but is being executed poorly. Anyone who watches TNA is fully aware of the WWE's existence and programming schedule, and therefore from a ratings standpoint it won't hurt TNA and turn viewers towards the WWE. More likely than not, people watching TNA already watch WWE or have already made the conscious decision not too. The idea could generate interest from casual WWE fans, who may hear about another promotion "invading". The problem is, it should not be Road Dogg and Billy Gunn leading this invasion. If a casual WWE fan did tune in to see what the fuss is about, they do look like bitter wash ups and quite frankly do not represent what TNA's image should be - better wrestling. If instead of Kip and BG, we had Styles and Daniels, or Alex Shelley, or LAX, or some hot young act of TNA doing the exact same promos, I think it would hit a lot harder. Even Christian who left on his own terms and would not appear bitter would be a better alternative. Really, anyone would be a better choice for this angle.
    Ethan Seagraves wrote:
    The problem is not that VKM or DX are poorly thought out groups or groups that cannot draw. DX and VKM\NAO have proven in the past that they have the potential to draw, be fan favorites, and in the second incarnation (HHH, Outlaws, X-Pac, and Chyna) become an absolute cultural sensation. The problem is that BG and Kip made that little shoot video a while back absolutely slamming HHH. We'd all love to say that now that DX is back together and HHH is a face, he is a good guy, but everybody has seen HHH hold down people over the years. Kip and BG just had the stones to say it. If WWE was looking to bring them back into the fold as the NAO then that definitely ended any chance. So the knee jerk reaction is to tell everyone you hate the WWE and the idea of DX. Same as if a hot girl turns you down. You call her a whore and pretend you're not interested. In an ideal world we'd have the worlds greatest tag team as the worlds greatest tag team. Instead, TNA is going to push LAX and other trash. A faction is as good as the company makes it.
    Tully Bertorelli wrote:
    When I saw Voodoo Kin Mafia for the first time I was thinking...What is TNA thinking? But then I let the video play on youtube and see what happen, And thats when I change my mind. I think the Voodoo Kin Mafia is entertaining and funny. I Its a great gimmick. Some people think Vince Russo sucks, well if you know your history Vince Russo played a big part of the Attiude Era. So if you don't like VKM. Whatever. I just puting my two cents.
    Scott Hurley wrote:
    Every week I (like many of you) tune into IMPACT! and see "VKM" challege the WWE and Vince. And every week BG James says that if they dont accept the challenge they will, blah blah blah. And of course Vince and DX are not going to respond. They're too busy "re-inventing" DX and selling out 18,000 plus seat arenas to really care what these two doing.

    Everyone seems to blame VKM (and rightfully so) but what about the other Vince. Of course I'm talking about Vince "WCW Killa" Russo. He was at the arena in Tennesee when HHH saluted them. He's been around this thing from the start. To me their just three guys who couldn't get it done on the big show anymore and they refuse to blame themselves. So who do you blame? The man who made you a star. Vincent Kennedy McMahon.
    Brent Matthew Denny wrote:
    After I had read this column about The New Age Outlaws, or whatever the hell they are calling themselves now. After I had read this column about these two has-beens from TNA challenging Shawn and Hunter to a match, I couldn't stop laughing. I laughed so hard and so much I almost had an "accident" if you take my meaning.

    Why was I laughing so much and so hard?

    It wasn't because of the brilliance behind this idea, or how daring and bold TNA/BG and Kip James are for making this challenge, it was at how stupid how sad and above all else how desperate TNA and BG and Kip James are to get noticed and get attention.

    An for those of you who are thinking that this is never before done in the world or pro wrestling, I hate to disappoint you but this type of desperation/strategy has been done before. It was done during the Monday Night War between WCW/WWE. You see the night that DX showed up at the Norfolk Scope, Eric Bischoff (Executive Producer of WCW) challenged Vince McMahon himself to show up the following Sunday at Slamboree (one of WCW's PPV's) and face him one on one in the ring.

    An why did Eric Bischoff do this? because just like TNA/Kip and BG James, he was desperate for ratings and he was desperate to try and show the world that WCW could still compete with WWE, when everybody knew that the WWE was kicking WCW's butt in the ratings.

    An for anybody who is wondering weather or not Vince McMahon showed up to the PPV, the answer is no he didn't. Instead he continued to destroy/defeat WCW and Eric Bischoff in the ratings untill eventually well we all know what happened in the end.

    An do I think HHH or HBK or Vince McMahon himself will show up and accept TNA/BG James and Kip James's challenge? No I do not. Why should they? TNA in my opinion are proving by pulling this stunt that they are desperate and that they know that they are nowhere near the level of Vince McMahon or the WWE.

    Like I've said countless times before, TNA is the minor leagues where young wrestlers go to be discovered and old wrestlers for example Kip and BG James go to end what is left of their career's after they have left the WWE, or try and get re-noticed by the big league which is the WWE.
    A. Lopez wrote:
    I think VKM have a right to be upset. If it were any other wrestler(s) from TNA, then I could see how it could be ridiculous but VKM were a part of Degeneration X and apart of the success in the attitude era in the WWE. To see DX go from the group it was in the 90?s to what it is now, I think everyone can agree that it?s gone to hell. Degeneration X began as a group of degenerates, a group who?s motto was ?you make the rules, we break them?, and now they are reduced to a spectacle with fart jokes and material I could see a 6th grader finding funny. I was excited when I first heard that they were reuniting DX, but now that I see what it has turned out to be, it would have been better if they would have left well enough alone. The WWE isn?t concerned about real wrestling or legacy; they will do anything to make a quick buck. DX is not DX anymore and McMahon is the reason why. McMahon has taken everything that was good in wrestling and turned it all to hell, don?t believe me?ask ECW?
    pbalk wrote:
    I just gotta say: I love the VKM-stuff that's going on in TNA right now... Sure, maybe it's a bit pathetic, if you take the view that they're just disgruntled ex-employees of Vince's, and that this is a "rip-off"-angle, but remember, this is still pro-wrestling, so let's be a bit of a mark about this... I've been waiting for such a long time for some shoot in-ring promo's, and what they did at Turninh Point was just of the charts!!! It reminded me of the shoots Paul Heyman did in the latter days of ECW, when they we're getting screwed over by TNN: Now THIS is a shoot... I loved that, and this was way up there in terms of originality and intensity... And guess what happens??? Right after Turning Point, there's an article up on WrestleView, stating the WWE has decided to stop with the DX-skits... So Vinny-Mac IS paying attention, and not only that, I think TNA is starting to scare the life out of him, cause last Monday there FINALLY, after months and months, was a RAW that was worth watching, when even the last couple of WWE PPV's were rubbish, and that's being kind... I hope TNA will continue with angles like this, stirring things up, if only for improving the WWE products, which it is, be it indirectly, responsible for... The TNA product is, wrestling-wise, WAY better then the WWE has been giving us the last yeard and a half... I think they're even up there with ROH (which isn't surprising, looking at their wrestlers), but with the storylines that captivate audiences... Sure, the production value is lower than the WWE's, but Dixie ain't got billions to burn... ;) KEEP VOODOO KIN MAFFIA ALIVE!!!
    Kerry Smith wrote:
    I never ceased to be amazed at the lack of long-term memory by the fans who forget the extended history between the players on both sides of the WWE/VKM scenario.

    Firstly, I have to take issue with the claim that TNA will lose viewers to WWE. The majority of TNA viewers are simply exhausted of the eternal angle re-writes by WWE's creative staff, and I'll guess that there's not a few that have completely alienated by the off-color asides ( some of which are absolute abominations ) that WWE has taken to sprinkling their offering with. A couple more 'Big Dick James' appearances, and I'll be giving them their third 5-10 year vacation from the burden of my viewership in the 40 or so years I've been enjoying wrestling.

    Second, TNA is where WWE wrestlers go to not when they're used up, but when they're fed up. WWE's inability to correctly harness the enormous talent that has cycled through their organization is why there is a recognizable talent base available for TNA to utilize. Not that I'm particularly thrilled with TNA's creative staff either, but at least I don't think my kids will be seeing anyone's head being shoved into someone else's tail during a TNA show.

    Lastly: if you were a wrestler, and your promoter gave you a 'Billy and Chuck' angle before releasing you, how much of a hurry would you be in to go back to work for them ?

    My take therefore is that what's good for the goose is the better for the gander. If TNA wants to bait WWE, then it is in fact no a whit different than when WWE baited WCW. Did not Raw's Jerry Lawler make a statement (referencing ECW when they were re-emerging) on-air about how "WWE could take on anyone from any ring no matter how many sides it had" ? Sounds like a TNA reference to me.

    Don't hold your breath waiting for either promotion to fold - both Titan (WWE) and Universal (TNA) have very significant capital behind them. Thanks, Kerry

    PS: In regards to the VKM Million Dollar Challenge - don't bother waiting for Vince to heave to, either - when, EVER has he ? thx, k
    lee williams wrote:
    Hi. I live in East Yorkshire here in good old merry England. Here we get Tna a week or so later than you guys over there but nver the less the fact that you all tune in to watch VKM/BG + Kip/etc. each and every week means that they're pulling in ratings. Now here's the two sides of the coin: the good - any person tuning in equals ratings (regardess of their personal opinion); giving VKM (possible) creative control of their characters makes for some very interesting television; sure it's been done before but if WWE acknowleges these comments and reacts then it could makes for some interesting (and fresh) match-ups. Now onto the bad: too much freedom of speech can (and possibly would) kill any momentum that TNA has against WWE as, as said above, viewers would tune into RAW and be drawn away from TNA; if it was anybody else on the TNA roster, maybe TNA mainstays AMW, Abyss, or Bobby Rude then it would be alot more original than the re-used New Age Outlaws. Notice that I only listed heavyweights and not "cruiserweights" like AJ Sytyles, Chris Daniels, or any other of the X-Divsion stars as even I know how WWE treats the smaller type man (or not even bothering with them). As for the female side TNA could bring in ROH stars Alison Danger, Daizee Haze, Lacey and Sara Del Rey to challenge Mickie James, Phoenix, Victoria and Trinity. Personally I think that yes it's been done before but it does make for some interesting viewing. What do you guys think?
    jan zabowka wrote:
    who actually gives a F*** about these two anymore. there days as edgy and controversial are over. true dx are getting stale and boring, but ripping on them for the sake of ripping on them is just pointless. its like the new ECW when it started everbody and there gran ripped on it, but now that seems to have quietened down, although people are still complainin about it but noway as many, actually about the same as those that goin on about Raw and Smackdown. the complainin got got boring fast, So VKM, Jarrett, Russo and Dixie, stop ripping on the competition and start producing a show that will get ratings, as ur "on screen management" seems to go on about them so much, cause the only way ur going to beat WWE, is to attract the casual viewer which you wont be able to do with ur insider angles, crappy promos, and at least half the people on ur roster being un deafeated for longer than six months, (thank f*** for Kurt Angle). And hey JR and The King might be boring, old and full of cliches but at least they can commentate a match with out mentioning why everyone wants to wrestle in the company. I'm Jan Zabowka, and that my opinion!!!!!!!
    Dan F from england wrote:
    In my opinion. I don't like what TNA and the VKM are doing. I'm a fan of WWE & TNA and i think this is going to be a lot like the monday night war. I don't want this to happen because, as we all know, in the end WCW went out of business. I'm not saying I'm a fan of WCW because, I never knew a lot about it. what I am saying is that I want neither WWE or WCW to go out of business. Unfortunately i think this will escalate into a war
    Jon Rosaler wrote:
    This is what you get!! This is what happens when Vince Russo works for you. You get these ridiculous sad stints that are similar to WWE. For Goddsake, the man is a former WCW Heavyweight Champion, him!! David Arquette was bad enough! The VKM and Paparazzi skits are all Russo. If he stays in TNA any longer, WWE will easily defeat them. You need to get smart people like Paul Heyman and Monty Sopp and Brian James Armstrong will stop making the company look bad. So, sue me Russo fans (if they excist))
    NGCALI TILE wrote:
    They are just trying to be controversial hoping that they are going to create some cash. They are forgetting that WWE has more viewers than TNA. Maybe they want things to remain that way because if they continue this way they are ensuring that the TNA viewers do not miss WWE also to see how WWE responds. That includes those who prefer TNA to WWE. When they tune in to WWE they will see more action than they get from the TNA's VKM.
    Ben Slavens wrote:
    First off, I'll say that I agree with VKM. The new DX skits are lame and rarely funny. But VKM is just as lame. If not for HHH & HBK, Billy Gunn & Road Dogg (oh, I'm sorry, Kip & BG James) would have been nothing more than jobbers in the WWE. If anything, VKM should be on their knees pleasuring DX (somehting I bet Kip is ised to doing for Chuck Palumbo) for giving them the opportunity to wrestle on TV consistantly. On top of that, showing up at WWE headquaters was just a sad, un-original, pathetic attempt for these two schmucks to relive their glory days and ride the coattail of DX again. A far as the $1 million challenge, it's nothing more than a rip-off of when Bischoff challenged McMahon. The bottom line is nobody gives a rat's ass about VKM. They've yet to do anything original with their wannabe feud and couldn't get over without DX if their lives depended on it. If TNA wants to take on WWE, I'm all for it. But don't let a couple of washed-up, talentless has-beens be the guys to call WWE out. Let Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Christian Cage do it. At least wretling fans respect those guys.
    Justin Henson wrote:
    I will agree that Voodoo Kin Mafia is a stupid name. I also believe that TNA is getting bigger and better day by day. With the arrival of Kurt Angle, Sting, and Christian, they are getting some big names. There is a rumor that Chris Jerico is the next name to join the TNA roster. Sooner or later the fan base is going to switch over to TNA. DX is played out. I along with a lot of others think VKM's skits are funnier, and better than DX's.

    HHH came to the WWE as a English royalty (lost his accent pretty quick). Shawn started as a "Rocker", merged into a sex crazed womanizer, now is a born again christian? I don't know about you, but I don't hear many christians chanting "Suck It". The best part of the old DX was The Road Dogg, Bad Ass Billy Gun, and Chyna.
    Brad Dykens wrote:
    TNA set a record on December 14, 2006 with a 1.2 rating. Anybody want to tell me VKM is stupid now?
    Danlel wrote:
    VKM is da bomb in TNA Wrestling. DX SUCKS!!! What I am sick and tired of Vince McMahon, Paul Levesque, & Michael Hickenbottom doin' this no good skit crap of theirs. And for bringing that FAT OILY GUY to wrestling, I think it sucks. VKM are setting a 1 million dollar challenge in anywhere anytime and anyplace including the iMPACT Zone. Both VKM (BG & Kip) vs those two chicken idiots. WWE SUCKS!!! LONG LIVE TNA 4EVER!!! Vince, Paul, and Michael will lose to VKM in a $1 Million Dollar Challenge. TNA will grow better stronger and powerful. TNA is the best. No more DX, no more WWE, and no more fat oily guy. VKM RULES! TNA RULES! DX SUCKS!!! and WWE SUCKS!!!! VKM is waiting Vinnie Mac
    MdRGolfer091796 wrote:
    They say their so much better than DX their doing the same thing, and calling wwe a soap opera what is TNA actual wrestling I think not. If they really want to prove themselves than just do it with their matches not with "oldwwesuperstars" . It was funny at first I admit but know it is just annoying. Lets not forget when they camped outside wwe headquarters under a spongebob blanket yeah that's better than a commercial.
    Shaggydog307 wrote:
    I think VKM are being the biggest dickheads in the world cuz they cant lay it over anymore they are the shitiest has beens in the world today....thank you.
    George Alig wrote:
    Concerning the VKM actions towards the revised DX and renewing their old story line. TNA is doing exactly what WCW did by taking the old of WWE and repackaging it a decade later. WCW took talent and TNA is taking old (then original) story lines and repeating past will be a mistake. WCW was the smaller organization who swelled, then got trampled do to WWE obsession and if they want to continue in this path TNA will do the same. The Canadian vs. American angle seems familiar doesn't it? Talent grabbing and name dropping is occurring, and even though in the short and intermediate term it will be helpful it will cause them to get more daring and eventually when Vince responds their long term future will be similar if not the same as their predecessor. The worst part is that they don't even need to do it. They put the wrestling up front and the story line in the secondary, which is a good change from the standard the last ten years and then slowly they conformed back to today's standard of less wrestling and mindless story telling outside the ring.
    Trent wrote:
    First off I would like to say that I respect both TNA and WWE to the fullest and am not buyest to either.

    First off I would like to ask, did TNA not learn from Eric Bischoff back in WCW remember when Eric called out Vince to a fight to counter WWE's Mike Tyson announcment. Vince didn't respond back because he is smarter than that. Vince didn't get where he is now for making stupid moves despite what you may think of him he is a great businessman.

    Also I don't think this challenge is going to work because, when Vince sent DX to the CNN center it was during a time when everything they did was controversial, TNA is in the mindset that if they do one shocking thing they will be on WWE's level, but you have to make your whole show shocking and a can't miss, not just one storyline.

    TNA needs to put VKM back in the tag title run since they are starting to slack on tag teams, which is something that hasn't happend in TNA since its inception. Their tag team wrestling was one advantage they had over WWE. Also, couldn't TNA have found another way to mock DX, the dressing up like your rivals and acting stupid has been done so many times that it is old. That and getting a midget to dress like your rival and then kicking the midget's ass.
    lewin dodge wrote:
    Lewin Dodge: i think it may be goo or it maybe bad the same thing happened to wcw but after it was all said and done they got great raing for a while but then had to sell out or it could give viny mac that compatision he love so he will step up his game (which would be good for all of us i mean the wwe champ is a middle card match a little weird) i hope it doeswork because it would be bad ass to see the two companys square off
    Lee Oliver wrote:
    i think what the v.k.m doing in TNA is good. its a big leap for the company, i do think it is pretty risky but i think they should've just done silly jokes about WWE for a while like they did back at turning point 2004 when they showed 'cookie gate' at the PPV. i think v.k.m is right as they had a lot to give in wwe. they just got released from wwe for no reason just cause they had no storylines, i don't see how billy gunn got released and WWE guys like gene snitsky still had a job.

    i think what the WWE has come to know is just bizarre and boring. its the same old storylines and wrestlers fighting everyweek. dx vs rko, umaga vs cena, i mean how many times did matt hardy face gregory helms, about 60 times how boring. also WWE has now come to a man with red spotty face paint eating worms, five male annoying cheerleaders, a annoying king who talks like you would do to a 2 year old at school, i mean look at WWE'S ECW. it is now more WWE wrestlers than ECW originals. sandman don't wrestler only rvd, sabu and dreamer mainly wrestler. what about al snow, terry funk, chris anderson etc.

    no if you wont real wrestling with high flying moves, fast rising talent with a bit of old school wrestlers, different storylines, not always the same wrestlers everyweek fighting each other then TNA is where it needs to be. V.K.M made the first move on WWE before it made thier first move.
    Demetrius wrote:
    My thoughts is this, BG an "Kip" sound like two little girls. Two little girls that missed a party. BG had a nice run in WWE also "Kip" (even though Billy and Chuck sucked). I got three words for them " GET OVER IT !!!" the only over there should be piss at WWE is Ron Killings, Raven nd Jarrett.
    carlos gerardo wrote:
    hey my names carlos gerardo from houston texas and all right to be honest i have the up most respect for dx and even more for the vkm for what their doing but it was kinda over kill what they did at the ppv no offence to the vkm for trying and im looking foward to the 1000000 dollar deal any who alot of people might say that tna has no chance against the wwe becuse well their out numbered but you got to think yea thats true but wwe couldnt keep up with tna because of the x division you got to give it to those guys some of the best wrestlers in the world and the guys who arent atletic are big and strong plus now more than half the tna roster is made up of old wwe guys who would die for tna so honestly i think if the vkm does go to war with wwe tna might really have a chance so i bid tna good luck
    Jose Escudero wrote:
    VKM simply put is garbage and TNA for giving them the clearance are too. A couple of years ago when ECW and WCW folded it was every wrestling fans dream to see another startup organization come in and challenge the WWE in "Round II of The Monday Night Wars". Here came TNA which had nothing special going for it but the fact that it was a more purer Wrestling Show than the WWE could feasably produce. It had fresher talent, a ostentatious six sided ring and a few gimmicks like the all cage PPV that attracted viewers like me looking for something different. There was one thing I didn't like about TNA and that was Jeff Jarett giving himself the Heavyweight Championship whenever he felt like but as long as I ignored that fact I enjoyed Impact! on Fox Sports and on Spike TV thereafter.

    Now, I haven't been watching TNA as much due to the inclusion of the ECW brand but when I found out that Kip James and BG James began to cut planned shoots on HHH and Shawn Micheals I was all for it, figuring that they were doing what Team 3D did before them. Then came the visit outside the WWE offices which looked like a move of desperation on TNA/VKMs part and inadvertily promoted WWE programming. You see in the wrestling business you never acknowledge your counterpart because you'll send viewers looking for thier rebuttal on rival programming. Even J.R. said himself that Vinnie Mac doesn't care what VKM does; how can you make waves when nobody cares.

    VKM is getting old very fast, these shoots and antics are going to cost not the WWE but TNA by lowering their ratings, killing the buyrate of any VKM main-evented PPV (which BTW leads me to ask What Was The Last Time The James Gang AKA VKM Main Evented A PPV?) Vince did good not bringing these assclowns back for a second run in the WWE.
    Marc Mattaliano wrote: Retaliation or Just Bad Business Practice?
    I've been a fan of Degeneration-X since their original birth nearly 10 years ago. So naturally, when Triple H and Shawn Michaels reunited and resumed their mission to cause trouble for everyone they could, I was very excited. And I began to wonder if anyone from DX's past might return to rejoin the fold. After all, WWE does like to give at least one second chance to a really huge name from the past. However, it appears the New Age Outlaws won't be reappearing any time soon.

    Now known as The James Gang (or I guess Voodoo Kin Mafia, they changed it recently), Brian James and Kip James (or Road Dogg and Mr. Ass, respectively), have been making tirade after tirade against DX, WWE and Vince McMahon for weeks now, and I happen to think it's pretty sleazy how they're doing it. For as long as I can remember, WWE has never mentioned rival wrestling companies by name, and if they did ever at all, not nearly as close to the volume that TNA wrestlers do it on a regular basis. In fact, the only time I can remember WWE ever mentioning WCW, for example, is when DX took them on, but even then it was DX doing it, and they were known for being defiant and disobedient to begin with. I don't know if that's a contractual decision on WWE's part not to name rival companies, if it's an ethical decision (like a politician choosing not to run negative campaign ads) or what, but that's been the case for years. On TNA programs, however, it seems like between every match, some wrestler is bashing WWE for some reason or another. In a recent episode of TNA iMpact that I glanced at, I happened to see VKM's latest promo, in which they actually challenge Triple H and Shawn Michaels to a match, and they'd supposedly pay Vince one million dollars for the chance...pretty much knowing that WWE and Vince won't accept. Of course they won't accept, rival companies don't do things like challenge each other. For one thing, there's too much temptation to cheat to get your side over. For another, if you make a challenge and lose, or if you accept a challenge and lose (whether fairly or unfairly), it looks really bad for you. It's too risky a situation for anyone to get into. A challenge like that is completely empty and gutless on VKM's part (and on TNA's part in general). It's simply a ploy to make fans believe they're taking on an invincible force like World Wrestling Entertainment, when in reality they aren't taking on anything and making empty threats. True, DX did similar when they drove a tank to WCW headquarters, but was that really a challenge as much as it was just an over the top show?

    I also love how VKM says that Vince is bringing back a faction that Brian and Kip James allgedly made. First off, there's a DX dvd that anyone can buy that chronicles all the great things Degeneration-X did before the New Age Outlaws were even teaming together. Second of all, Brian and Kip James have done nothing but ride the coattails of others for years. Brian was Jeff Jarrett's "roadie" for a while, Kip was Billy Gunn of the Smoking Gunns. Then, when they united to form the New Age Outlaws, they were basically pulling the same pranks that DX were pulling. Good reason to bring them into the group, I suppose, and thus they joined DX and started causing the same kinds of trouble that Shawn and Hunter were already quite well-known for. Of course, when it was just the New Age Outlaws and X-Pac in the group, magically, everything started breaking apart and DX eventually dissolved. After that, Road Dogg took some time off to spend with his family. Billy Gunn tried to find other people to tag team with, but frankly, it wasn't working out. He became The One for about 10 minutes, regained his right to use the coveted Mr. Ass moniker for about 20 minutes, and then left as well. The two then reformed in TNA and called themselves The James Gang. Oh, you didn't know? That's a rip off of a country music band by the same name. The very cowboy-like "Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt" catch phrase seen on t-shirts was a great touch on just how much they ripped off being country boys. Then, they started ripping off their old pals in DX by crotch chopping and so forth, after DX came back in WWE at the same time. Now, they're the Voodoo Kin Mafia, which rips off the famous Godfather font and marionette logo. They dress up and imitate people they want to make fun of, just like DX used to do years ago, and yet they have the nerve to say that they made Degeneration-X? Not likely. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying Brian and Kip James aren't charismatic, fun to watch, and talented wrestlers, they're all three of those things in spades. And if they want to make a name for themselves in TNA, all the best to them, I'd love to watch what they can do. I enjoyed seeing them as NAO, and I'd love to see what else they can accomplish in their careers. But if all they're going to be is another tool of TNA management to swindle the fans into thinking that WWE is deceptive, scared, cowardly, overly-political and not worth watching, then I don't want to watch Brian and Kip anymore. I'll keep watching WWE. Their matches may be pretty predictable, their talent may occasionally screw up moves, and their lightheavyweights aren't near as crazy or off-the-wall as the X-Division, but at least they try and put on their own show and not just two hours of making themselves look bigger and tougher than TNA.

    It's a shame really. From what little I've been watching of TNA the past couple months, I've kind of enjoyed it. Good wrestling action, lots of matches packed into a small one hour space, very talented roster. I just think they should knock off all the anti-WWE talk, that's all. They want to offer wrestling fans a very reasonable alternative to the monopoly that WWE has over pro wrestling? Cool, go ahead, they seem to be doing it fairly well so far. But look what happened to WCW when all they did was take on WWE on their tv shows. They beat out Raw for 80+ weeks in the ratings and then got bought out. TNA has just as many scripts and planned wins and losses and predictable endings as WWE, if you look hard enough, you'll see it. TNA just has to stop being a one-trick pony, they need to stop just gathering up disgruntled former employees of WWE and ECW and keep putting out quality wrestling matches and PPVs. They're good at the latter, the former gets old really fast.
    Charlie wrote: they need to have a face to face with d-x real soon!!!!!!!!!all this is boooring
    Chandria wrote:
    I think that vkm, is just stupid. They are up against the best that pro wrestling has to honor. They have nothing going on in tna, so they think that they can steal someone else's thunder. I am not going to watch Tna again until vkm stops being stupid and just wrestle. You forget that even when they were going up against wcw they still wrestled. Just wrestle. Clandria. An ex fan.
    I Whittle wrote:
    Well, I can see in a way why VKM are unhappy with the new DX. They are cashing in on an old storyline that are hoping to bring in the money once again. Truthfully, I was very happy for them to bring back DX, but not for this long. They have milked it for all it's worth, and now it's stale. They should of kept it fresh by bringing in new members with new feuds with people who might look to cause a threat: Not Vince, Spirit Squad etc. This is like the new ECW. It's just not the same as the original. (I hate Bobby Lashley. He is just a overgrown WWE no talent) However, VKM are stupidly being bitter. I know for a fact that Billy Gunn never was too fond of Triple H in the first place. If it's not worth saying, then don't say it. Their DX years are over and they are changing the name of their tandem to try to keep it fresh, but it isn't. It's the same wrestling. To be honest, I would love them to be released since they are giving TNA a bad look. If TNA was bigger and were starting to look a real threat to WWE by making an nWo calibre storyline like from the WCW glory days, ( I want TNA to expand LAX into a bigger faction) then this angle might work. "Promotion Killer" Vince Russo must of pushed them to do it even more than they actually wanted to, hoping this would of turned recent TNA programing into something brilliant. So really, both sides are doing something wrong, and both should quit while they are ahead.
    Sean Whalen wrote:
    I think the VKM skits are funny as hell!!! People need to stop complaining about it and be happy their's something different going on other then WWE
    ????? wrote:
    This is a poor attempt by tna to try and become better than the wwe which it never can be due to the great finance of the wwe ,the thing that makes the vkm storyline rather pathetic is that wwe hasnt responded and that tna is hiring people to pretend to be tna fans outside the arenas. Also if a real fight happened between the two teams dx would wipe the floor with the wwe rejects that tna is full of.
    Shone wrote:
    Road dogg is still bitter about geting the sack for taking drugs , Who's faults that I wonder , And Ass face Billy Gunn's a muppet following Road dogg's lead , He's bitter because he could'nt make it as a single Wrestler because he's Shite , He was living off Big Git James's carisma because he's got none of his own now he's jumped aboard the band wagon again ,GIVE IT A BREAK , If you think Vince Mcmahon's going to lower his standered by reacting to your comments you've got another thing coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chris Abbott wrote:
    I love the VKM skits and the paparazzi ! They are funny.I like how the people who say DX is better then VKM were 8 when DX were in there prime and was good. They are also WWE fan's who have not been a fan long of enough to of known about the attitude era. All this and the X-divison and great wrestling makes TNA better then the WWE.
    James L. wrote:
    This whole VKM thing is stupied because of many reasons, VKm says that the WWE shouldn't whine about TNA bad mouthing the WWE because the WWE did it to WCW but the WWE only did that because WCW was bad mouthing the WWE when they were giving the results to their show minutes before it started, making fun of WWE trademarks, ect. So its not like the WWE started it. The WWE hasn't even mentioned TNA so VKM and the rest of TNA should get over it. The other thing I wanted to say was D-X isn't going down the drain at all, their beter than before in many ways and Shawn Micheals and Triple H are great entertainers and they deserve everything they get. VKM should just move on with their careers because no offense to them but they will never be a Shawn Micheals or a Triple H!
    Tasha Franck wrote:
    Well first off, if I were Vince McMahon I wouldn't give VKM or TNA the light of day. Vince doesn't need to prove anything to VKM or TNA. So I guess they want to make fun of DX and their new skits and stuff. personally I think DX's skits are hilarious. So there have been rumors that this will eventually turn into BG and Kip returning to WWE to join DX.... I Really don't think its going to happen...I'm not sure how I would feel about it if it does, seeing as HHH and HBK are doing just fine. Further more, VKM are just loosing air times for themselves because it makes their fans want to watch Raw to see if anybody would say anything....which I doubt they will.
    Miami Fingers wrote:
    It's hilarious to hear all the comments of fans on your site. Did anyone stop to think for a second that WWe and TNA are doing this together, and having the last laught on you, in you fall for it? They did it with the Matt Hardy storyline on the web, making us believe that Matt and Lita were actually a REAL item, and that EDGE has REALLY left his wife for Lita.

    When Eddie Guerrero died, Shane McMahon mentions the Jarretts as one of the pro wrestlings royal families. I heard, though I can't substantiate, that one of the Jarretts was involved w/ WWE creative? Can anyone substantiate that? Does Slapnuts have a brother?

    I can't prove it, but if I was a betting man, I'd say DX and VKM will meet at some point in the storyline. Behind the scenes, all parties involved are having a good chuckle. Ol' Vince is a master at stuff like this, and if the smaller crowds and venues for WWE shows are any indication, it's a good time to test cross-brand program, as TNA rises in popularity.

    Oh, and if anyone thinks Kurt ANgle is REALLy upset at Vince, think again. Angle is about as close to the McMahons as good be, and the on-air vitriol by Angle is surely part of the wrastlin' code about keeping breaks in kayfabe to an absoulte minimum.



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