The Highlight Reel presents "Salvaging Kane"
September 5, 2004 by Omar "Y2J World Champ" Torres

For weeks now wrestling fans around the world have been discussing ways to salvage Kane after the WWE almost ruined his character when he showed fear in all those Undertaker promos that happened a few months ago. Kane is supposed to be a "monster" but having him show fear just depletes that idea. And many of us realize this so for weeks now we have all been discussing ways to salvage Kane's character. But now I would like to discuss what I believe is the best way to salvage Kane's character. I know many of you may disagree with my idea so I'll give you two ways, in my opinion, that the WWE can salvage Kane.

As of recent weeks Kane has been involved in a storyline with Lita and Matt Hardy in which Lita became pregnant and doesn't know who the biological father is. And on Summerslam Kane is supposed to have a match against Matt Hardy in a To Death to us part Match. This means if Kane wins he marry's Lita, if Matt wins he marry's Lita. First off Kane should definitely lose this match with the help from Shawn Michaels. With Shawn Michaels interfering it will cause two effects, one Matt Hardy gets married to Lita and they go on to have some other storyline with another raw superstar and the second effect, it will keep Kane away from his storyline involving Lita and Matt Hardy and get into a whole new storyline with Shawn Michaels in which Michaels is trying to get revenge on Kane for putting him on the shelf just a few weeks ago. In the weeks heading to No Mercy Kane should go back to his old ways when he would torture his opponents, a good example was when Austin was covered in blood in the middle of the ring. Kane's old character in his rookie years in the WWE was the way Kane's personality should have been today. So for those few weeks both Kane and Shawn Michaels should go back and forth with attacks and promos and so on. Now this is where the part of salvaging Kane begins. At No Mercy Kane should defeat Shawn Michaels. In my opinion Kane needs to get a huge victory over a superstar. Kane hasn't had a huge victory since May 20, 2001 where he defeated Triple H for the Intercontinental Title in a chain match at the Judgment Day pay per view. That was over three years ago, since then Kane has been used to job to other superstars to put them over with the fans. But now its time to salvage his character and getting a win over Shawn Michaels would be the second step, the first step was to stay away from his Lita/Matt Hardy storyline. After defeating him, Kane should then be pushed to a "monster" storyline in which he goes on to defeat some big name superstars, for example (Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Triple H, and exc.) in several pay per views until finally the WWE feel that Kane has done made an impact with the fans in which Kane should win the World Heavyweight Championship Belt, possibly at the Royal Rumble pay per view. And that was just one way to salvage Kane's character.

Another way to salvage Kane is to have Kane defeat Matt Hardy at Summerslam, this would lead to a Kane/Lita marriege. Now it may sound something dumb but it could work and I'll explain how. With Kane winning he would marry Lita, and in the future Lita can be the person who makes the decisions for Kane, for example if she has a feud with another superstar she would order Kane to go after that superstar so she would be the "queen of evil." After weeks of Lita controlling Kane and having him destroy superstar after superstar Lita would no longer have control of Kane, what I'm trying to say is that Kane can become such a monster that not even his wife, Lita, can stop her. This would lead to Kane putting Lita on the shelf with an injury and Kane would go on to defeat big name superstars and would finish it all off by winning the World Heavyweight Title.

Well I was able to come up with a few way to salvage Kane's character. A good way is to have Kane and Lita get married and stay together for several months, for example if you many of you remember a few years ago Triple H married Stephanie McMahon even though she was going to marry Test. And if you remember Stephanie McMahon turned on Vince McMahon at a armageddon pay per view, helping Triple H defeat Vince McMahon. After that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H stayed a couple for a very long time until finally Stephanie McMahon and Triple H broke up and Steph went on to join someone else and well you know what happens next. Well why not have Kane and Lita stay marry for maybe a year, now I know what your thinking, that this is something that will ruin Kane's character but if it can work for Triple H then it can work for Kane. At the upcoming pay per view WWE Unforgiven, have Kane face Matt Hardy in which Lita can turn on Matt helping Kane win, after the match Kane could assault Matt Hardy and taking him out of action for several months (so that matt can have surgery). After Unforgiven Lita can become a controlling and evil female who tells Kane what to do. Lita could be like the master of Kane in some evil way. The reason it can work out is because with Lita being the "master" of Kane, Kane would be able to have more freedom to face off against any other face superstar. Kane character would turn into a controlled evil killing machine. And maybe after a year, Kane could become so out of control that Lita will not be able to tell Kane what to do anymore. At this point, Kane's character should blast through the roof because he would become this unstoppable "killing" machine.

So it is possible to salvage Kane but the WWE just needs to sit down and have a plan for Kane. Kane no longer needs to be a jobber but a contender. For years the announcers would say that Kane is a monster and is a dominant superstar but he never wins the big matches. So I hope you enjoyed reading this column and stay tune for future columns.

by Omar "Y2J World Champ" Torres..

Shaun in Orlando wrote:
Ok, I've read the chatboards, listen to "Between the Ropes" radio show here in Orlando, and heard all the speculation on how to bring the Kane back that we knew and loved. You know, the Kane that set the Camera guy on fire eons ago on Raw, the Kane that set his brother on fire in a casket, and competed in the Inferno matches that we all loved. Also remember the time X-Pac got him to say " S*ck It" oh.. well I guess that doesn't count.. so check it..

Ok at the present time of writing this, Kane is set to face HBK at the Unforgiven. THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE! After we get one glimpse of the mediocre Kane beat HBK by DQ, when he walks up the ramp, Boom.. Matt Hardy blind sides him and knock him off the stage into one of those pointless boxes that are always below. He then pulls out a gas can and doses him with it! Then as Lita pleads, he shoves her away and lights him on fire. Now since this is a crime in 50 states and maybe Puerto Rico, He flees the scene and goes on a Matt Hardy wanted: Hiatus i.e., the WWE and local law in enforcement of Portland work in effort to bring him in. Vince will even make a plea on live T.V.

Meanwhile, Lita is off t.v. and we get the bogus pregnancy updates because this kid needs to be born! Think of 20 years from now some Luchadore kid gets that gimmick! Ok Kane breaks out of his hospital room, and the doctors say that Kane lost lots of blood yada yada yada and is burned.

Fast Forward... During a Raw before Armageddon. the lights go out, old school and Kane with a Mask re emerges to cause Havoc during a Randy Orton vs. Christian Bout. But this time around, Kane is referred to as Kane: Dreadnought or something like that to make his character seem enhanced to the us the public. Also during the same Raw, like during a Triple H / Evolution skit, out of the blue he walks in front of their limo, and annihilates it with only Triple H and Batista excaping, leaving Flair and the driver and the winner of the Diva contest inside!!

Orton tries to be a hero for RAW and will challenge Kane: Dreadnought at Armageddon. So at the PPV, Kane comes out with a semi spike shoulder pad cape, Druids, the works ... and squashes the current pretty boy.. So come Royal Rumble the have their return match, Kane wins easily again, and enters him self in the royal rumble by beating a returning Brock Lesnar before he can make his appearance when his number is called, Kane wins the rumble!

We go thru weeks of Kane coming out on Raw and Smackdown sitting on a self made thrown with his Title sitting on a table, he states that if anyone wants a shot all they have to do is walk up and touch the belt.. on both shows for the WCW version of the Championship belt. He goes on to win successfully, and meanwhile Brock, Kurt, or Cena win the WWE title and face him at mania title verse title. Kane squashes whoever, even with a Matt Hardy interference! Matt Hardy at this time is cleared of charges when he was assured by Eric Bischoff that it was only a scare tactic and real gas wasn't supposed to be used. Kane now has both titles and does his two title on a table routine until we complain about that, how does it sound?? Throw in a New Ministry of Darkness and an occasional Hiedrich squash and we'll have the old, but new Kane back...
David Fausz wrote:
This email is regarding the Salvaging Kane column on the website......they killed Kane's Character completely. U see i have seen it happened to Rey Misterio, and Juventud Guererra, they made them all wrestle unmasked....Kane was one of the most feared superstars when he wrestled with his mask on. and when he had the longer Salvaging Kane's career????? too little too late......





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