Are YOU The WWE's #1 Fan? Tell US Why!

I'm the #1 WWE Fan -- by Bill Yankowy

Last Saturday night on Confidential, they did a piece on a guy who claimed to be the #1 WWE fan. Now, I've got to admit, I felt bad for him because he lost his wife, that is sad. And I liked his signs, but to tell you the truth folks? I AM THE #1 WWE FAN. Here's why. Since 1991 I have been subscribed to WWE Magazine, I have watched at least one PPV by them every year since 1990, I have there action figures, and most of all, I have over 100 wrestling tapes produced by the WWE. I have so much WWE merchandise, that it could drive people insane.

Now, when you debate who is the #1 WWE fan, just remember of the stuff that I have. And most important of all, how dedicated I have been to the WWE, and I believe that I'm the #1 WWE fan. I hope you guys have a happy holidays and remember if you get something that is WWE merchandise, just remember who is the #1 WWE fan. That is Bill Yankowy!

I'm NOT the #1 WWE Fan -- by Kirk

Hell No! You aren't the number 1 wrestling fan at all. I have watched the WWE, WWF since 1988. I have watched every single PPV, every single Raw and Smackdown. I have every single toy wrestler out there, 6 toy rings, every mini wrestler, around 200 posters of different wrestlers (past and present). I know for a fact that I'm not even close to being the number 1 wrestling fan, so how could you? I memorized every single Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble and Survivor Series (Almost Summerslam, King of the Ring also). So don't go around thinking you are the number 1 fan. There are so many others you have to compete against.

I'm NOT the #1 WWE Fan Either, but -- by Phil Haller

I am not the number 1 WWE wrestling fan but i guarentee i am up there with Masanori Horie when it comes to being a fan of the entire sport. I have been watching Memphis, NWA, AWA, World Class, WWF, UWF since i was 2 years of age. Over the years i collected a huge video collection. By the age of 8 i was a full fledged fan of AAA, FMW, AJPW, NJPW, NWA/WCW, ECW, WWF, Smokey Mountain, USWA, Stampede, WWC. by the age of 12 i was into nearly every indy promotion out there. I built up a vast knowledge of wrestling dating back to the 40s to the present day. Now i watch over 31 different promotions including MMA/Shoot and i have built up merchandise from over 300 videos to Shockers Tights, A Mil Mask, Alsorts. So if anybody claims to be the number 1 wwe fan that dont mean anything cos i am the worlds biggest Professional wrestling fan alive today some people say im sad but i dont give a damn at all as i am in love with this great sport. I am also undefeated in the professional wrestling name game.

I'm the #1 WWE Fan -- by Ekaterina Quinones

hate to disapoint you guys but merchandise and paying endorsements dont make you a number one fan although it does show a sign of significant loyalty i however,i have been a fan of wrestling since wwwf with vince mcmahon sr. and the early days of nwa/wcw and southern independent wrestling ive witnesssed various historical matches of my day that make todays wreslters shank themselves i was there when bruno sammartino had his match at shea stadium ,i also the pleasure in seeing freddie blassie,ric flair,chief jay strongbow,rocky johnson and many others during and before there glory days in toher words been a wrestling fanatic since 1960 as for the rest of you so called fans god bless

I'm the #1 WWE Fan -- by humberto avendano from tijuana mexico

well i seen all the emails that say i am the number one fan i am not going to say i am the number one fan but is interesting to see all those emails, but how this ekaterina quinones say he is number one just because he watch wwwf and saw bruno sammartino and freddie blassie please my father take me to see antonio inoki when he was in his prime a guy who beat bob backlund for the wwwf title and wwwf didnt want to recognised and the great hamada all this wrestlers are legends in the world of wresting and all the mexican wrestlers mil mascaras,el santo etc etc here in mexico even andre and hogan came here to mexico to wrestle before they were famous i even got pictures with them at that time wwwf i didnt like it much i prefer to see all this wrestlers live but i leave all of that when hulk hogan was born since then i never look back i was hook with wwf or wwe i have all the pay per views from beginning to the last one you named royal rumble, wrestlemania,summer slam.survivor series ,king of thre ring and all the other ones like no mercy and no way out in the old days this pay per views they were call in your house i been in house shows and pay per views also i got pictures with them also i got magazines from the old days also my nephew got all the video games since nintendo to the last one game cube and has all the action figures i watch every week raw and smack down with my friends since the beginning even with that resume i dont consider my self the number one fan so how this guys consider themselfs number one that is funny and to the guy who was following the wwe for a year he is not first one there had been other guys like him before but you got to admire this guy maybe he is the number wwe fan..

I'm the #1 WWE Fan -- by Ahmad

yes i am the no.1 fan cause i have 100 movies i sware that i spend on them more than 1800 dollars and im only 1 years old and all my family watch wrestling and iwatch smackdown and ppv and velocity and i have 50 toys and an elimination chamber and all the past wrestlmania i am the no,1 fan oh it's true oh it's damm true!

I'm the #1 WWE Fan -- Janet Smith

Now I've read all the E-mails but I AM the #1 World Wrestling Entertainment fan! I have ALOT of WWE stuff I have magazines, posters, DVDs, dolls, shirts, all kind of things to do with wrestling! I watch WWE every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. And I also watch every PPV I can. Just because an a girl that does NOT mean I can't LOVE the WWE.


I'm the #1 WWE Fan -- Ctch22SkaPunkGuy

All of these different people are saying they are the #1 WWE fan. Well I think they are all wrong because I have been watching wrestling since I was a fetus. I had a TV in my mom and watched it all the time. Now I am a dead corpse and I still watch wrestling! I have a big screen TV in my coffin and watch RAW, SmackDown!, Velocity, Sunday Night Heat and all the PPVs!! Throughout my whole life I've watched wrestling-from the very beggining to the afterlife. As far as buying things go I have every single WWE video tape there is because I only buy WWE merchandise. All of my clothes are associated with the WWE. My wallpaper in my house has pictures of WWE wrestlers on it. I have every single wrestling game there is too. Too bad I don't have any game systems to play them on. My bed sheets have Brock Lesnar on them. My shower curtain has Bruno Sammartino on it! Every time I go out in public I wear my Rey Mysterio mask!!! I have snuck into WWE locker rooms plenty of times and have stole things like Big Show's shoes, Eddie Guerrero's pants, The Fabulous Moolah's bra, Zach Gowen's prosthetic leg, The Rock's underwear, Paul Orndorff's wristbands, Kurt Angle's gold medal, Sgt. Slaughter's hat, Yokozuna's hand cream, Brock Lesnar's condom, Mick Foley's flannel shirt, Jake Roberts' snake, Razor Ramon's tooth pick, Chris Jericho's boxers, The Honky Tonk Man's shoelaces, and more!!! I even have a half of a Big Mac Steve Austin didn't eat!!!!!!!! I go to at least one live show every week! Now that I'm a corpse when I go to a live event I get to sit in my coffin!! I have watched the WWE ever since it first started too. I got tatoos of WWE wrestlers on every accesible inch of my body. There is no other person that is such a fan I am!!!

#1 WWE Fan?? -- Dave "The Ironbull" Boddy

i was just visiting your site like i usually do everyday, and i stumbled in and noticed "the no.1 wwe fan" headline, now, i say poeple are entitled to their own opinions, but how can anyone say they are the number 1 wwe fan? isn't that a little to over confident, since there are millions of other wrestling fans. now i am not even going to think of saying i am. the reason for this is because i show i am a fan to the wwe by watching their programs, and buying some merchandise that i like. i am not just a fan of wwe but a fan of the entire industry of professional wrestling. i just show that i am loyal by just watching and supporting, if someone was to say it is fake, i would i think all wrestlers are amazing athletes. and for you all to know i am on my way to get some training to get influenced even more on this successful industry, that is how much i love wrestling, i do not go and buy all the stuff i can, i have so much pride for it, i am looking to get into it. that is all i have to say, but i do not believe in only one no.1 wwe fan, but i believe in over a million wwe fans!!

If i am not the #1 fan then whatever -- theangelicdevil

This doesnt need to be a long explaination..... but i named my first born son after my favorite wrestler which almost cost me my marrage...lmao there you go short sweet and to the point.

I am not the #1 fan, but -- Watsupwitdat

i admit it... i don't collect a lot of merchandise, but i love to watch... i have gone to countless live events, i have gone to raw, smackdown, summerslam, etc. i admit i do wanna wrestle... but the impact of it on life is far to great for me... that's why i wanna be a head writer for the wwe or a camera operator... i feel i can make good storylines... everynight i think of storylines that might help the wwe...if anybody who works with the wwe, nwa-tna or any indy wrestling corporation...i am your man behind the scenes...i'll even be a janitor or vince's personal battery changer because that's how much i wanna be a part of the wwe...i want the wwe to be my life...i want it to be with me until i die...i love the wwe and nothing can change that...even if they stop comin to nj for wrestling events, i dont care...i just love the inspires i picked up a couple of wrestling moves and reversals just in case anybody wants to wrestle me...wwe rulz...;)

1 of the BIGGEST WWE fans eeeever! -- Mary McGahan

All these people are saying that they are the biggest fans because they have watched a long time or cause they have a lot of merchandice.Big deal if you have everything WWE has ever made that doesn't make you the biggest fan, anyone could go out and buy that stuff. And just cause you have watched a long time don't make you the biggest fan either. Now I am not saying that I am the BIGGEST fan cause I know there are a lot of other people out there that are just like me, but I am definately saying that I have to be one of the biggest out there. Not because I own a lot of stuff or because I watched a long time. I do own a lot of stuff and I have watched for about 6 years and I am 15 years old, but thats not why I am one of the biggest fans. I think I am one of the biggest fans because I respect EVERYONE in the business even down to the guy that puts the ring up, I am totally dedicated to it, wrestling if my life, and because I just litterally love the business and would do anything for it. Thats what makes you one of the biggest fans, not merchandise or watching it your whole life. If anyone aggrees with me give me a HELL YA!!!

i dont like wwe 2 much but i like some of da superstars 2 much -- Junaid

i watch every single show weather it,s smackdown or raw or any other other ppv i have almost every single show from 1999 to present day n also have many of da memmorable matches bfr.after havin all dis stuff i,ve to admit dat im not a crazy like fan of wwe but im crazy about to see some of ma fav. superstars n i hate to watch wwe when i see these superstars loosin or gettin embarased i can,t watch them loosin here r ma fav. superstars "Stone cold" steve austin Bret "the hitman" hart Brock Lesnar HHH The Rock coz of them i can say im a big fan of wwe n i,ve to mention 1 thin i hate to see Bill goldberg n wht the hell vince mcmahon doin he picked up a superstar frm late WCW (Goldberg) n made wwe greatest superstars Rock n HHH embarased by him dats totally shit

i am the #1 fan. -- Willard Trenholme

Reasons in order
1. Every televised event ( Raw + SD + PPV) from when RAW debuted in 1993
2. Subscriber to WWF-WWE magazine from 1989
3. Every action figure from 93-99
4. Met Sable, Mick Foley, RVD, HBK, Tony Atlas, Ric Flair, and HHH all in one day , in three differant locations ( Mass , CT, RI ( (i live in Mass)
5. At least 50 posters on wall, inumerable un-posted
6. Clothes
7. Training to become professional wrestler
8. Have every "comic" or "graphic novel" ever produced by WWF
and that's all i can think of now.


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