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What Do You Want (or Dont Want) in the New WWE?

With the recent minor shuffling of rosters, depletion of talent, hirings, firings, elevations and change of direction in the WWE recently, I thought it would be fun to see what the fans want to see. I give them (WWE) credit for finally orienting their product towards what the fans want, so maybe Howard (Finkle) is reading this and your constructive (non phofanity-laced) critisizism will make its way to the desk of one of more members of the McMahon family.

So send us your feedback on who you want in the main event, who you want vying for each championship, who you want working together, who you want hired... or fired! Let us know, in ROUGHLY 100 WORDS PREFERABLY ( WILL NOT POST LARGE SUBMISSIONS THANK YOU) what you think!

??? wrote:

First of all, they should get rid of Chuck Palumbo. Then they should push Ultimo Dragon for the Cruiserweight title and feuding with a heel Rey Mysterio. Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero should stay with their titles. Booker T should get the U.S. title. Edge should get the Intercontinental Title. Paul London and Billy Kidman should get major pushes and winning the tag titles. Then feuding with Dudley Boyz who turns heel. They should unify the two tag titles which only could be on the line at both brands pay per views.

Then they should either bring more members to Evolution or create a whole new evil faction. I want a bigger heel faction with lots of sonofabitches. It could be: Triple H, Batista, Orton, Flair, Kane, Stevie Richards, Eric Bischoff, Johnny Nitro, Scott Steiner, Christian, Jon Heidenrich, Trish Stratus. Or even better, there could be a WCW stable and a ECW stable. WCW: Eric Bischoff, Johnny Nitro, Scott Steiner, Ric Flair, Chuck Palumbo, A-Train, Triple H. ECW: Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, Tajiri, Al Snow.

They should push Tommy Dreamer some more. Then they should bring in Sting who should feud with Undertaker when rapelling down from rafters etc.

Logan Piekema wrote:

Shane-O-Mac Hired! Maven Fired! JR Smackdown!(with Tazz) Micheal Cole Raw!(with Lawler) Chris Nowinski Fired! Chuck Palumbo Fired! thats wat i think should happen in the WWE!

Steven Strother wrote:

What I wanna see in the WWE is the brand extension gone. I wanna see different superstars in the WWE. Like Sting, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, A.J. Styles, Sabu, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Ultimate Warrior, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, X-Pac, Konnan, Juventud Guerrera. I wanna see The Filthy Animals reformed. I wanna see The Kliq reformed. I wanna see Chyna in the WWE again. I wanna see The Natural Disasters back. I wanna see Evolution broken up. I wanna see myself in the WWE.

Michael Galluch wrote:

1. Bring back Feuds for everyone. Let every superstar main event to low card be involved in a long running intense feud with each other. Its annoying to see wrestlers just thrown together for no purpose. It will only help elevate other superstar and add a more interesting show

2.Give the Cruiserweights chances and time on television. Its a shame to see the best wrestlers in the company as a group given one match per smackdown, one per ppv and if they get lucky two on Velocity. They are the best athletes with the most exciting matches who never get a chance to show what wrestling is.

3. Push Paul London. Watching His Ring Of Honor Stuff proves to me that this guy is one of the best pure wrestlers . He can do it all high flying (his Shooting Star is the best in the business and needs to use it) and is great on the match (watch London vs American Dragon 2/3 falls)

4. Massive roster cuts. There are way to many guys who have overstayed their welcome and its time for them to go. Some of the first would be Billy Gunn, Test, A-train . I mean after atleast 5 different personas and gimmick each they can't get over its time to try someone new. If they cannot seize the opprotunity to moment and spotlight skip them. Next would be getting rid of Bob Holly, Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty(one of the stalest wrestlers going and a guy his size should be a 5-star wrestler,) Tommy Dreamer (im sorry ECWers' this guy is simply not that great) Scott Steiner (do i need to explain, ) John Heidenriech (another boring big man.. think about this he was NATHAN JONES partner) ... the Dudleyz they were a great tag team but where else can they go when the split they didn't go anywhere and now they are staller then a piece of bread from last years... TABLES..... ugh no and finally i think my most controversial The Undertaker. Well maybe not release him but less the better. His past 4 years have been terrible as the bad ass and now his "dead cowboy biker" really dissapointed.

5. Don't Bring back Goldberg, don't let Brock Back, push your future. Cena, Orton, Benjamin, Edge, Christian, Dupree, Haas, matt Hardy, those guys are you future they will make vince more money, sell more tickets and shirts and cause alot less problems.

6.Continue pushing the right guys Benoit, Guerrerro, Angle (when hes healthy)and remember Jericho Anyway thats enough from me for now. I could go on forever.

Chuck Labial wrote:

1) Make the cruiserweight division more exciting. I remember watching WCW's cruiserweight division and there were a lot of triple threat, fatal four way matches. The WWE should put more of those matches on their shows for more entertaining matches. Maybe add in ladder matches.

2) Give the Hurricane and S.H.I.T. an evil villain opponent and/or stable! The only possible choices I see right now is making Tajiri an evil villain and maybe Johnny Nitro (even though that's a super hero-esque name).

3) Bring in more international wrestlers. It makes the "World" title something worth fighting for.

4) When Steve Blackman and Ken Shamrock are ready, SIGN THEM! Those guys kick ass.

5) Re-create The Ministry. It would consist of 'Taker, Kane, Tajiri, Batista, possibly the Bashams, and Edge.

6) Give the following people a push: Lance Storm, Matt Hardy, Paul London, Johnny Stamboli, Steven Richards, and Rico (without the gimmick).

7) Make OVW Televised. It'd be nice to see what kind of potential is brewing in the WWE's developmental farm.

XtremeFalls43 wrote:

1. LESS Triple H, he is holding the show down
2. No Brock Lesnar if he tries to come back
3. Push Hurricane and Lance Storm and Tommy Dreamer and Test
4. Bring Back Spanky he was a lot of talent, and Shawn O'haira
5. Give a new faction to challenge Evolution
6. Don't Let Paul Heyman suck up anymore, its really annoying when he kisses Vinces ass.
7. I think the should Bring Back Road Dogg Jesse James

TooCool21 wrote:

To improve the existing WWE would take a major overhall. First off their should only be ONE World title and ONE set of TAG TEAM titles, which should rotate on shows. Their aren't many GENUINE tag teams to begin with after all. Also, the Women's Title is exclusive to RAW, and therefore, so should women wrestling.

Second there are WAY too many wrestlers employed even for two shows. On the list of people getting canned would be, Albert, Scott Steiner, Rikishi, Rosey, Chuck Palumbo, Rhyno, John Heidenreich, the Big Show, Maven, Mark Henry, Matt Morgan and Hardcore Holly, who have NEVER gotten over, and more over, WILL never get over. Mostly because they are boring, and/or talentless. Other people who have overstayed their welcome are Mick Foley, Stone Cold, the Rock, Booker T, the Dudley Boyz, Edge, Billy Gunn, and Kane. Sure some fans still love them, but their gimmicks are old, and we need to breath NEW life into the WWE. Billy Kidman would also have to go.

To do this, they need to promote their fresh, and skilled talent. Chris Jericho is STILL the best wrestler in the company and should be used like he is. Shelton Benjamin is looking great, as is John Cena. Fans are dying to get behind Randy Orton, a face push against Triple H could probably give BOTH their careers a push. Triple H should also be seen a LOT less often. Another person the fans would love to see pushed through the roof is RVD.

Also more gimmicks should be added to the show, as currently we have a LOT of boring white guys with nothing to do (Charlie Haas, Lance Storm, Paul London, Garrison Cade ring any bells?). Tag teams should also make sense (ie.Bashams and La Resitance good, Booker T/RVD bad). Hurricane and Tajiri should be brought to Smackdown (they are cruiserweuights after all). Anyways that all for now.

LoUy DeLdErZ wrote: You want to know what I think would improve WWE? I can tell you the one thing that has ruined it all. THE DRAFT! When it first came around it made sense. Vince and Flair were 50% owners at the time so why not have them own their own shows? Now it's just died out. It no longer makes sense. Since when did Angle or Bishoff own part of WWE? Never. WWE needs to look back to about 1997 - 2000 when they were ruling in ratings. I'm starting to wonder if Vince has gone on holiday and left someone else in charge.

Anonymous wrote:

I want: 1. I want Sean Waltman (X-Pac), Joanie Laurer(Chyna), Nelson Frazier (Viscera) and Ray Taylor(Big boss man) in WWE again!! 2. I want the King of the Ring tournament back! 3. I want the Team Xtreme (Matt, Jeff & Lita) reunited! 4. I want the Kliq reformed! 5. I want Chris Jericho with the RAW world title! 6. I want Matt Hardy with the Intercontinental title! 7. I want Lita with the Women's Title! 8. I want Taker with the Smackdown! world title! 9. I want Bradshaw with the U.S Title! 10. I wanna see Chris Jericho beating Trish Stratus & Christian (couple of sonofabitches!!!) 11. Hardcore Title back!

I dont want: 1. Brock Lesnar in WWE 2. Billy Gunn Mr.Gay winning matches 3. Booker T & RVD with the Tag team titles 4. Big Show in Royal Rumbles 5. Lita and Matt Hardy separated 6. Eddie Guerrero with the Smackdown! World title 7. Bradshaw with ridiculous Hat! 8. Goldust or Gaydust in WWE

Jinsell wrote:

1. Slow Down The Wrestling Worldıs Pace- As stupid as it sounds the WWE moves way too fast for fans now. Feuds are over before they have even begun. Back in the day feuds and title reigns lasted for 6 months to a year or so. These days weıre lucky if itıs a month.

2. Give Gimmicks And Angles More Thought-They need to draw out angles more...some are slapped together with little thought and is why they end up being so bad. I know the WWE writing staff can do better than what we are seeing. They need more time to think though...which means carrying on angles longer like I mentioned above (this will give them that time).

3. Lessen the amount of TV shows- WWE also needs to get rid of a whole load of their crap TV shows. All we need is RAW, Smackdown and one Update Show. Heat, Velocity, Afterburn, Confidential, Bottom Line and all the rest are garbage. Monthly PPVs are ridiculous as well. There just isnıt a big market for them (I donıt know if there ever has been). They need to stick to the classic 4 or 5 PPVs (Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and KOTR). Instead of monthly PPVs just put on monthly TV Specials on free TV that last 2 or 3 Hours (like Clash Of The Champions and Saturday Nightıs Main Event).

4. Too Many Titles- Way too many titles in WWE right now that none have any value anymore. Back in the day wrestlers wrestled for titles like it was their life on the line. We only need ONE World title, ONE IC title, ONE set of Tag titles and ONE cruiserweight title etc; This will make titles for valuable and increase the heat of title matches.

5. Separate Rosters Suck- Get rid of the whole RAW and Smackdown rosters. The gimmick died a year ago. It's time the WWE just go back to having one roster. It's hard to follow and no one cares.

6. Superstars & Talent- The WWE has the tendency to focus on only a select few as Main Eventers while the rest of the roster is fodder. They need to stop pushing guys like Triple H, Goldberg and Lesnar...they bring down the show totally. I donıt care if they are the champion anymore their reigns mean nothing. I know HHH in the McMahon family so weıll be seeing a lot of him...but I donıt want him being top guy anymore. I would much rather see him as WWE President or Commissioner or whatever. They also need to stop bringing back Austin, Foley, The Rock and others. Those guys either canıt wrestle anymore, have put it behind them and are moving on, or show up very briefly and then leave just as quick. As much as I like those guys they seem to keep the WWE from moving into a new era. They need to push the future talent and develop their gimmicks. Chris Jericho, Christian, Edge, RVD, Cena, Benjamin, Haas, Matt Hardy and a few others. These guys are great talent and with a little bit of a push and careful management they will be able to develop their characters and make them diverse (at the moment most of these guys all seem the same to me despite their talent)

7. Never forget...- This change doesnıt mean disregard the past totally. There are guys in the WWE that can still be used. They should continue to push guys like Angle and Benoit (I think that's an awesome move). Michaels, Taker and Flair are still willing to work. If you can bring back some older Superstars that werenıt shoved down our throats every week during the Attitude era (Bossman, Bryan Adams, Al Snow, Road Dogg, Sean Waltman, and maybe Bret Hart (if heıs healthy) They need to push the future but it never hurts to keep some veterans.

Matt (Kane's #1 Fan) wrote:

Here is what I want in the WWE. There's a lot in the WWE that I'd want. I know the TNA is great, but Raven and X-Pac should return to the WWE. Raven was great in the earlier days of the WWF, and X-Pac was cool when he was in the fued with Kane. Kane should become the Undisputed Champion, just imagine: The Big Red Monster dominating RAW. Ric Flair should retire and have a fued with Eric Bischoff on becoming the new GM of RAW. Randy Orton should continue being the Intercontinental Champion, but he should fued with Edge. Batista should go for the Intercontinental Championship as well. The Evolution should de-evolve. The DX should come back, with Triple H as the World Heavyweight Champion, Jesse James and Billy Gunn back as the New Age Outlaws and X-Pac as the reigning psychopath. The Hurricane and Rosey need to fued, as Rosey should be the "archvillain" of Hurricane. Kane should also have a Beauty & The Beast kind of storyline with Stacy Keibler, hey, it could happen. The WWE should be one show. SmackDown! and RAW should be one show, but 4 hours long every Monday night. Hey, the fans would love it. Because, a lot of people on the West Coast do not get UPN, so there's no way to see SmackDown!, which means the WWE fans will get smaller. Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio should fued. The Big Show and A-Train should go for the Tag Team Championships. The Undertaker should go to RAW and fued with Kane some more. Oh, and King of the Ring should return, without a shadow of a doubt.

Dazz Jones wrote:

Okay, Orlando Jordan is lame! But WWE seems to be hell bent on getting him over. So why not trade he and Teddy Long to RAW and form the Playahs with Mark Henry and Rodney Mack, two other duds WWE push in our faces and feud with Evolution?!

I can't see where the Teddy Long/ Mark Jindrak thing is going either.

It would give Evolution something interesting to do rather than beat down on single superstars (i.e. Mick Foley, Scott Steiner, Shelton Benjamin, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels etc.) as much as I love seeing Goldberg get the crap beaten out of him, it angers me that he can't even sell when he's getting beaten on by 4 MEN!!!

Which bring me to my next point, please please please please please don't bring Goldberg back.

WWE made a huge mistake in releasing Sean O'Haire, with Brock Lesnar now gone O'Haire could have filled the void perfectly as a player in the heavyweight division, huge, athletic, evil looking, added dimension of martial arts etc etc.

And finally I would like some more variation in the Cruiserweight division, trade Tajiri and Hurricane back to Smackdown to give some depth to the division. Bring back Ultimo Dragon and Billy Kidman as major players because they are both awesome athletes and I'm sick of them jobbing. Also I think Spike Dudley would slot into the cruiserweight division nicely rather than being the Underdog/jobber he has been for all these years.

Neal Thompson wrote:

I can't believe Mr. McMahon hasn't done this:

Keep Raw and Smackdown as separate promotions for TV only. Include BOTH promotions in ALL PPVs. Keep the Raw and Smackdown promotions generally separated on the PPV card, with perhaps 2 or 3 inter-promotional matches, and the odd interesting inter-promotional backstage meeting.

Titles: Scrap the I.C. and U.S. titles. They've never really had any meaning to begin with. As it is, Women's division on Raw, Cruiserweight division on Smackdown. That's fine. But as for both singles & tag-team championships, here's how it should go:

As it is, each promotion with their own "promotional champions", defending their titles periodically on TV against rivals from their own promotion. This is fine. BUT...

Only ONE singles wrestler and ONE tag-team can be labeled "World Heavyweight Champion(s)".

On each and every PPV, make it STANDARD that the 2 headline events are Raw vs. Smackdown. The current "World Tag-Team Champoins" face the current "promotional tag-team champions" from the other promotion. Main event: the current "World Heavyweight Champion" defends against the current "promotional heavyweight champion" from the other promotion. Winners are declared "World Tag-Team Champions" & "World Heavyweight Champion" respectively, and the promotion keeps whatever "world titles" it has aquired to be defended on TV periodically within the promotion until the following PPV, when the "World Championships" are once again up for grabs for the other promotion's current best.

Between PPVs, one promotion may have the "World Heavyweight Champion" and the other the "World Tag-Team Champions", or possibly ALL the gold may belong to ONE promotion! But the "world title" scenario amongst promotions is subject to change at each and every PPV!

Lisa (Lita's #1 Fan) wrote:

I think the WWE should spice things up a little with the WWE Hardcore Title being brought back. Its boring without it. I also think that Randy Ortan should break away from Evolution, he has a great future ahead of him and i think Evolution (mainly Triple H) is bringing him down. He also needs to defend his title ALOT more often. I also think that WWE needs to put a lot more thought into their gimmicks and story lines, When they have story lines it finishes after like one match. I realllyyy want the days when D-X were together again, They were such a great team i loved them. But there is nothing i want more than to have Team Xtreme(Lita, Matt and Jeff Hardy) back together again I miss the TLC matches they were so hard core!!

Sam The Man wrote:

First I think they should push Billy Gunn to Main Event levels. He's a former IC Champ, a mutli-time Tag Champ, and King Of The Ring winner. He should a shot at the WWE Champioship or less a shot the US Championship. He should go back to "The One" gimmick. It seemed more like him than the Badd Ass gimmick. I also believe they should have DX return. I don't think Shawn Michaels should lead the group but someone like Maven. If DX did return, a fuend with Evolution would be perfect. Remember the DX-Nation fued. CLASSIC.

One thing I think they should shot themselves for ending is the Hardcore Title division. It was the one title everyone had a chance of getting. Guys like Tommy Dreamer and Steven Richards ruled the division. Now Tommy seems to have almost disappeared and Steven is playing second best to Victoria. The Hardcore division must and should be returned.

Finally, I strongly believe the WWE should getting some of the old WCW players. Mainly guys like Stevie Ray how could reteam with Booker T to form Harlem Heat again or have a fued with Booker T. Both work. Same goes with Rick Steiner except feud with brother Scott because of the classic brother vs. brother match the WWE have. Undertaker and Kane. Jeff and Matt. Edge and Christian. All classic brother against brother matches. But the three main guys they should get are Sting, Konnan, and Buff Bagwell. Konnan because he would work perfectly with Rey Mysterio or he could lead DX if they reutrn. Buff Bagwell because he provides energy and great wrestling skills. Also he has kick ass mic skills. Sting because will come on. It's Sting. One of the greaties wrestlers of all-time. He's mysterious. You don't know what he'll do and that's what the WWE needs.

Vitanza wrote:
I demand the Undertaker to be on T.V, and on Raw, so he can battle with Kane again. Eventually, become the Brothers of Destruction. I also want Stone Cold Steve Austin back on Raw as well as Goldberg! I really think that they should combine Raw and Smackdown like the way it used to be. They need to fire Eugene, and La Resistance, Nidia, Jamie Noble, and William Regal. I would like to see Degeneration X return and have Hogan back, give Lita the title, and have Chyna come back to fight her for it. LONG LIVE THE PHENOM!!!!

Namra Gilani wrote:
First of all, they should put The Undertaker back on t.v. He only makes appearences in house shows, which is pissing off people who are sitting at home. If i lived in U.S.A, i would probably have followed WWE everywhere, but since i live thousands of miles away, i will really apreciate it if I get to see Undertaker on Smackdown! And i would love it if WWE took a tour of Pakistan (thats where i live). I also want Stephanie Mcmahon back, i dont care if she comes back as a heel, a valet, a wrestler or as the G.m of Smackdown! i just want her back, WWE doesnt look complete without her.

Jason Withington wrote:
1. Reunited the New Age Outlaws 2. Bring back XPac and Chyna 3. Bring back Stone Cold at any cost 4. Rehire Bill Goldberg at any cost 5. Reform the Hardy's 6. Bring back DDP, Buff Bagwell 7. Bring back Paul E. 8. Get rid of the stupid branch extension 9. Bring back three companies ECW, WWE, and WCW 10. WCW Nitro on Tuesday, and ECW on Fridays 11. Bring in Super Crazy to feud w/ Tajiri, and then bring in Sabu to take it to the extreme with RVD 12. Make Tazz into the wrestling machine he once was 13. Hire sting to feud with Kane and the Undertake then once again create the Ministry with all three 14. Get rid of all the championship and just go back to the old WWF title and then have the old titles for all the other Feds.

Deluxe Son wrote:
These are some things that i think would help the WWE not only with ratings but it will make a lot of fans HAPPY!

1. Bring the Eliminators (Perry Saturn & John Kronus) back and put them on Raw. the tag team scene on both Raw and Smackdown are both horrible right now. besides the Dudleys there are no other tag teams that fans care about.

2. Bring Sabu to SD (Smackdown). Sabu is one of the best performers wrestling has ever seen. have him move to SD and renew his rivalry with RVD which would culminate in 4 or 5 great matches and eventually them forming a tag team again and reigning as SD tag team champions.

3. Bring Konnan to Smackdown and give him a push to eventually win the U.S. Title. the fans would really take to Konnan seeing as how they love John Cena so much.

4.Reform the New Age Outlaws. Billy Gunn is desperate for a new gimmick and nothing seems to work this would be the best thing for him.

5. Too Cool should reform on SD as jobbers(winning some matches but ultimately losing to the elite tag teams). Rikishi should separate from Scotty and too cool and be givin a push as a heel.

6.Ric Flair should turn his back on Evolution and reform the IV Horsemen with Flair, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit & Scott Steiner. The 2 factions would battle for months which would start problems in Evolution.Evolution will end up splitting up after Batista and Triple H end up feuding. this fued will end givin Batista main even status. Randy Orton will branch off as a singles superstar.

6. Chris Jericho should recieve another push.

7. Tommy Dreamer should be traded to SD where he would eventually fued with Sabu and RVD (not at the same time)

8. Kane should have a reign as World Champion.

9. Matt Hardy needs to recieve a hell of a push, his Matt Hardy V.1 is one of the funniest, original and most clever gimmicks in a long time.

10.Victoria's outfits need to get skimpier because thats the only reason guys watch Womens Wrestling.

11. The Hurricane traded to SD to be Cruiserweight Champ.

12. A-Train, Chuck Palumbo, William Regal, Tyson Tomko, Test and Shelton Benjamin should all be given pushes to mid- carders but not going farther than IC champion Charlie Haas, Johnny Stamboli and Rene Dupree should all be given pushes to mid- carders but not going farther than US champion.

varo1616 wrote:
1. Bring back grandmaster to smackdown and have him join up with Scotty and Rikishi-eventually leading to a feud with grandmaster and Rikishi or Scotty.
2. Reform the new age outlaws.
3. Send Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner and Edge to smackdown.
4. Air live smackdown shows.
5. Hire AJ styles; get him over with casual wwe fans. Then put him in the US title scene, and eventually have him feud with Eddie.
6. Have Paul London feud with Rob Van Dam.
7. Let the Dudley's put people through tables.
8. Have undertaker make more appearances.
No Name Manbox wrote:
I am sick of HBK coming out every week during some other wrestler's interview time and I am sick of the way he acts, His gimmick is getting old... and I am getting sick of Jim Ross... Nice and short, How about that.... One more thing, I am sick of all the women wrestlers in WWE being a whore, It's time that we see a female who can really wrestler and does not act like a whore all the same time
LiLRock015 wrote:
First, I would like the WWE to stop bringing in beefed up, tattooed bohemoths, with little to no actual wrestling talent. They hit gold somewhat with Big Show and Brock Lesnar, but they are overdoing it by bringing in people like Batista, Tyson Tomko, and Matt Morgan. Good thing Nathan Jones left. I want them to take the emphasis off of the big, burly guys and emphasize actual wrestling ability. Bringing in Goldberg last year was a bad move, however somewhat amusing. I would like to see the WWE to take notes from the X Division of TNA on how to make cruiserweight matches much more entertaining and appealing. This includes a push for Shannon Moore, Ultimo Dragon, Paul London and Akio. I'd also love to see Tazz get back into the ring. I think if they can bring the essence that the Dudleyz, RVD, Rhyno, Tazz, Tajiri and Tommy Dreamer had during their days during ECW, that could make things much more interesting. Moving Matt Hardy to the Raw Roster was a bad move storyline wise. Ever since he switched rosters, he has been buried under the main-eventers and mid-carders, and really hasn't reached the success he had on Smackdown. But I hope this feud with Kane changes this.
DWGLADSTONE wrote: First off get rid of the stupid branch extension. Break up the federations once again into WWE, WCW, and ECW. Wrestling was at its best when it had all three company's competing for talent, and fans every week, and new ideas to revolutionize with wrestling industry (1997-2000). Have WCW Nitro air on Tuesday and ECW television on Friday evenings. Bring in new faces to add more excitement to the heavyweight, cruiserweight, and tag team divisions. How tight would it be if Smackdown! opened up with a match and the lights went out and all of a sudden The Road Dawg Jesse James got on the mic and said "Oh you didn't know" I am sure that would put some ass's in the seats. Then bring back Chyna, and Xpac. Bring back Feuds for everyone. Let every superstar main event to low card be involved in a long running intense feud with each other. It's annoying to see wrestlers just thrown together for no purpose. It will only help elevate other superstar and add a more interesting show. Bring back Sting to start feuding with the Undertaker. How cool would it be to see him up in the rafters to taunt both Taker and Kane. Then have the three reform the Ministry. Sign Super Crazy, and Sabu to feud with Tajiri, and RVD like they did during there days in ECW. Also reform and bring in The Eliminators from ECW days to help resurge the tag team ranks. Bring back stars such as Buff Bagwell, Raven, Big Boss Man, Kronic or at least ADAM BOMB, the King of the Ring tournament it has a lot of tradition linked to it. Make Tazz the human suplex machine again.


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