What Would You Say To Vince McMahon?
September 4, 2003 - by The OWW Fans

Everybody knows what Vince McMahon's favorite website is! It's, of course! Not only does he have it bookmarked on his custom made WWE web browser, but it is his "default" homepage! It's true! Well, it could happen! So let's just say Vince McMahon DID come to this website, and read all the columns to see what people think of his product.. Tell us what you would say to Vince McMahon if you were given the opportunity, and we will post them right here on! Where else can you, the average fan, have your views and opinions published so publically?

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Russell Potter: "You sir, are a selfish, egotistical son of a bitch! For several years I have sat on the couch watching that pile of crap you call wrestling. Why you say? Because I'm a wrestling fan. If you had any idea how my mind worked, you wouldn't have Triple H holding the world title for a year. You wouldn't be shoving the Steiner/Test feud down my throat week after week. I friggin heard so many good things about WWF/E, and when I finally started to tune in, it's worse than David Arquette vs. Jay Leno in a Cage match. You better fix this fast...or you won't just lose one fan, you'll lose thousands"..
Kjorteo Kalante: "You clearly have all the talent you need. (Most of it is in the SmackDown! Cruiserweight division.) Why not use it? I think what everyone wants to see is pure wrestling matches with exciting up-and-coming talent. When Bill Goldberg has more screen time than Spanky, something is seriously wrong. If trying to sell a character mostly involves Jim Ross bleating 'Oh my God! It's ___! ___ is here!' then that's a sign that that person is probably not worth keeping on the payroll. Oh, and tell your son-in-law that he can't wrestle anymore."..
Sandee Chan: "Hire me Vince"..
Goku865: "Why do you constantly pick on Zach Gowen. How would you like it if we picked on you. Lay off him".. (Editor's Note: Haha, I love sheep)
HaRdAsArOcK528: "you were a smart bussiness man.. untill you pulled a bill gates now your the only wrestling program on TV after you STole TNN away from ECW. I cant stand to watch WWF (i forbid to call it wwe) its not wrestling anymore its how can we make money any way possible.. and once you think like that get out of the bussiness"..
Chris Chambers: "Well I am going to start off and say that most people will bash you but I am not going to I am going constructively critique on what you have done. You have indeed created an empire known as wrestlemania which is good in my opinion. You revolutionized the business. Here is the only few things I can critique about what you have done for the business. Even though HHH is a good wrestler someone else BESIDES Goldberg should be the champion. Its RAW & SD not the McMahon Family Show, Its ok to appear every so often but to take the spotlight of talent and not let them showcase their skills is plain ridiculous"..
Jason Pritchett: "if this actaully makes it 2 vince or whoever is reading this, then i would love 2 say 2 vince that i think hes great, he's brought in great talent but i disagree with the fact of getting steiner,and goldberg bcuz there both crap, i mean look at them, goldberg cant have a match any longer then 5 minutes while steiner jus gets tired way 2 easy, but atleast steiner is improving, well thats wat i would say"..
Layton Wallace: "I might not agree with the things you do but your job is to run an entertaining show... I'm entertained most of the time so I can't bitch but please use your crusierweights more, they are some of the most entertaining wrestlers on WWE In my opinion. Please find a new person to destroy, the Zach thing is more pathetic than anything else, stop making all your divas peices of meat, keep brock away from the title... You have better talent use it... Don't give Goldberg the belt, bring a guy in from smackdown if you must but not Goldberg"..
Jason Brawn: "You are nothing but a hypocrite. How can you justify telling your wrestlers to work a boring style and then berate them for it (Rhyno & Tajiri). When are you going to stop pushing talentless wrestlers and boring repetitive matches down our throat? Sports entertainment is all well and good but what is the harm in having good matches as well? Then you have the best of both worlds being the spotfest promo loving masses and the people that are only watching to see talented wrestlers working great matches"..
Hdemo2551: "Vince blaze in hell leave zach alone and get kid kash on raw also just tell shane to stop trying he is just getting hurt by kane and im only learning his moonwalk dance fire kane please vince do it for your sake Son Of A bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!"..
Steve Turner: "Dear Mr. McMahon, You need to fire the following people From Raw!! the Coach and, Eric bischoff, Kane, christian. and, on Smackdown you need to get rid of Brock Lesnar and, your new women sable. Bur Mr. mcmahon Keep up the Good work. your #1 fan Jim short and, Steve Turner : O)"..
Tburner123: "Hey Vince i was watching Smack down last night. and, I think that you need To be more nicer to your daugher Stephanie she doesent belong inside of a ring with brock Lesnar or,.anyother man. your Daughter Has done a wonderful Job being the General Manager of Smackdown. and, I think she's a Nice and, sweet, Beautiful women :o) and, Stephanie Your so Much better than Sable and, Bischoff. Keep up the good work Stephanie : O ) "..
UCantPrepare4Me: "Way to go Vince - keep up the good work man! If not for you, these people wouldnt even be talking about the topic of wrestling. Thanks again. (Isn't it funny how everyone SEEMS to be quick to judge the rich?)"..

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